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New updates just released and include:

CSS Bug Fixes

  • Fix for list styles in featured sections
  • Various CSS tweaks


  • Option added: Change background colour of sticky menu header
  • Option added: Change colour of sticky menu header text
  • Option added: Change text of sticky menu header text
  • Option added: Change pre text of footer menus i..e Downloads: & Copyright © 2014
  • Option added: Clear/Empty subscribers file from theme options

Many thanks for the great feedback from all who have purchased. Keep it coming and updates will keep on flowing.


Nice theme, thanks for the upload!

Ive got a little question. Where can i change the sidebar(sub navigation)? The sidebar.php file is also empty is that usual? And how can i make the one page site, just one page? Every time i add a new page, its jumps to another screen on the moment i click on it.

Cheers, Johan

Hi Johan,

It seems you hadn’t set up the theme at all. If you read the documentation file provided it walks you through how to set it up. I’ve gone ahead and set it up to help get you started.

Let me know if you need anything else.



Hi Pedro,

Thanks for helping out! ive got still 2 little questions. Is it possible to adjust the photo slider in hight? And how can i adjust the logo for the iphone/ipad version? I uploaded a logo in the exact right settings. But nothing changes.


Cheers, Johan

Hi Johan,

Regarding the height of the banner, please see below.

In order to adjust the height of the banner please locate the file called init.js within the JS folder.


Below that you will see a value for the width and height, change the height value to what ever it is you’d like, save and re-upload the file.

Please note that the height assigned for responsive devices is automatically calculated from this initial value so this needs to be the maximum height of your images. More info on the slider here:

As for the mobile logo, i’ve had a look and everything seems to be working. The reason it may seem smaller is because of the style of logo. I would suggest maybe making a mobile only version of your logo – Something like this “S.”

The big S in blue and the . in the orange colour. You could then have the tagline below it in smaller text which reads “Smartscore.”. As you can see in the demo, the mobile logo is very different to the normal site logo for this exact reason.



Hi Peter,

For the upgrade you posted last month, do i just reinstall the theme in my wordpress instalation?

On the other hand, im having trouble with the blog page. Is it supposed to load all the posts ive created? Not sure what i’ve stumbled upon here.

Thanks in advance.



oh, another quicky one. Is there a way to display the subnavigation in all pages? When viewing pages that are not listed as features, the subnavigation is gone. I find that features list valuable and want to display it all the time. Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Hi Victor,

Regarding the updates. If you don’t want to re-upload the entire theme for risk of losing some settings etc. you can simply replace the following files:

css > style.css css > nav.css css > mobile-menu.css js > init.js header.php footer.php functions.php page-home.php clearSubs.php (if you don’t see this file, re-download zip from TF) subscribe.php

As for the sub navigation menu. The main reason for not using this as a menu on pages is because it cannot respond well to other screen sizes such as tablets and smart phones. The sub navigation when used as a featured list allows you to add an icon and that is then displayed when viewed on a responsive device. I could create it so that you can add a menu in that location, however it won’t have the ability to display icons and when it reaches the screen width for tablets it would look rather random.

To be honest, the multi-page functionality is limited as this is really supposed to be utilised as a single page theme and i believe works a lot better when used this way.



Hi Peter

This is by far one of the best theme to showcase an app It’s just a pitty you didn’t make it wpml compatible in my opinion you would triple your sales, anyway do youthink you will add this option in the upcoming 2 weeks Thanks Uou

Hi mate,

Thanks for the comments and suggestion. It means a lot coming from a fellow author in a league that you are currently in. I take many if not all of the comments and suggestions from users and integrate them sooner or later so i will definitely look into WMPL compatibility.

I can’t promise anything but let me look into it and see the scope of work required and get back to you within the next couple of days.

In the mean time if you need anything don’t hesitate to ask.



Currently working on WPML compatibility. I’ll let you know once the update has been approved in case you’re interested. Probably within the next couple of days.



Pre sales questions: integrates with mailchimp? and can there be multiple home pages in same sitE?

@KrystleReg – no mailchimp integration however it shouldn’t be too difficult to get this done.

The Appr theme can be used as a “normal” site rather than just a one page layout. If you prefer to see this in action, send me an e-mail via my profile page and i’ll set up a demo for you.



How can I add more than 4 features? I need it to increase to approx 8 features.

I would have thought this is quite an important thing to add in as not every app has exactly 4 features.


No worries, figured out once adding a new page under the parent of feature it adds it automatically :-)

That’s correct :) The features number is unlimited and as soon as you add a new page and make it a child of the main Features page then it automatically creates a new option to select the page from the Page Settings tab.

I’ll update documentation to clarify this.



Hi Guys,

If it’s responsive doesn’t it work on all devices? I don’t understand about OSX Android and Apple? Please educate me.


Hi. Yes it’s fully responsive.

These are just PSD files and images already included in the download zip. The Apple, OS X and Android options are just the design elements available for you to choose from depending on what type of app you’re promoting. i.e. the android device where you can insert a screenshot of your app, or the Apple Display and Macbooks where you can do the same.

It’s not mandatory to use any of these included screens, you can create your own if you like but i’ve included the three different options for users that don’t have access to photoshop etc. and would like something more plug & play.

Hope that helps.

Great theme! However, I have a question about URL links from feature menu. How to change the name of the URL for the name of a single page assigned to the feature section? I don’t want links display in the form of # feature_1


Could you be more specific as to what the issue is?

What do you mean by SEO friendly links? What is the problem you have encountered with the text on the main page?


With seo friendly link we wont to have a friendly URL when we scrool the page. Now we have url such as etc. – is the posibity to have link as, and then when we scroll lower – we can have another link such as

The text on the homepage is too tight – where we can change it. Now, the block with tekst is 427 px widht.

Hi. The SEO friendly links are only possible with the anchor tag. If you remove that then it will not display these at all.

Regarding the text block – only the about us section will have a full width option, the remaining “featured” blocks are either left or right aligned and require an image as displayed in the demo.

Hope that helps.

Hi! Please tell me how I can create page with logos Company and comments? It’s a Wordpress plugin?

Hi. That’s not created using any plugin. If you have installed the theme and imported the sample data that’s provided you can see the HTML used to create this within the Media page. You will need to know how to create an image file (sprite) using your own logos in order to get it to work for the amount of logos that you have. You’ll also need to know some basic css to adjust the rollover effects.

I’m not sure if there is a plugin available that will do the same thing but if you need help then send me an e-mail to support [at] patagoncreative [dot] com with your logos, login details to your wordpress installation and i can then try do this for you.

I currently have a few other support queries that i’m working on so you’ll have to wait a few days before i can get round to it.



it seems the background color section of theme options doesnt work, it just shows default background image regardless of whether you remove it. The theme also breaks shortcode functionality. Im on new factory install of wp4 and latest download version of theme. Just wanted to give you headsup!

Also when using another google font url, open sans still overrides the new font. I see it in CSS but fonts still show open sans.


Can you be a bit more specific as to which parts of the color options aren’t working? header, fonts, links etc. I’ve just tested the demo and it seems they’re working fine.

The shortcode functionality issue has been fixed recently and will be submitted by the end of the day to TF as an update. Also includes custom tabs/accordions/button shortcode generator. If you’ve enabled the option to be notified of updates to this theme you’ll get an e-mail once it’s approved.

Regarding the google font section. Also just been re-tested and works fine. PS: it only updates the body text – not menus.

You need to add only the URL starting with http:// in the Google Font URL Field i.e.,700,400

And in the Font Name field just the name, i.e. Oswald

Let me know if you’re still experiencing any issues.



@all who have have purchased or will purchase.

Please consider contacting myself either through the comments or a private message on my profile page BEFORE leaving negative reviews. Found an issue? Ask for support! It’s FREE!

I actually offer great support at no extra charge to customers of any of my themes and am pretty proud of it. So if you encounter an issue (something is bound to come up) in this or any other theme, please request support before you rate your purchase.



Hi there,

I’ve purchased the appr theme and installed everything according to the documentation. Now I want to add a new section to it (such as a contact section). I created a page, but how do I assign it to a location on the front end site? The Page Options only allows me to edit the About, the Media and the Feature sections. And I don’t want to add contact into the feature section.

Many Thanks! Viet

Hi Viet. Unfortunately there’s no option to add a section anywhere else other than the Featured items. If you aren’t using the Media section, or are planning on editing it you can add your contact form there with a shortcode.

If you’d like it anywhere else other than an existing section you’ll have to manually edit the page-home.php file and insert a <section>. If you need help doing this i can assist you. Just send me an e-mail via my profile page using the form in the lower right corner. I’ll need access to your current setup and more info on what you need done exactly.

Hope that helps,


Hi! it was great help, thanks a lot!

Glad it helped :).

If you find some time and haven’t already done so i’d appreciate it if you could please leave a rating/review.




Nice works with this theme. I’m in setup phase and havn’t correctly understand how icons works.

For some icon on the features pages, everything works fine, but I can’t add some other like “fa-thumbs-o-up”.

Thanks in advance,

Cheers, Paul

The problem is I haven’t understand what ” Use Font Awesome icon codes for the sticky nav icons.” means.

Oh I guess I have made a mistake while testing. It seems to be working now.

Hi Paul. Glad you figured it out.

Appr currently uses version 3.2.1 of font awesome:

I’ll be updating it to the latest version in the next release.




I’m unable to change the height of the front page slider, could you please advise. Otherwise is there a way to switch it for a more functional banner plugin.



Hi. I’m currently overseas and won’t be able to have a proper look at this for the next week or so. the slides uses the slidesJS plugin – Perhaps have a look there and see if you can figure something out.

If you don’t have any luck please let me know and once i’m back i’ll sort this out for you.

Cheers, Peter

Really nice work,Good Luck With Sales!