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Discussion on AppStack - One Page App Theme

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Hi, is this template compatible with qtranslate plugin?

Hi, I have noticed a problem with the POI section in Firefox you cannot click on the buttons to find out more information or close to return to the original screen. Also, is it possible to add the pop up contact form button into the POI or split banner instead of in a separate section?

Hello – lovely theme – however when using the theme builder on a page and adding a ‘Heading’ in the sub text I cannot add any HTML formatting, not even simple paragraphs or breaks… can you help?

Guys – any chance of a response? or some guidance? I believe we have support as part of this purchase..

Did it myself – edited one of the files to remove the escaping of characters – I understand the risk that this poses, but it gives me the results I need.

Problem when using two buttons for the parallax header section. When each button is targeting a separate video, the second button plays the video of the first button.

hi .. the parallax area doesnt look good on mobile screen

How do you achieve the blog page in your demo on ThemeForest. This is not included in my demo content. Is there a short code for the blog posts or something?

In appearance/customize/static front page you can set your ‘posts page’.

Hello, just purchased this. 1. How can I make the nav header transparent? the CSS shortcode I’m using isnt working (could be me). 2. How can I update the devices used in the “Switcher” panel; as those are very outdated devices and I would like the new iPhone 6 or 7 and iPads that do NOT have the square on the Home button. 3. I’ve tried changing the overall font for the theme to Helvetica but the CSS shortcode isnt working. Thank you!


You want to use something like:

 .header-banner-top .main-navigation { background: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.8); } 

An easy way to change fonts is with the Easy Google fonts plugin. https://en-ca.wordpress.org/plugins/easy-google-fonts/

Please visit theme support at http://help.pixelgrapes.com

You can submit support requests using the help beacon (bottom right)


Hi The “X” button on my POI section takes reloads the page and takes me to main section rather than closing the image with the animation like original. how do I fix it to animate back and forth like it’s supposed to.

Have you tried it on another PC? Perhaps there is a Chrome extension on that computer causing an issue.

You are right. It works on Safari. Just a weird chrome issue.

Also please… is there a way to change the dribbble icon/logo in Team section to be a youtube logo?

Yes. Can you submit a ticket at http://help.pixelgrapes.com

You can click on the support beacon. It’s a little more involved than we can help with here. – Cheers

what is this theme page builder name ?

Hi. It is custom built for ‘ACF Pro’ plugin.

just reassuring myself- this theme is PHP 7 compatible? switching to PHP 7, want to avoid any surprises. Thanks!

Hi. Yes it is.

Hi. Another user within China reporting the same issue: every time it takes 3-5 seconds for the browser to ‘pause’ before the real loading starts to kick in. The server is located in China and it loads contents with other themes just fine. It is so annoying that I have to wait for the several seconds ‘pause’ every time. I do not think it is related to google fonts (it is a issue that I am aware of since the GFW banned pretty much every single google service) because I have a plugin to avoid WP from loading anything from google. Please take a look in my case, I really wish to keep your theme.

Can you go to support at http://help.pixelgrapes.com Click on the support icon (bottom right). Send us a message with the site link. If we can see it we will know the issue. – Thanks

Hi, I’d love to but there is not such a button on the link you sent me.

I figured it out… you have to type something it doesnt recognize first then I can send a message….

Hi Guys, does your theme reference some other site on pre-load or something? I am based in China, have a local server here, and your theme seems to totally slow down the load time of the site. This doesn’t happen with other themes. It’s basically pausing for 3-4 seconds “waiting for m.pyromusic.cn”.. If its referencing a site outside china, its going to cause a big delay on the load.

Hi. The only third party reference is google fonts.

The theme has a preloader that can be disabled. I would need to see that theme active on your site to know more. You can open a support ticket at http://help.pixelgrapes.com Click on the support icon bottom right. Regards

Actually we decided to not use your theme. Could you please provide a refund? Thanks again.

We would like the opportunity to help if possible. You can request a refund through Envato/Themeforest https://goo.gl/FDzDfd

This theme support woocomerce?

Can I use it with woocommerce website?

Tank you for your response

Hi. The theme is not designed for woocommerce. It would require a few design customizations.

I renewed my support and don’t see anywhere on your forum where I can create a ticket. I am getting a javascript error and needs to be fixed please and I don’t know how. Error is:

Uncaught ReferenceError: Masonry is not defined Line main.js:138


Can you go to http://help.pixelgrapes.com and click on the support beacon (bottom right). You can submit a support question – please include your username. – Cheers

Thank you. Sent.


I am no longer able to log into the support forum to report an issue with the them.

Every time I try to login it says my login details are incorrect. When I ask for password reminder, it says my email is not recognised. I have neither changed my email nor updated my password.

Can you please help me with the login issue?

Thanks, Ganesh

Hi. Support is now at http://help.pixelgrapes.com



With the last update I get the following message:

“Warning: call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, function ‘developer_register_required_plugins’ not found or invalid function name in /homepages/6/d530980485/htdocs/Asenga/wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php on line 298”

How could I solve it? Thanks in advance

Best regards

Hi. Could you try downloading the theme again rom your downloads area. Shouldn’t get that error with the current version. – Cheers

Gives error because it tells me that it is already installed. If I delete the thema and load it again … will the styles be maintained and everything will remain the same as it is now?

All settings and content will remain. As long as you didn’t make code changes directly to theme files.

Hi. I just bought the theme and tried to use “visual composer” plugin. How can I use it in your theme?

Hi, You can use it in posts, but pages use a built in page-builder. You can make a simple edit to allow you to use either one on a page. Please visit theme support and we can help you http://pixelgrapes.com/support/forums

Are the colors customizable past the colors listed on the theme page or is it limited to just those?

Hi. You can select any color. It has a color selection tool – so any color in any shade.

can i change de section/marker #PAGE? o try via CSS style but not working =/

It depends what you are linking from. But the link itself should look like this:

Okay . The question is how do I change this ”#page” with another word . I will translate it into my language .

I wouldn’t change that, it is required for other js & css.

In appearance/editor you can open header.php and add an anchor tag.

nice! where can i translate the “CLOSE” of menu header? what the file?

That you can do with css

@media screen and (max-width: 718px)
.header-banner-top .mobile-menu-box:checked ~ .mobile-menu-label:before {
    content: 'Close';

There is a support forum at http://pixelgrapes.com/support/forums


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