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202 comments found. asking the code to insert 2 buttons in the menu (DOWNLOAD and SIGN IN) blue and white button in the menu on the right of the logo : how i can do this?

Yeah, just replied. Meaning no offense, but pushing me with posting the same comment multiple times won’t quicken the process. Thanks for your understanding. Cheers, Erik

Hi, I am trying to put a shortcode button in the intro slider (section: Intro heading second line) for site If you go to the page you will see it is not working, it is just displaying the shortcode text and not the button. I know my support has expired but it should work and it isn’t. Any help would be great!

Hi, I just replied to your email. Cheers, Erik

Thank you! One more question. I am trying to add a “Terms and Conditions” and “Privacy Policy” link in my footer. Any ideas on how I can do that easily? Plugin maybe?

Your welcome. Open up your footer.php file (from the theme folder) and around line 67, replace this:

<div class="container"><h6 class="copyright-text"><?php echo $et_footer_copyright ?></h6></div>

with this:

<div class="container"><h6 class="copyright-text"><?php echo $et_footer_copyright ?> | <a href="YOUR-LINK">Terms & Conditions</a> | <a href="YOUR-LINK">Privacy Policy</a></h6></div>

Finally change the “YOUR-LINK” values to your url-s. Let me know how it worked out. Cheers, Erik