Discussion on Approach - Lead Gen Unbounce Template

Discussion on Approach - Lead Gen Unbounce Template

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This page CSS seems to be broke and broke my live page as well. What is the fix? http://unbouncepages.com/approach-desktop-template-demo/

I will love to have this theme but looks like that to be recode any updates?

Seems like the theme is not responsive. Its not shrinking if I squeeze my browers. Is it a wordpress theme? Can I add photo and file upload fields and more text fields on the form?

Hi there, I uploaded your templete to uncounce. Looks great on desktop. On mobile, it looks great on the preview, but for some reason the hero image up top is all stretched out and blurry once looking at it live in my iPhone. Why is that?

I should add that the Unbounce support fixed it by deleting the CSS sheet. But that obviously takes away parts of its character.

Hi G10V3,

I’m having issues with the display of the mobile version of this theme. There’s a lot of white space around the content and the actual content is zoomed out.

Is there a way to change this or is it a bug?

Hey! Why? Why the templates are separate in desktop and mobile? I wasted my time setting the template to find that would do it all again in the template mobile! All templates that you’ve used sets the versnao desktop and it will self adjust in mobile. Now I’ll have to do the work twice. why? Very, very sad!

How can i set desktop and mobile versions in the same url at Unbounce?

Hi pu2wxp, the template was created before the Mobile Responsive launch, you can follow this Unbouce article and easily add it :)

I tried to upload my unbounce theme on word press and not working. I was told that this can be used for WP.

Hi, unfortunately an unbounce theme works only with the unbounce platform, it can’t be used with WordPress.

Unbounce question: Where can I find the custom javascript that redirects the user to the mobile version of the landing page if mobile is detected?

Hi jduarte, you can follow this Unbouce article and easily add it :)

We purchased a copy of this today and downloaded and it says there is no stylesheet.css and won’t isntall. I know this doesn’t come with graphics, but am missing the CSS.

What do we have to do to get the full zip with CSS minues images?

Thank you, B

Hi gethydrated,

You bought an Unbounce template, there is no stylesheet and can’t be installed like a WordPress theme, in fact it has nothing to do with WordPress, this template has to be used within the Unbounce platform.

Tried PayPal a few times and it does not take the payment method. I am using a prepaid card with adequate funds on it.

BTW, it is annoying to see you charging for “handling” on PayPal accounts. Exactly how is this “handled”. If it’s $23, then charge that, not do the add-on nonsense.

Hi redlegrich, you can take a look here for your PayPal issues, if you don’t find a solution, there is a “submit a request” link at the bottom of that page. :)

Every item on the envato network has the handling fee for PayPal payments, it’s not my choice.

How do we change the background image… I’ve looked at the instructions and it is pretty basic.

Replied on email :)

dear sir.. i don’t have credit card and paypal.. can buy with wester union / moneygram ?

let me know

or pay with paypal brokers ?

Hi rednux, if you are referring to the Unbouce service, you should contact their support team at this link http://unbounce.com/support/contact-us/ :)

A but disappointed that it did not include the images.

Hi jonasnielsen, no theme or template on ThemeForest usually includes images, you need to have the rights to include them.

Why was the landing page removed? I just purchased it and was never able to download?

I’m sorry, now it’s back online! :)

Hi. I am very satisfied with the template. However I have a problem with the top of the landingpage – there is a line in the top with numbers. How can I remove this? See the link here: http://get.skaara.no/kontaktoss/

Best regards Claus Lorentzen

Hi Claus, please drop me an email through the form on my profile page :)

Wrote a new question below:

Awesome work! just could you tell me is it possible to change it as RTL? Regards

Hi m7d_mh, thanks for your interest! Yes it’s possibile, you can follow this article http://support.unbounce.com/entries/22505205-What-languages-does-Unbounce-support-Can-I-set-up-right-to-left-languages- :)

Thanks for the link, but are sure that your design also will change to RTL? means bottle will come right and Opt-In box will go to left and bullet also?

Unfortunately no, you’ll have to move some elements to fix the design. There’s nothing I can do to make it more simple.

Very nice theme ! I wanted to ask you if I can use screenshots of it for a display mockup (with laptop and tablet etc). In return I’ll feature your theme in the description of the mockup. Please let me know if you agree ;)

Hi h3design, sure you can! :)


Which images are included?

Hi KoolioXavier,

Images are not included in the template, only the arrow element, layered psd format.

The HTML version of Approach is available Here! If you find any error, or if you have suggestions on how to improve the template, drop me an email through the form on my profile page. :)


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