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Thanks for the previous response. I have another support question if I may…how do i change the pictures, icons and content in the homepage slider(s). When i open the homepage in my expression web, it only shows the the first slider and not the following slider(s). I’m assuming it’s located inside a folder somewhere, right?

Thanks in advance for your support and great template,


Hi, sorry but i think you should use a non visual html editor, so just plain html editor. The paths to the folder are visible in code.

Congratulations, this just looks great! Wish you more many sales :)

Congratulations, this just looks great! Wish you more many sales :)

:) Thanks.

I know there’s not a word press version and I really want to purchase this template because it looks fantastic but my question is can you or should I say be willing to create a custom CMS for the site? I would be willing to pay for this customization/option.

Thanks, -Keith

Hi, nope there is no WP, and at the moment i have no time to spare for customizations or CMS integration, full time on a job and all, sorry. You could try some services like http://bit.ly/13rFDAj or http://bit.ly/14qPRAq for conversion. Or you could also try the forums here on themeforest.


Great template, although the twitter feed has stopped working. How can I upgrade it to the latest API?

Thanks, Adam.

Hello, will check that out and get back to you.

yes it looks like i’m gonna have to update the script on this, thanks for pointing it out.. will update and let you know when to download.

it would seem that this https://dev.twitter.com/docs/embedded-timelines is the only solution for now.

Hi. I want to replace the zurich Hosted Online Font, by the zurich Local Hosted font. I follow Apptastik Documentation File directions but doesn’t works. When I disable this: <script src=”http://www.bogdanrosu.com/temp/fonts/zurich.font.js” type=”text/javascript”></script>

Zurich Local Hosted Font doesn’t Works. Can you help me with another directions?

Hi can you mail me directly please, also if you have an url for me to check put that in the email aswell. thanks.

Hi! I really like this template and was wondering if you were going to make it responsive?

hi, glad you like it, nope, no plans yet to make it responsive.

Hello, Love the template. I need a blue theme, is this available? If not, how hard is it to modify? Thanks. -FP

Hi, no there is no blue but changin colors involes just a bit of css and some pshop.

salut. ai ceva date de contact? as dori sa creezi ceva pentru mine, contra cost normal:)

salut, contact[at]bogdanrosu.com

Good theme! Congratulation!

Thank you!

Hi there, this is a regular HTML template right? I have been looking the life preview and it seems to be PHP (http://www.bogdanrosu.com/themeforest/apptastik/php/features.php) Thank you very much in advance!

hi, what servers are you using? script is a simple basic email script using the php mail command. please make sure you have that with your hosting. also emailto should be the email where you want the messages to go to, ‘info@mydomain.com’ i’m guessing is not your target email address.

Azure servers. The send.php is in the host. ‘info@mydomain.com’ was an example, I wrote my mail. What could it be?

Sorry was away for a while, no idea you have to investigate in the server logs and see whats going on there.

Is PHP required for this site? Or is that only extra if needed? I am looking for something without PHP.


Well contact form uses php, it can be replaced tho with external service i guess. The php version of the theme here included in the pack is only an extra thing i added.

Wanna buy now, do you have the responsive….

hi sorry no responsive

Super work! Good luck!;


I have read in the comments that you have built a drop down menu for this theme. Would it be possible to send this to me please.

Thank you very much, you’ve been a great help

there are several issues with this theme

1. on contact form the button is broken in Chrome and IE 2. why I cannot fully select H1 texts? 3. it is not a bootstrap

Hi and Merry Christmas, 1) Please let me know what versions of the browsers you get the errors on the button on (template is noted in the description to be compatible with: IE7, IE8, IE9, Firefox, Safari, Opera). 2) The template uses js fonts (Cufon Fonts) which is a bit different then @font-face. 3) Also in the description it doesn’t state anywhere that this is a bootstrap template, it’s a simple html template.


Chrome: Version 39.0.2171.95 m

1. try to copy header on your preview page (http://themeforest.net/item/apptastik-html/full_screen_preview/164769)

2. Check ‘Send’ button on contect page (http://themeforest.net/item/apptastik-html/full_screen_preview/164769)

Hi!! how to get a new google map? thanks!

Hi, not sure what you mean ? can you explain in detail please.


I was wondering if there are any plans to make this template responsive?

Kind regards,

Hi, sorry no responsive update is planned so far.