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Awesome landing page, congrats mate :D !


Looks nice and Welcome to Forest :)

Thank you:)

hi there, already purchased it, may i know to make the font size bigger for the wording inside this template?

Hi mywebku, To make the font size bigger add in ‘style.css’ to the body {} this string: font-size: 14px; Change 14px to any size you want.

Quick question I am using the “head-phone.png” (Android) image and I want to make that image that slides in 799 X 640 vs. 250?×?305 I changed it in the html however it looks smushed where do I need to change the padding or whatever for that? Thanks. Awesome template =)

Maybe you’re talking about ‘phone.png’, not ‘head-phone.png’? Because the size you mentioned belongs to ‘phone.png’ (250×305). Anyway, 799×640 is too big. I’m still not sure what do you mean, please email me your template with that smashed image to artix.work@gmail.com and I will help you.

Awesome thanks for the quick reply. I will email you. Thanks buddy!

Hi there, one more thing, how to add one more column into the pricing table to make it 4 instead of 3?

right now each column price block uses class=”col-md-4”. Rename these classes to class=”col-md-3” and add one more column.

Brilliant landing page! I just have one question: You say to replace US2 with your actual datacenter in the subscribe form. Where do I find my ‘actual datacenter’?

http://vanboosh.com/ – you can see here the overlay is missing. I will email the template shortly! Thank you!

The problem is that you didn’t apply blue.css styles. please change “Blue.css” to “blue.css”(uppercase letter to lowercase) in your html and everything will work.

AH of course! Stupid me! So sorry!

Does this work with viral, social sharing?

Sorry, I don’t understand you. Try to communicate more clearly.

Hi there. I really like this theme… can you answer a few questions pls?

- when viewing on a mobile, the menu does not close after tapping. Is this a bug? Is it fixable/configurable?

- is it possible to tone down or remove animations?

- Page seems too heavy and takes a long time to load what could be done to improve performance? Is it to do with animations etc?

- Can the parallax effect be disabled for mobiles?


- the menu is closing after you click on menu icon again. This is how bootstrap works.

- yes, it is possible to remove animations

- to improve performance you can turn off some scripts, use less images. Right now it takes much time to load because the server is located far from you in Ukraine. It will load much faster if your website will be hosted in your region.

- yes, you can disable parallax for mobile.

Is there a way to get around the menu limitation? It’s really not acceptable for the user to have to do that.

Will you include instructions on how to disable/remove animations and parallax for mobile?

Thanks again.

Hello Sir, I have a pre-sales question. Other than the given fields in the pages, is it possible to add custom sections? For instance, I want to place a vimeo video and some external links on the page. Is there a providion for that?

Also my app is iPhone-only, is there a way to remove the iPad pic in the page?

Sure, you can create any section you want in HTML. Also you can remove iPad pic from html too.

Hey guys, Great theme. My website is finally out. http://cyanapp.info

I have a quick question, is it easily possible for me to embed a small vimeo video to the right of the hand that has a phone in it. Where it says, “New app for smartphones that helps you stay in touch”

Or would that be too complicated to do. Cus i love the layout, i just wanna include video.

Sure, it’s not going to be difficult

Hi, I just setup the applum theme and during the integration with mail chimp I get this error on email submission

“Invalid Mailchimp API Key: 39e5f1c68f435bea156716bbfe1dea3d . You are accessing the wrong datacenter – your client library may not properly support our datacenter mapping scheme.”

can you help?


Please read the help file in “Documentation” directory, there is an instruction of how to set up mailchimp. If you will still have problems with it, let me know and I will help you.

The datacenter was an issue. Got it resolved. Great template. Like it. Thanks

Here is a strange request, because I truly love this theme: Will you be adding the Blackberry App Store button and a Z10 mockup to the template in a later update? It would be great to be able to target all 4 main platforms. Thanks.


Sorry, we are not planing to add such features.

ok, thanks anyway.

Hi there, What about creating HTML temple mobile app site that showcasing multiple mobile apps. with direct link to app stores etc. @themeforest there’s none available for sale? You should make one?

Hi, If you’re talking about multiple devices – there are devices for ios, android and windows. If you mean showing a couple of apps on one page – I don’t think this is a good idea because each app should have its own page. A site with multiple apps is a studio website, not a landing page.

Hello. We purchased Applum with the image background last week and noticed that when you hover over the DIV in the Features section with the six paragraphs, the background image below it in the Subscribe section flashes. We noticed this because we moved sections around. This only happens in Chrome, though. Do you have a fix for this?

Is this theme compatible with Wordpress.org? I tried uploading it several times (directly through Wordpress, through my hosting service’s cPanel, and through FTP), but I received error messages each time. Thanks!

nice work i like it;

Hi, after i submit an email address in the subscription email address field, i get this error but the email address does get submitted to mail chimp

Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in C:\wamp\www\web\subscribe.php on line 29

I researched quite a bit on line but no luck.

Please help


I think this is because you are using this template on your local machine. Please try to do it from your hosting


very nice landing page, thank you.

a question: when viewing from mobile. to see the menu I click on the menu button on the top right than select a section from menu, and that section comes to screen but still menu stays on top, I need to click once more to menu button for it to disappear.

can we change that so that menu button disappears as soon as I select a section. so it saves an extra click to users :)

thank you.


Hi Dear author I have a little problem with my theme, I try to upload by wordpress, but Wordpress said me “Theme is missing the style.css stylesheet error” Also i try to upload by FTP, but is the same.

Can you help me please!

This is not a Wordpress theme, this is a html/css theme. Please be more attentive when buying themes.

Hello, wordpress ask me php index to install them. Where is the php index ?? Do you have a simple procedure for installation via FTP ??? Sincerely, dav