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Can I make multiple “Home” pages and customize each? Great theme by the way!

Thanks! :) I’m afraid no as this theme was designed for a view of a onepage theme, but if you need more pages with different customization, feel free to install a new wp for each and link the menu items with custom urls to each other. Cheers, Erik


Will you make it wpml compatible?

Cheers Uou

Hi, replied in email – i don’t think so as i haven’t recieved enough requests on it and i think a onepage landing page doesn’t need a robust whole multilangual site’s translation manager because of functional reasons. Cheers, Erik

Hi Erik, Sill loving the design but is there a way to edit the size of the “screenshot” section images? 560×560 makes it difficult to showcase screenshots of my iphone app. I’d like to show the entire screen.

Thanks in advance!

I’m glad you like it :) Sure, open up your style.css file and add this to the very bottom of it:
.lightbox img {max-height: 560px;}

And upload the image in your wished ratio. Cheers, Erik

Thanks for the reply! So the image looks much better now, however the circle for the peak at the screenshot is now malformed (looks more like an egg than a circle). You can check it out on —> Thanks for any help!

Yeah that’s because you have to upload square images as the circle downscales the original square image and convert it to a circle.

Great theme! I installed this at It works all ok except the menu there.

I mean the menu is ok until I visit blog ( From the page, no menu seems working.

Could you have a look? (By the way, I am using a child theme of Apster)

Ok here’s my tip: 1.) Open up /assets/js/custom.js file and delete or comment line 59-63 2.) Open up header.php file and add this to line 76:
<?php if(is_page_template('template-home.php')){?>
<script type="text/javascript">
        (function($) {
          "use strict";
                $('.menu-item > a').smoothScroll({
                    speed: 950,
                    offset: 0,
                    easing: 'easeInExpo'
<?php } ?>

If the solution above doesn’t suppose to work, i’m afraid you’ll have to get rid of the child theme. Happy editing! Erik

Great job! Erik. Use this usecase for the next version!

Theme updated :) Thanks.

Great Theme! For some reason, I cannot get the menu to work using the link feature #(UniqueSectionID) on my website. It just take me to a search engine.

Hey and thanks for your purchase, amazed you like it! Can you please provide a link to your site so i’ll be able to check it? Cheers, Erik

Erik, it was a “me” issue actually. lol. Thank you for your response but I got it all figured out! You’re theme is absolutely amazing. Knowing a little code helps as well but even if someone is not that knowledgeable they would be able to take the time and utilize this theme. I hope this theme gets you many more happy customers. Great Work!

Great to hear that :) If you need a little coding for the customization, just let me know and i’ll provide the appropriate snippet to add, to achieve the wished result. Happy editing! Cheers, Erik

Hi Erik, Great work. How can I get the Testimonials to “auto-rotate”? Client is driving me nuts with this request :) Thanks in advance for your help! -CAlvin

Hi there, great that you like it! I’m afraid it needs custom development as the testimonials section isn’t a real slider in the usual way, it’s just a few lines of javascript what rotates the quotes when the pagination buttons below clicked. If you really need it to autoplay, you can contact me via my profile’s contact form here and i can develop it for you for a symbolic fee. Cheers, Erik

Hi Erik, I understand that the theme is not wpml compatible… Do you know a good solution to manage multi language (5) ?


I think the most easy solution is to create 5 copy of your wp and fill each site with content in a different language. When you’re ready, simply place somewhere the language selector flag buttons and link them to the corresponding copy of your site.

It may sound a bit boring and, but trust me – you will certainly save many many hours, comprared if you head in setting up your own wpml… it’s a kind of torture in my opinion :) Cheers, Erik

Thank you for your answer. We really need to use wpml… We are ready to pay a little more to give you time to develop it. How could you help us ? Thanks !

I see.. Well i’d love to help, but i had experencies with wpml in a similar situation, and i had to realize that it’s a huge pain in head even for me as a developer, so i decided to refuse wpml related customization requests in the future. What i can suggest, is to take a look at Envato Studio’s wmpl related services, i’m pretty sure about you’ll find the right guy for this job! :) Cheers, Erik

Hi, great theme! In the pricing section: although I selected the 4 columns layout it only displays 3. How can I display more than 3 pricing container? Thx!

The animation conflicted the output of the fourth price table, if you add this to the very bottom of your style.css file it’ll fix it:
.price-table { opacity: 1 !important; }

great! works just fine, thank you!

Great, happy editing! :) Erik

Does it has an slideshow feature?


Hey there, no it’s a static image with animated elements. Cheers, Erik

Hi Erik, great theme. Just one question; it seems the menu disappears completely on mobile – is there anyway I can get this to work? Thanks

Hey, thanks! What do you mean by disappear? It switches to a dropdown mobile navigation: Cheers, Erik

Hi Erik, i figured it out, somehow the menu colour was set to white, which was why i wasn’t seeing it, i changed it in the layout.css and all seems fine now – thanks

Ok great to hear that! Cheers, Erik

Hello, can I turn off the responsive design? It shows the website wrong on mobile devices… Thank you Michaela

Hi, what do you mean by wrong on mobile devices exactly? By the way, you can remove the media queries from skeleton.css located in the /assets/css folder within your theme files. Cheers, Erik

check out the :)

Yeah i see now… Something may happened with your skeleton.css file what is responsible for the mobile specific css rules. If you can provide a wp and ftp login details to your site via email with a short reminder of this issue, i can check what’s going wrong. Cheers, Erik

I have a problem to actualization the information en Appearance/theme options. When i try to save changes, display me “403 Forbidden Access to this resource on the server is denied”

ok, ready

You can try to press the button “Save Changes” in “Theme options” section and see the error.

Thanks, replied for your email. Erik

I can’t get anything but a white screen to appear on Mobile Chrome Android. Works on Firefox and built-in browser on Android. But just white on Chrome.

Any suggestions?

Hey and thanks for your purchase. I think some of the android and windows mobile browsers can’t render the “opacity” css tag properly and it conflicts with the site loading animation. Try adding this to the very bottom of your style.css file:
.site-wrapper {opacity: 1 !important;}
Please let me know how it worked out. Cheers, Erik

Worked perfectly. Thanks.

Looks like my last comment didn’t come through quite right. Here’s another shot at it….

Hi, customizing the showcase to add a fourth showcase seems buggy? when i add a fourth showcase it adds an extra div in container class.

Goes from this: <section class="showcase light left second"> <div class="container"> <div class="seven columns showcase-model">...</div> <div class="nine columns showcase-content">...</div> </div> </section>

To this: <section class="showcase light left second"> <div class="container"> <div class="seven columns showcase-model">...</div> <div class="seven columns showcase-model">...</div> <div class="nine columns showcase-content">...</div> </div> </section>

Yeah the parallax script can cause this, my suggestion is simply add this to your style.css file and it will be fixed:
.counters { background-repeat: repeat-y !important; }

Awesome. Did that and we are back in business. Thanks!

Your welcome :)

Hi, Can you help me? I have some problems:

1. The links menu doesn’t work. It just links to the homepage and doesn’t create a scrolling link 2. I want to add to ‘normal’ pages, but also when I make the pages and add them to the menu and click them, it gives a 404 error.

Hope you can help me out.

Thanks, Wendy

Hi Wendy and thanks for your purchase. 1.) Please read the documentation carefully, especially the “Nav Menu” section, the step by step creation process of the menu is described. 2.) It is also written in the documentation: use Link Type menu items (where you can add urls like instead of adding Pages from the left. Cheers, Erik

Hi Erik,

I found that the Navigation Icon on the iPhone Display size does not work, when the colored background behind the logo is white. The navigation tree is white on white then and not usable. Any idea where to change/edit that, so we can work with a white background?

Thanks Florian

Hi Florian, you are right, thanks for your notice, it will be fixed in the next update. Until then, you can add this snippet to your style.css file and it will fix it:
.mobile-menu { color: #yourColor !important; }
Where “yourColor” is the hex code of your wished color. Cheers, Erik

Update: issue fixed in version 1.0.4

Hi Erik, Hi Erik,

Firstly, great design! Thanks!

I would like to put a slideshow of images onto the display of the iphone image. Like you have done in your demo, but with multiple images moving in a slideshow, instead of just the one

If this isn’t possible, how do I go about inserting one of my own images onto the iphone screen?

I followed your instructions and am working with your demo design. I am new to wordpress (only started using it yesterday). Any help would be most appreciated.



Hi Hamish and thanks for your purchase. Great to hear that you solved it, actually that’s the way it works – you have to cut your images for the proper size to fit the content perfectly. Feel free to use the grey dummy images from the imported demo content as a size reference. By the way, i believe the most easy method is using clipping masks in photoshop, you can read more on this here for example.

Regarding the font family changement to be honest i don't really recommend it for you if don't have any experience with wordpress yet because changing the font may affect the layout - so in most of the cases you would have to adjust the font sizes manually - as many fonts looks completely different in the same font size... Cheers, Erik

Hi Erik,

Thanks so much for your swift reply and for the link.

Yeah, I thought changing the font would be more trouble than its worth, it's not a big issue anyway thankfully!

If I run into any more issues, I’ll be sure to send them your way. Hopefully, I won’t have to though!

Cheers and best of luck with your developing!


Your welc :) Yeah absolutely sure, let me know if you need any assistance and i’ll do my best to help with the case. Cheers, Erik


I just purchased the theme and have a couple of questions: 1. How can I update the Font Awesome to version 4.1.0, since I need icons like fa-graduation-cap. 2. how can I add forth column to the features section.

Thanks in advance, Simon.

Well there’s a built in option for that under Appearance > Theme Options > Intro Slider. You can upload your image (the computer in your case) and set the animation of it below, from a dropdown select field where the available animations are listed. Cheers, Erik

The computer image is slightly bigger then recommended in the theme. So in this case the intro section had distorted. Is there a way to enlarge the image holder place?

Thanks in advance.

I’m afraid it isn’t recommended as it would require too much modification and test to render correctly. Is there any way to reduce the size of the computer a bit? Cheers, Erik

Hello I have a question I created a site for a client and he want an app for his business can i do it this way? does it can he download it via the app store and the Android market place? How does this whole thing work?

Kind Regards Emmanuel

Hello, this is an app landing page for advertising and showcasing applications – but it has nothing to do with neither google play or app store, it’s just a theme for marketing purposes. Cheers, Erik


Great theme. I was wondering if there was a way I can place a video on the slider?

And also, is there a way to add text, like “Loading…” to the loading screen before the site finishes loading?

Hey and thanks for your purchase! 1.) Unfortunately there’s no option for placing a video in the slider at the moment. 2.) Sure, open up header.php file within your theme files and replace the content of line 42 for this:

<i class="fa <?php echo ot_get_option('et_site_load_anim_icon'); ?> et-loading-icon"><span style="display: block; font-family:'Open Sans', sans-serif;">LOADING</span></i>