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Awesome work! Good luck, friend ! ;)

Thank you mate :)

hi can i change content frim back office?

Hi, I really didn’t get you exactly. Please explain what you want to know.

Hello – very cool theme, Congratulations I would put two more fields in the registration form: Website Plans – drop down menu / list

I’ve made several attempts and changes in contact.php but I can not receive the data from these two items, you could help me.

After registration is completed and sent a message where I can change this message

thank you Fabiano Torres

Thank you for the purchase fabianotorres. To change contact success message edit custom.js file (Please refer documentation). Please send me a message from my profile page so that we can discuss further.

have you plan to upgrade bootstrap (version 3.0)?

Not at the moment but yes I will do in the near future :)

I can’t to load this template directly to my wordpress :( using zipped pack and comend send it to the server? it doesn’t work what should I do?

Thank you syda for the purchase. This is not a Wordpress theme it’s HTML template :)

oh ya :) ok thank you, templete is great :) so I guess I will have to fing a professionalists to run a website. thanks :)

sure, please let me know if you have any questions :)

Wonderful theme! A quick question, though: I’d have to use a different colour for one of the nav tabs in each section. I’ve run through the CSS files but only found out how to change all the nav tabs’ colour at once, and only together with the colour of the buttons. How and where would I go about this? What would I need to enter in the custom/override css file?

No probs :)

Umh, sorry, two more questions just popped up: 1) where does the newsletter signup mails land? I use mailchimp but where and what do I need to edit to get news subscribers to my list? And 2) Somehow I can’t seem to get the buttons to work with a simple mailto command … could I mail you a link to my site and you can have a look at it what I am missing?

yes please :)

Grat job, 5 stars for you.

Thank you flaviese for the purchase as well as rating my file :)

hi , i recently purchased this file and downloaded it but could not extract the files once i downloaded, can you please provide right files ?


Your download may be incomplete, please try again and let me know if you still cant download it.

Hey! Wonderful theme. I get you 5 star. Can you help me with phpmailer? -> i’ve set Editable options, now i can’t get emails to my mailbox. What i need to do?

Just replied to email