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Really nice! Great concept :)

Awesome Work!

Love the design and layout.

Will buy instantly if available for WP. :)


Thanks.. if there is enough interest we’ll release a WordPress version for sure :)

Wow, amazing template.. You’ve got a weekly best seller in the next 10 days right here!

please release to wp version,..

Sounds like a plan.. make sure to follow us on TF and Twitter so you will be notified when it’s released :)

Hi BeantownDesign

Great work!

I have one question. I want to have two sign up forms on the landing page, one for partner signup and one for newsletter. I did it by duplicating the newsletter form and creating a second process.php. However when I add the second one none of them is working. Any idea how to solve this?


try making unique ids on the form: id=”contact_form” make the other id=”contact_form2”

doesn’t seem to solve the problem.

Works well with only one. But when I add the second one, the first one stop working and the second one direct my to another site with “thanks for signing up”. See pic:

If its any help to clarify the problem: I can provoke the first one into working by first fill out the information in the first one. Then the second one text change from “email” into “required”. I fill out the information and the second one directs me to: Then I press backward and the first one works but the second one doesn’t.

Please start a post on our support forum and I’ll look into this, thanks!


Just bought this. Android PSD link doesn’t work in the documentation. Also, clicking on the support for this theme on your support forum I get “You don’t have permission to view this category.”


Please start a post on the support forum, you need to register with your license code:

Looks like that android psd is no longer available, here is another one, I will update the demos and documentation:

I still cannot download the .zip file to wordpress. I get an error message that style.css is not found… How can I fix this?!! Thanks.

Oh I figured it out, dumb question.

It’s an html template, not a wordpress theme


I’m looking for a simple & graphical mobile template, and i really liked the one from the screenshot section in the live preview of Appstar template (example :

Are those part of the template or just pictures to be replace when you customize your template ?

They were just screenshot examples, which can be purchased here:

please release the wp version… i love this layout!!!

Make sure to follow us on Twitter and ThemeForest so you are updated on our new product releases :)

BeantownDesign, i am very impressed on your onepage landing theme, before purchase, here some questions for Appstar,

1. could you add contact section as
2. if we need add a blog, which platform do you recommend?
3. if we need add a forum, which platform do you recommend?
4. how can we add a FAQ section as

Thanks for your time. Lance

hello , are you there?

So the first one isn’t open by default? I can adjust that for you.

Hello, Congrats on a beautiful theme and I want to buy it but I have ZERO knowledge how to implement it. Few question: (1) Can I change the layout? (2) Change color? (3) Change image? Thanks in advance for your support! Please email me at

This is a HTML template. You can change the colors, text and images, but you need basic HTML and CSS editing skills, thanks

This is a HTML template. You can change the colors, text and images, but you need basic HTML and CSS editing skills, thanks


GLWS! Very nice!

Are the phone mockups included as psd or how?


PSD files used to create homepage sliders are not included with download, but they are available for free download (see documentation file for links).

Hi Beantown, I see an earlier post asking about adding a blog, but no response. We are looking to add a blog page to our existing multi-page app star website at Can you recommend a platform to use? Thanks

Hi. Your theme looks good. We want to promote different apps within the same theme (each app has an individual page). Will this be possible with your theme?

Yes you could do that with this template.


1) Is it support RTL design ? if yes send to me the link

2) Also, if I have some section I want to hide for example: Pricing table section, Contact form etc. Can I hide it from admin panel or I need to edit through the code ? If through the code you will support me to hide the sections I don’t need or not ?

Best regards. Ibrahim

Hello, no RTL support. There is no admin panel as this is a html template, you would need basic html and css editing skills to edit the code, thanks.