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Awesome work. Good luck with your sales :)

Good job, cong. ;)

Finally someone with some innovative ui Allow me to add a couple of suggestions:

Can you add a portfolio section with filterable media? Your theme can be very useful to showcase multiple apps not just one, perhaps you can add a sort of scrollable banner between the main menu and slider that would include the logo of multiple apps, so that when you click on it the page would illustrate the info of the selected app (Is there a childtheme?

All the best :)

Thanks for great feedback and suggestions. I’ll definitely look into integrating the child theme and gallery options in an update.


nice work.. good luck!

Thank you :)

Clean and Great Work! GLWS! :)

Cheers mate :)

Looks fantastic , congrats!

Thank you :)

Clean theme ! Looks great

Good luck !

Beautiful work!GLWS :)

Thanks! :)

Great looking theme! Nice job!

Thanks ThemeREX.

Great work! can you change the background colour of the header for the Features section menu?


Thanks for the feedback. There is currently no option to change that using the color pickers but you can use the following CSS to achieve what you’re after:

.subNav span.subNavtitle { background: #000000!important; }

Set #000000 to the HEX color code that you’d like and paste the above in the Custom CSS text area found at the bottom of the Theme Options page.

I’ll add the ability to change this using the color picker in the next update for anyone else that may be interested.

Thank You!

Looks Good! How many Features can you add? Also, Is there WooCommerce Support? Cheers!


No WooCommerce support i’m afraid.

You can add as many featured sections as you’d like. Each time you create a new page and assign it as a child of the category “Features” it will automatically add an option in the theme options area for you to assign a page and icon to.

Hope that helps.

Does this come with any sort of visual page builder, or just the standard wordpress editor?


There’s a custom built admin panel which consists of 3 pages. One for the general settings of the theme (logo’s, colours etc.), a second for setting up which pages are displayed in which sections and a third for social media settings.

Really nice theme. Love it already. Easy install and edit. Just one question, how can I edit the footer copyright note?

Thanks for the great feedback, couldn’t be happier to hear you found it so easy to get set up.

Unfortunately the only way to edit the copyright info in this release it to get your hands dirty and open the file called page-home.php. Towards the bottom of the page you’ll see the copyright text in 2 places (line 290 and 297).

If you struggle at all just drop me an email with the text you’d like displayed and i’ll send through an updated file.

I’ll add an option to change this from the theme options in the next release along with a couple of updates that i’ve received from other users.

Ok no prob. I know how to edit the theme, it’s just that went I looked at the footer.php I couldn’t find anything so no prob, now I know where to look! Awesome job guys, GREAT WORK!!!!

@BMSlap, thanks!

Hej, need your help with the features section. How can set the rank for the feature content on the startpage?

Tried different things like Slug and attributes. No match.


There is no ability to sort the display order of the featured items on the home page.

I have just updated the theme to include this option and they can be sortable by PAGE ORDER NUMBER. The theme updates are now in the queue.

There’s only 1 file that needs to be replaced so if you’d rather not wait for the approval send me a message through my profile page and i’ll send you the file to replace.

Thanks for pointing this out. It should come in handy for quite a few people!



Hey Peter, its me again! I have a few more questions:

First of all, how can I change the label “Explore Features” to something like “My Projects”.

Also, how can I make the slider auto revolve?

Finally, is there any chance that you can add a “Reset Subscriptions” button on the Control Panel?

Thanks in advance, Theodore Messinezis

Ok Seriously this is, I believe, the last one… Is there any way to center or even change the loading icon?

Ha I figured it out. Just add this to the Custom CSS Field:
.spinner {
     position: fixed;   top: 50%;   left: 50%;   
         margin-top: -40px;   
         margin-left: -40px;

A better approach would be the following:

.spinner {
position: absolute;
top: 50%;
left: 50%;



How do I change the text width on a page (if a page has no featured image, I want it to be wider). Also how do I make sure that lists do not lose formatting?

For list styles within the featured sections, use the following CSS in the custom CSS field as a temporary fix until the update has been approved on themeforest:

.intro li, .intro_opp li {
list-style-type: disc!important;
list-style-position: inside!important;
text-align: center;
margin: 5px;

Regarding featured sections without images, this hasn’t been built in to this version but if there is more demand for something like that then i’ll get it rolled out in a future release.

As for leaving feedback before you even attempt to contact me for any kind of support or a feature request, that’s a bit harsh.

I’ve set up a support forum for SUPPORT and FEATURE REQUESTS, if you need anything further please either use the forums or send an email to the support e-mail address provided in the documentation. The theme is well documented, preview is “what you see if what you get” so if theres a feature that doesn’t exist don’t give a low rating for something you expected to be included after you’ve made a purchase.