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Great work! have a many sales

Thank you nmmateam! I hope i have many sales. Good sales to you also!

Hi I bought this theme and love it so far; however I need help with several things. I want to change the links under <!-SECREENSHOTS BEGINS-> to actual image links that will link to another page is that possible? / How? and How does the Subscribe To Newsletter box work? Do I just past in my email because i get an error, please explain how to use.

Thank you

Hello hmuhamma, Thanks for purchasing first of all.

1. If i didn’t understand wrong, when someone clicks on an image, he/she will be sent to another page. For this you must follow these steps:

In SCREENSHOTS BEGINS area, there is data-clearing in ul tag. Here you can delete data-clearing and big images won’t pop-up and links will go to another page. By changin href to a web link it will do this. For example:

<li><a class="th" href="http://www.yourlink.com"><img src="images/screenshots/t_scr1.jpg" alt="image" /></a> </li>

If i understood wrong and if you want to use images that are on another page (server), you can edit src and href elements like this. For example

<li><a class="th" href="http://www.yoursite.com/scr1.jpg"><img src="http://www.yoursite.com/t_scr1.jpg" alt="image" /></a> </li>

2. For email subscribe newsletter box I must say this, that box doesn’t work in default. Many people uses paid services for this (like MailChimp, Constant Contact, iContact, AWeber and others). If you use such a service, you must look up to instructions on help content of that service first of all. But if you want to manually control your subscribe list and want to be sent email written on that box simply, we can do this with some php.

Hi, May I add more than 1 video to the landing page? Does the theme come with some sort of documentation?

thanks, cms

I can help you how to add more videos to Screenshots area. We can change title to “other videos” or something like that and when user clicks to thumbnail image a pop up comes and shows video. User doesnt leave the page this way also. If you need screenshots area we can create a new row called VIDEOS of course..

Site works well for me. Simple design and easy to modify. Would love to see another video-centric landing page some time :-) Thanks.

Actually, you may be able to help me out here with respect to newsletter subscription. I included my mailchimp link in the form action tag and it works insofar that a new image pops up where people would have to fill in email details again. I would like to avoid this repeat signup and conclude the subscription process once an interested person has clicked on the submit button. Any idea how to do that? Thanks.

sorry, not a new “image”. I mean the site reloads with a new page on which people are then prompted to fill in their email

hellocms would you please send me the link of your site through contact form on my profile page. Click to my avatar you will see at the right bottom.

hey would i be able to add a headline above or to either the right or left of the video.. also if i can add a headline to the left or right what code would i need to make the video move over to allow space for my headline text.. and lastly can i change the video size? This is an awesome theme, im ready to purchase now.

all you have said can be done easily. I can show you how they will be done. we can add headline and also change the video size if headline is on right or left. thanks for your good words about my template.

1) My Mobile site isn’t showing up properly. :/ www.undierun.com

2) Is it possible to turn off the responsive functionality?

hello again westoncarls! Change the embed code with
<iframe class="youtube-player" type="text/html" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/VIDEO_ID" allowfullscreen frameborder="0"> </iframe>

!! DO not forget to change the VIDEO_ID to your videos id !!
And then go to http://www.youtube.com/html5 and click “Join the HTML5 Trial”
Youtube mainly works great with Flash and we know support for flash on iPhone is limited and Youtube is experimenting HTML5 player.
After this, every user who joined HTML5 trial will be able to see videos on Youtube. Unfortunately every user MUST join to HTML5 trial. HTML5 and video support is a new technology and industry is working for perfect embedding which is not achieved yet.
oppss and a clearification! i thought you had video problems and wrote about that. if you can see videos clearly on iPhone you dont have to change the code as i wrote above. But the second video you have added must be like this. You havent add div class=”flex-video widescreen videobox” with the closing tag of div. It must be like this <div class="flex-video widescreen videobox"> <iframe class="video" src="http://www.youtube.com/v/jokzbskf7GM?hl=en_US&version=3"></iframe> </div>

After all it must be displayed good on mobile. And again if you dont have any issues about viewing videos dont do things i wrote on previous comments. Just do this ones!

Thank you – I beileve the only problem I have is the first video in the slider not showing up. I can see the UCSB one. Let me give this a try!

Great theme, but need help making the videocontent div responsive when adding my own background image. please check out www.FitTagApp.com and you can see the main image under the header is not responsive for some reason. What am I doing wrong? Where can I go for further help?

I have responded to your email primedime.

Looks like your host is down – Live Preview isn’t working and your hosted images aren’t showing up.

The problem fixed by hosting company. Thanks for your warning.

Hey, fantastic theme! I was just wondering does this theme support Vimeo?


Thx Zebian. yes vimeo is supported. there is instructions in the help file..very very easy to add

I tried installing (i purchased) both versions. Neither will install both are complaining: Please assist.

Installing Theme from uploaded file: Wordpress-appsolute-responsive-landing-page.zip Unpacking the package… Installing the theme… The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Theme install failed.