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Awesome! I bookmarked this page so I can buy it later for my apps. Thanks!

Thank you! Be sure to come back ;)

Nice design, I like it too.

Thank again!

Hi there, i noticed on the preview page that there is a link “Android Version”. Does the template come with an Android Version of the phone and sildes at the top?

Thank you

How do I install this theme? I uploaded it, and it says Missing Stylesheet (both with the auto-installer and manually ftp’ing it).

Not a wordpress theme, sorry :-/

Never mind…I guess it’s a manual site, I thought it was a WP template. shit…

will there be a wordpress version?

Is it possible to show the iPhone in portrait orientation instead of landscape?

Are the PSDs included with the purchase?

Hey great template, I purchased it, however I got a small problem.

The subscribe doesn’t work, I fill in a email but get, but when I hit subscribe nothings happens..

kind regards,


Hi there just purchased the template but I noticed that on preview everything was centered and the download is all aligned to the left. how to fix this

Just noticed it is only in IE this problem

This template is broken I would like a refund

What is broken about it? The 76 other buyers didnt have any issues, if you would like to open a support ticket Please send the URL of your site via email and I will take a look for you. You can do so by using the contact form in my profile here: http://codecanyon.net/user/TylerQuinn :)

Thank You!