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Dears, First of all, crongratz for this awesome theme!

I have one question, when I go to the “features” page on mobile, the icons and titles only stays gray, even if a hover with finger on the icon, it do not turn into orange (color ive chose for the theme), is there any way that on mobile it stays orange? Tks.,

Hi and thx for your purchase, i’m happy you enjoy my theme :) I disabled the hover effects on mobile devices as the feature icon boxes don’t have any functionality with the hovers, just a design effect, altough if you wish them to be colored on mobile devices too add this snippet to the bottom of the /js/custom.js file, just above the closing “End Document” tag:


Oh and don’tg forget to change #yourColor to your chosen main theme color :) Cheers, Erik

Dear Erik,

Thanks for nice theme. I already installed theme to my server but is it possible to separate theme? I mean half part like first page and the rest into other page. Many thanks.

Hello and thanks for the purchase! I’m afraid there aren’t really a working solution for that as Appster is a onepage theme not the a site with multiple separate pages. By the way, in the future if i’ll get more requests for this feature i’ll consider creating a solution for this kind of usuage. Cheers, Erik

Hi Erik,

I really like the theme! However, I find the font color for the text a little too light. How can I change it to something darker?

Please ignore my previous comment above about the showcase section.

Hoe can I have multiple custom sections?

Please ignore both of my previous comments, I have managed to solve it myself.

Now, my question is, how can I display shortcodes in the showcase section?

Great to hear that! Unfortunately shortcodes aren’t allowed in the showcase description areas as you can see in the referring part of the documentation here. Cheers, Erik

The theme got bug? I add sub menu but the sub menu can’t display, how to solve this issue?

Hey, unfortunately this theme doesn’t support submenus as it’s a onepage landing page theme, ion’t d really see the point of having submenus in case of single-page themes like Appster. Cheers, Erik

Hi Interested in this theme. I’m testing your demo on windows8 tablet. I have to use the tiny right hand scroll bar to move the page. Is there anyway to make it so tablets can scroll the page normally without using scroll bar. Is the smooth scroll feature you mention causing this? Thanks

Hi, can you tell me in which browser have you noticed this issue? We have tested the theme on android tablet & ipad also and there wasn’t any problems like what you mentioned with the smooth scrolling…

Hi thanks for reply, works on my desktop bowser. Tablets are running windows8. (Microsoft surface & asus transformer book) Chrome works but internet explorer 11 doesn’t (both the touch version and desktop version). (the scroller on right hand goes very tiny) Cant drag page with finger. Resolution 1368×768

Thanks for your notice, i’ve added the ie11 fix to the theme’s update to-do list. Cheers, Erik

Hello Erik

Again, thank you for a super, clean and well-designed theme. :)

I have a quick question if I may – how can I set the first tab in the ‘Selector’ area to load as the high-lighted one? Presently of course it’s the second tab.

Thank you!

Cheers, Rob

Hello Rob and thanks for your purchase, awesome that you enjoy it :) To set the first selector button as the default highlighted one open up custom.js file in the /assets/js folder and replace line 268-269 to this:

$('.feature-selector-buttons > li:eq(0)').attr('data-fselector','first').addClass('active');
$('.feature-selector-buttons > li:eq(1)').attr('data-fselector','second');

and that’s it :) Cheers, Erik

Hi Erik

Thanks for your quick reply. Very much appreciated. :)

OK, I’ll take a look at this – it looks pretty straight forward.

Have a great day.

Cheers, Rob

I cannot install this theme to my Godaddy WP account:

The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.

Name Description appster_package_v1.0.1 Stylesheet is missing.

Live preview shows: Internal Server Error

The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.

Please contact the server administrator to inform of the time the error occurred and of anything you might have done that may have caused the error.

More information about this error may be available in the server error log.

Hi, just bought your theme. Nice Theme!

But I’m facing a few problem.

I want to use a larger logo, something like 200×200, but as I see, I can’t upload this size because it occupers outsite of the navi menu. How can I increases the size of the navmenu, to use a bigger logo?

Hi and thanks for your purchase. You can increase the size of the navigation bar manually, by adding this to the very bottom of your style.css file:

.header, .logo {height: 200px;}
.menu > li {line-height: 100px;}

And of course, adjust the values to your logo size if needed. Cheers, Erik

Hello! I like your theme (Appster – Clean Minimal App Landing Page Wordpress). But yesterday was the problem! The main page for a very long time to boot because not worked YOUR SITE! What is the connection between apster and your servers? Can you solve the problem? Thank you!

Hi, replied in email, thanks for your notice. Cheers, Erik

Hey Erik – Sorry me one more time with another question. I have installed the normal contact form you recommended but it doesn’t work on the custom content homepage screen but it does work on posts or other pages.

Can you please advise? (on the right side)

Hi there, never mind that’s why support is :) I checked the site, it needs a little css styling, but it seems it’s working for me.. what would you like to achieve exactly? Cheers, Erik

The actual contact boxes aren’t working on the right side. So if you try to put in your name it doesn’t seem to allow you. But I embedded that same contact form on a post page and it worked normal.

That’s because the menu is oversized, just need to disable it on this page only so it won’t overlap the contact form inputs. Add this to your style.css file:
.page-id-341 .menu { display: none; }
Cheers, Erik

Hello and thank you for this wonderful theme :) I have 2 questions, though:

1. Can the logos of the clients become clickable somehow? Same applies for the testimonials. 2. Can I add my email address and contact phone somehow on the footer?

I guess I can always use the custom section, but I need both of the above and the custom section can cover only one.

Thank you!

Your welcome :) Add this to the bottom of your actual style.css:
.header.stuck .logo img {
     width: 50px;
     -webkit-transition: all 0.3s ease;
     -moz-transition: all 0.3s ease;
     -ms-transition: all 0.3s ease;
     -o-transition: all 0.3s ease;
     transition: all 0.3s ease;
.logo img {
  padding: 18px 0;

It does a funny “jump” when the nav bar changes its size, but I guess it’s a lot better than before.

Thank you :D

Your welcome. It’s some sort of design element what makes this theme’s navigation a bit different from others :) Cheers, Erik

Hi awesome theme! I have some questions with your theme :)

1. Does it include Visual Composer? 2. Any shortcodes available? 3. Any WordPress theme options on the back-end? SMOF or Redux? 4. How to reorder any sections on the landing page? I have to install any WP plugins or any options for this?

Hey thanks! 1.) No it doesn’t. 2.) Sure, you can see them here 3.) Actually you can customize everything via theme options, every home section has it’s own tab with the available customization options, and it’s based on optiontree. 4.) You can reorder the sections with drag and drop. 5.) No you don’t have to install any plugins, just contact form 7 (what’s bundled with the theme) if you need a contact form for you site. Cheers, Erik

Thanks for your fast reply!!! One more question, how can I add any contents into each sections.For example, I want an image with animation on the left and the features’s list on the right. I can do this with shortcodes Or you have any pre-definded custom page templates for each section? Cheers!

No, it’s based on a much more easier solution than custom page templates and custom post types, you can controll everything through the Theme Options panel as i mentioned before. Cheers, Erik

Hi, Erik!

Your theme really rocks. I’m not a designer or developer, I’m a web content pro. The design was ideal for my client’s needs and I found it relatively easy to create a landing page. He actually needs just a little bit more than that, but I saw that you intentionally did not include sub-menus. That limits the flexibility of this great design, unfortunately.

Anyway, I am confused about a couple of things: 1) Neither the shortcodes tab in the WP content creator nor your shortcodes page provides actual shortcodes. WP either gives me a blank window or the option of inserting three WP themes in my content. (why?) Your page shows me a column looks like; but it doesn’t tell me how to create one with a shortcode.

2) When I click “insert read more tag,” a -—more--line appears. But the copy continues on the actual landing page, as if I’d done nothing. I tried to create a “read more” button to make it jump to the blog to read the rest. But when I put your code on the HTML page, the code rather than the button appears on the landing page.

3) Thanks for the instruction for changing the color of the font. I was almost going blind trying to read it. Speaking of which, is there a way to make it a tad bit larger in size?

4) The magnifying glass sometimes gets stuck in other sections—and it won’t move! Is there a remedy for that? I don’t want to get rid of it because it is SO perfect for this page, which is about high performance tires. It enables the visitor to actually see the tread.

5) (And hopefully last) Is there a way to modify the code so that the headings in the testimonials and footer sections are upper and lower case?

Thanks, again, for a really, really good looking site! Pat

Thanks for the positive rating and review, we highly appriciate it and happy that you are satisfied. To fix the magnifier, open up your custom.js file in your /assets/js folder within the theme files and on line 101.

Replace this:


to this:


and the issue should never be noticed again. Regarding the narrative i may misunderstood your request, what i said for the 300 words is for the blog page only. If you need to continue the current narrative on the home page, just add this where you wish to cut the text:

<a href="">Read More</a>

and it should render as excepted. Cheers, Erik

I updated the file and the magnifier is working excellently now. Your directions enabled me to successfully continue the story on the blog.

Thanks for everything! Count me as another very satisfied customer.

Have a great day! Pat

Great to hear that! Your welcome , i’m happy to help :) have a nice day! Erik

Sorry, I just thought of the other thing I had hoped to find: An accordion for FAQs.

Is it possible to have one in this theme?


Unfortunately this feature isn’t included in the theme, but feel free to create your own if you need so, you can find many examples over the web, like this one here. Cheers, Erik

You’re awesome. Thanks much!

Your welcome :)

Hi there, Love the theme! I’m having a problem though editing the photoshop files. The Intro section has two separate images (one for each iphone sample screen) but the .psd file these two layers are flattened? Am i missing something? Where can I find the individual layers?

I resorted to downloading the individual images from your site and modifying those in photoshop.

Let me know. Thanks! JC

Hi JC and thanks for your purchase. I think the most easy way is to create a rectangle layer over the frame what is equal to the device’s screen size than paste your image above it than right click on the image layer and select “Create clipping mask”. Cheers, Erik

1 – How can I add Google Analytics tracking code?

2 – Some parts of the website aren’t opened when I enter at the website with a different URL then the “home” address. For example: -> This works fine. While doesn’t work well, things are not showing up.

If you create a wp user for me and send me the login details in email with your custom analytics code i can do it for you. Cheers, Erik

But I did it. I went there and I edit the code, save it, when in wordpress the code is showed, but, at the webpage, nothing.

I offered that i insert it for you if you create a user for me, as i’m 100% sure it’s like that, i have done it before several times. Cheers, Erik

How would we go about adding more custom sections?

You can only add one, or change the content of the sections you don’t need to fit your needs. Cheers, Erik

Great app showcase theme it is! I just have one question. I am trying to connect blog on this. I’ve just installed this on my mac. Everything seems so fine except blog.

If I click on the menu blog (url: http://localhost/blog), it just returns “Not Found 404” (The requested URL /blog was not found on this server.)

How can I put blog on this theme?

Hi & thx for your purchase, i’m glad you like it! Try to create a new page with “Default” page template, and at the wordpress dashboard head to Settings > Reading > Posts Page and set your newly created Blog page for it. Cheers, Erik

Hi Erik, I have 3 issues:

1)I got this on the footer on my website :[contact-form-7 id=”12” title=”Appster Sample Form”]... the actual contact form doesn’t appear

2) the navi area overlaps a little bit on the custom section, which i put right after the intro, so the section title is covered by the navi area.

3) Is there any way to put the logo a little bit up on the logo area? or more to the left?

Thank you!

Hi and thanks for your purchase!

1.) Have you installed and activated the Contact Form 7 plugin? It may solve your issue itself, but if you have installed already and the problem still exist, try to create a new form at Dashboard > Contact > Add New and copy paste the shortcode of the form to Appearance > Theme Options > Footer > Contact Form shortcode field.

2.) Open up your style.css file, and add this to the very bottom of the document:
.custom-section { margin-top: 80px !important; }
3.) Again, add this to the very bottom of your style.css file:
.logo img { padding-top: 20px !important; }

Feel free to play around with the “20px” to align your logo as you need. Happy editing, Erik

Thanks a lot! All your instructions worked! Have a nice day.

Your welcome! For you too :)

Thanks Erik. Two questions.

1. How to add logos like yours? You put the background colors of your logo with the same color of your logo.

2. How do you add app download buttons on the intro section like yours?

Thanks in advance

Your welc :) 1.) Save it as a png file with transparent background. You can do this for example with photoshop by deleting the background and when it’s transparent, go to File > Save for web and choose PNG from the right and make sure “transparent background” is checked.

2.) Here is the content of the intro section’s description field with the buttons from the original theme demo, head to Appearance > Theme Options > Intro Description and copy paste the following:
<p>Appster is a responsive clean and minimal app landing page wordpress theme with dozens of user friendly built in options to customize easily for any purpose of usuage. Appster features unlimited color schemes and cool customizable css3 animations</p>
<div class="button-container">
    <a class="button color" href="#">Download the app</a>
    <a class="button white" href="#">Subscribe now</a>
Of course, you will have to replace the ”#” sign for your URLs, where you’d like the buttons to pointing at. Happy editing, Erik

Thanks, you are helpful and your works are great!