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Nice app landing! GLWS! :)

Thanks! GLWS4U2 :)

Useful tool for launching apps through a good and simple design.

Hope so :) Thanks webinane ;)

Great style, looks elegant.
Kind Regards,

Cool, thanks! :) Cheers, Erik

Really fantastic! Interesting elements ;) congrats

Thanks ninzio, nice to hear that ;)

How easy is it to remove all the animation? I don’t think they suit a corporate site though I like the overall design and layout


Hi, there is a dropdown menu below the options of each element, and you just have to set the element’s animation to ‘None’. That’s it :)

What are the 12 home page layouts? Does it have one for a FORM? where the picture is on the homepage? Thanks

12 home sections, not different layouts. If you check the theme demo here you can see every different customizable section below each other. The theme works with Contact Form 7 plugin with ajax validation. Regarding the position of the picture on the home page please check the theme demo at the link above. Cheers, Erik

Very nice theme. Easy, intuitive and simple. I can’t wait to have a project to be able to use it! GLWS!

Thanks, i’m happy you like it. GLWS4U2 :)

Hey thinking about buying this theme! But before I do, does it come with the ipad/iphone pictures so I can just upload my screens on them?

Hi, yeah the blank device mockups are included in the theme. Cheers, Erik


Very great theme !

However I have a problem with Internet Explorer 9. You can test it directly with your demo on IE10 and activating the emulation mode in the developer console (F12). The menu is displayed correctly but the rest of the page is blank! Any idea?

Hi and thanks for your purchase. You’re absolutely right, i was really surprised to see this weird reaction of IE9. To fix it, open up your footer.php file and paste the following just above the “End of Document” comment:

    <!--[if IE]>
        <script type="text/javascript">            
            (function($) { "use strict";
                    $(".site-wrapper, .magnifier, .zoomer-frame").css('opacity','1');                    

Thanks again for your notice, i’ll release an update in a few days with a fix for IE9 issues. Cheers, Erik

Hi Erik,

I wonder if this theme is really a one-pager. In the demo, when I click on “shortcodes” a new page opens. Is it possible to create new pages with this theme and show them as a kind of sections on the frontpage (like in the demo with # tags)? Or is the frontpage just one very long page?

Cheers, Jochem

Hi Jochem, the home page has all of the sections you can see in the theme demo and +1 custom empty section where you can place any content of your wish including shortcodes and html tags. Besides you’re able to create different separate pages (like the shortcodes page in the demo). Cheers, Erik

Great Theme!!!

Having problems with the magnifier and it’s image.

With the magnifier- it takes a few “hovers”, or 5-10 seconds to get it to show up over the image. Tested it out on multiple OS’s and Browsers.

If you click on the image while waiting for the magnifier to display, it links directly to the image.

We were going to overlook this until we demoed the site, and everyone in the meeting immediately picked up on this issue

Hi and thanks for your purchase! I just uploaded the updated (v1.0.2) version of Appster, where the mentioned magnifier bugs are fixed, it’s in the review queue, it will be available within a few hours. Thanks for your notice!


I like this design and planned to use this design for building a website for College. Will it suit?

Hi, i’m sure it can be used for that purpose as well as app designs :)

Love the template, thanks! Is there an image size or way to make it so the Intro background image isn’t cut off and zoomed? No matter what size I use it seems to auto-crop my image.

Also is there a way to make “features” tab hyperlink to other pages?

Hey, thanks i’m happy you like it! Actually the intro background was designed to be some blurred image, but you can try to add the following snippet to the very bottom of style.css file:

.slider { background-position: 50% 100px !important; }

than upload the background image in 1920×580px size. It won’t be perfect but certainly much more visible as a usual image,

Wow that was fast, Thanks Erik. Also is it possible to hyperlink features?

ure, open up /assets/js/custom.js from your theme folder and paste the following code just above the “End of Document” comment:

// Replace URL for the url of your link
$('.feature-icon-box').eq(0).children().wrap("<a href="URL"></a>"); // First Feature Box
$('.feature-icon-box').eq(1).children().wrap("<a href="URL"></a>"); // Second Feature Box
$('.feature-icon-box').eq(2).children().wrap("<a href="URL"></a>"); // Third Feature Box
$('.feature-icon-box > a > p').css('color','#D9D9D9');

Finally just replace the URL for your link’s url and done.

Amazing theme – when I add more than 4 team members (in a 4 wide array), the spacing between the rows is compressed. Is there a way to accommodate 12 team members with the proper spacing between rows? When I expand the description, it is moves all the other boxes around in the second row (except when expanding the box in the last column top row)

Hi and thx for your purchase! A fix will be included in the next theme update but until than you can fix it by adding the following snippet to the end of /assets/js/custom.js file, just before the closing “end of document” comment:

$(".team .container > .four.columns:eq(4), .team .container > .four.columns:eq(5), .team .container > .four.columns:eq(6), .team .container > .four.columns:eq(7)").wrapAll("<div class="secondrow" />");
$(".team .container > .four.columns:eq(8), .team .container > .four.columns:eq(9), .team .container > .four.columns:eq(10), .team .container > .four.columns:eq(11)").wrapAll("<div class="thirdrow" />");
$(".team .secondrow, .team .thirdrow").css({"display":"block","clear":"both"});

Thanks – I was only able to get the CSS padding to work – the other lines prevented the page from loading (it just showed a blank white page).

Also, is there a way to make multiple sections of the same type – I want to have a different call to action section at the top of my page and another call to action at the bottom. It may be easier to do this with multiple custom sections, but I was really hoping to have background images on the section. When I make 2 call to action sections, the background image on the second section is pushed down too far.

Please provide an ftp and a wp user login for me in email via my profile page’s contact form here, so i will be able to solve your requests directly on your site. Cheers, Erik

Great looking theme. I have some questions before buying, hope that is ok.

1) Is this theme suitable for a company who has several apps? (I need a homepage with will be like an overview and a different page for each app)

2) Do you have iPads in the theme too? All of my apps are universal and it would be good to show that.

3) Is it retina ready? Your demo site mentions retina.

Thank you

Hey, thanks nice to hear you like it!

  1. No, appster is a one page landing page for showcasing apps, not a whole app selling theme. If you really need this theme, a working solution could be to have multiple wordpress installions on your host, and each of them links to a different app. For example and and so on..
  2. Sure, the device frame mockups are included with the theme, you are free to place ipad images to the different sections, it’s up to you.
  3. Not yet, it will be included in the next theme update. The title in the demo site you mention is just an example usuage for the presentation of the showcase sections. Cheers, Erik

This theme is beautiful! Question, is the header a slider?

Cool, thank you. Would that area read a shortcode? I have the LayerSlider Responsive WordPress Slider Plugin, which generates a shortcode for each slider created.

Yes it accepts shortcodes, but the texts and the welcome images are separated in the slider, so i’m not sure about how you can paste a third party wordpress plugin’s shortcode in.

Oh, that makes sense :)

Hi there,

I’m really looking for HTML temple mobile game site that showcasing the company multiple mobile game apps. with direct link to app stores etc. @themeforest there’s none available for sale? You should make one?

Hi Pinki, this theme has a HTML only version, you can check out here: Cheers, Erik


I have a new problem on the theme.

You can see that the showcase sections display all the left-align images on each section. The right align are just working fine.

Can you help me on that ? Thx

Great to hear you’ve already solved it, nice site by the way :) Erik

I found the issue.

In Appster/assets/js/custom.js line 117 instead of : $('.showcase.left').find('').prependTo('.showcase.left .container');

paste this :

$('.showcase.left').each(function() { var parent = $(this).find('.container'); $(this).find('').prependTo(parent); })

Thanks for your notice, it’ll be included in the next theme update.

Hi, please how can I put the sections which I made at home in the menu? Features etc…) THx!!

Hi and thanks for your purchase! I’m afraid i’m not sure what do you mean… Are you pointing at how to create menu links for the sections on the home page? Cheers, Erik