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Clean & simple design and easy to set-up.

Question: How do I configure the email form?

Thank you! :D

For the email, just add the action and method to use with your form script.

What form script. Shouldn’t this be included?

Whichever you would like it’s a template not a subscription service ;)

What program can I edit this in?

Sorry, I’m new to all of this.

Pretty much anything!

Notepad, wordpad, or if you want I know there are some free IDEs out there for development of HTML and CSS .

I personally like to use Dreamweaver.

I want to add a column to the features tab, so I can show my twitter feed in a div under the phone. I am having a heck of time figuring out how to change the CSS to accommodate that. I’ll keep at it, but if it is something that would take you a second to figure out, I’d appreciate your help.

The other thing I am trying to do is move the social media icons to the very top of the page on the right side. I think it is hard for users to see them at the bottom. I don’t need the form. Again, any suggestions for changing the CSS to make that happen. After I move the div up.

Beautiful work! I have shown it to many people.


Sure thing!

Please send the URL of your site via email and I will take a look for you. You can do so by using the contact form in my profile here: http://codecanyon.net/user/TylerQuinn :)

Thank You!

Hey, I managed to figure out all my css stuff. Last thing, my app is available on more than the iphone and I want the image to just say available on the appstore, instead of available on the iphone appstore. I are you able to provide a vector or provide that image? I don’t want to mess with the png as it will look like a hack. I contacted you through your contact form on your website regarding the css stuff, so you should have my email. If not message me on here and let me know how to get in touch. I didn’t see the contact form on your codecanyon profile.



I can look, ill let you know if i I still have it.

Great template!

Just a quick question.

if you look at my Features page, it seems my sections are not lining up. Not sure why I have checked the code over and over and there is no difference from the original code.

please go to http://www.trainingforwarriorsapps.com/template/index.html

let me know what it might be. Thanks!

Hello, Great template. How do remove the fading effect on the app store image? I just want the image to show. No fade. Thank you.

Just replace the markup for the button with an img tag with the button you want to use ;)

Can the mock iPhone be in landscape orientation?

A landscape version is not included but you could rotate the image and change the CSS if you really wanted to.


I am torn between Applet and Appshow. I love aspects of the design of Appshow better than Applet and vice versa.

My main grief with Appshow is that the scroll bar is turned off when the content of the tabs are clicked, causing the entire page to shift a second and then return to normal. Is that an easy fix if I purchase this one? Or is it because the phone is on the Right side. Is it possible to move the phone to the left side in Appshow?

Either way I am purchasing one of these today. Outstanding and almost exactly what I was looking for !! Cant wait to get to work on one of them.

I would like to have a domain.com/support to open to the Contact Us section of the website? Possible? Right now I have it just redirecting to the root domain.


Anything is possible its a template ;)

I was hoping your might point me in the right direction in your code. :)

Excellent Job man !! Keep Going & Good Luck ;)

Thank you!

Great work. I was wondering if there is any plans for future updates. I was wondering about updating the device to a 5s, portrait and landscape? And maybe adding a generic php email script? Thanks for your time, again great work.

Will look into it! I have been meaning to crank out some more App Site Templates as people really seem to enjoy them. I made a note about updating this!

Unable to load it, saying there is no style.css