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Wow 2 in a row! Nice theme ;)

thanks wpe :), the smartgroup theme was done on dec…

Congratulations, this just looks great! Wish you many sales :)

Excellent work! Well done!

Looks fantastic, congrats :)

Good luck with sales :)

Nice one…Happy selling :)

hi all, thanks for the feedback :)

Nice theme,

Do you have the demo data for it?


Yes, I just include the xml to the zip package and uploaded to tf… just wait for approval and you can re-download the package then see the xml in the documentation folder.


Great work! Very nice template. :)

Hi, TemplateSquare, Please, how can I remove/disable the “Post A Comment” box?

Fine theme, Do you have the demo data for it? Thanks!

Send Please.

Yes, please see in the documentation folder… thanks

Does the top menu supports a multi-level drop-down menu or not ?

Thank you.

hi, it does support multi level dropdown menu, thanks


I encountered a small problem, it appears that none of the created pages work. And we checked the servers everything seems to be fine.

You can check the website www.smsrinkodara.lt and try clicking on a menu item. No matter what pages I create it still can’t find it.

Maybe you now what might be wrong?

Thanks Rokas

For support request please send your questions via http://www.templatesquare.com/tf-support/

have a showcase?

What showcase? do you mean a demo?

samples of people using it?

Nice template, but I cannot show this to my customer or send him the link for review because when you click on “Get a free quote” button, middle of the page, link drives you to the www.templatesquare.com, which has all their samples including the price tag.


what custom fields used to add ‘list of feature (text with green check bullet)’ in pricing box ?


Considering purchasing, but I would like to change the blue background on the title page with the map behind it. Ho weasy is this to change? Thanks in advance.



Is theme compatible WP 3.5.1 ? I’ve ask some presale questions on your support main website but it seem than nobody answer yet?

Hi there,

Wonderful theme.

Please – do you have published a list of your shortcodes? All of them? Icons, Buttons, Columns, etc?

I had to guess my way to [separator] to get the styled going…

Thank you in advance.

Hi, we do not bloated our themes with shorcodes, for styling shortcodes you can try shortcode ultimate plugin or others… thanks

Thank you.

I was just wondering how you included the icons (such as http://demoimages.templatesquare.com/img-wordpress-appsquare/icons/icon1.png) on your demo homepage.

I use this: [featured_pages ids=”481,484,486,488” cols=”4” order=”ASC”]

however I wonder how to include an icon set. Thanks!

Please send support questions via http://www.templatesquare.com/tf-support/