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Awesome, good luck with sales :)

Thank you

Thanks – great theme! Question, what is the product in the sample video you are using? Landing page editor – looks great, is it for sale?

Hi Ross, thank you for your purchase. Unfortunately I can not quite remember where I found the video.

Hi, very nice theme.

I noticed in the demo there is a screenshot of a wordpress admin dashboard which I love the look of. Was this created with an admin theme or did you design it yourself?


Hi, thanks for your support. The screenshot is from a free Photoshop file, unfortunately no one has turned this in to a functional admin template just yet. You can find more details here

Thanks a lot for getting back to me Ben. Shame it hasn’t been turned into a functioning theme, it looks so great!

I love the look of this theme! So I just bought it; but I’m getting the following error from within themes view ; “Style sheet missing.”

How do I solve this and start using this great looking theme!?


Thanks for purchasing my work & thanks for the compliments!

It sounds like you might be trying to upload this file to your Wordpress site as a theme. Unfortunately this item is not a Wordpress theme but just a HTML template.

If you need any more help please contact me at and I would be happy to help you.

I see. No problem; I’ll just have to upgrade my code fiddling! Keep up the good work and thank you for your quick reply.

I really like the look of this. I’m just worried that it’s compatible with IE versions 9 and up. That’s going to take out a sizable chunk of my traffic.

Can you give me some idea what parts of the page cause problems with IE 7 and 8? By the looks of it, it’s just the HTML5 video elements that wouldn’t work. Is there something else?



I am actually working on a version which will be compatible with IE8 and still display the video. This will be released as an update within the next few days.

Thanks, Ben

Hi Just to update you on this. The new version has been approved and includes support for IE8. The template looks 99% the same in IE8 and still has both videos.

Thanks, Ben

Nice landing page! Deserved to be included in the video production bundle..



Thank you! :)

Hi. Can’t seem to integrate this with aweber using the information on the documentation. Any help? I changed the “php/submit-sub.php” to ”.........../scripts/” (to avoid placing the link here i removed the “http” and the rest of the link) and placed the other 4 line bellow this and also changed my aweber list name changed this “[your listname here]” to “my-list-name”.

and still can’t seem to submit the form, if I use the “default” version and change my contact details on the php file I’m able to receive the notification email, but I would like to know how to integrate that form into aweber without defining my own aweber form.

BTW I got this from the bundle! Congratulation on being featured on the bundle! Nice template.

Solved it, nvm.

I’m pleased to hear it is now fixed, what was the problem? If others run in to the same thing posting your solution here would be helpful.

Thanks, Ben

Videos don’t resize properly with responsive design. Once shrunken all the way down to iphone size, its fine, but the ranges in between messes up the page design.

Hi Thanks for purchasing my work. Could you email me here: and I can try and take a look at fixing your problem.


I don’t have any immediate need for this landing page, so I have not even tried to download and test it. I’m simply testing from your page: and in a few browsers I tested, resizing the window to various display resolutions shows the error quite clearly. So its not exactly “my problem” as it is just an issue with your code. If it has been fixed, then you might want to update your demo. I would like notified too once fixed so I know that should the need arise to use this landing page, that its bug-free and ready to go. Thanks!

Just thought I would update this to let you know it is now fixed in all browsers to stop the layout from breaking

Loved that this was in the Video Production Bundle. Working with it now and love it! Thanks!

One question: The iPhones used on the bottom I would like to use but with different screenshots. Are these iPhone available as a PSD somewhere on the web that I can easily add my screenshots to or did they come like that?

Thanks Again!

Hi I’ve just added the Photoshop file to the download where you can easily add your own images. As it will take a few days to update on the website if you email I will email it to you straight away.

Thanks. Ben

Just to let you know I’ve just built a website using this template: LIVEditor Text Editor.

BTW, it’s a minimal text editor for web developers, with live preview, with a browser integrated, with a Firebug-like html inspector, so you guys might be interested in it :)

Great work! I really like what you have done with the template and your program looks fantastic.

Great work, exactly what I was looking for! I’m having a problem with MailChimp. It’s not sending anything. Have anything changed since the video bundle version of 6/25? Or is any step missing in the documentation?

Please take a look.

Hi, I have been investigating this issue and will get back to you very soon by email as that is easiest. Ben

Excellent, it works now thank you for the new code!

Hello, I was looking your design, looking good, one question, does the template includes the dashboard as well?


Hi No the template does not come with the dashboard shown in the demo pictures.

Thanks, Ben.

How to change options default video mute for unmute?

i would like to receive the .psd for making new pages.

Hi I did not create a photoshop file for the design of the template, but I do have a .psd for the iPhone graphic, please email if you would like it.


Nice good luck whit sales!;


ronan0 Purchased

Hi. I wonder could you point me in the right direction with why the top video is not resizing properly between around 950 and 1230, and gets pushed down the screen? Thanks.


ronan0 Purchased

It’s ok. I found it. Thanks.