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Nice work :) Good luck with sales!

thank you, hopefully you have a golden mouth like last time :)

Hello! Any chance for a wordpress version soon?

we’ll see, if it does well… then maybe :)

Really, really nice well done!

Thank you

Nice work – any plans to introduce a full width image slider?

you mean a huge image instead of the text + image, thats doable, i guess i can intro in in the next update yes.

Very nice work. Bookmarked it!

Thank you!

Would be great as a Wordpress theme.


this is a great Theme !!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you or anybody make a Joomla Theme?

Greats Markus

Thanks, Joomla is not planned yet, we’ll see :)

Nice theme! Does it have blue and red color options?

No Blue and Red unfortunatley, but it should be very easy to add/change.

Holy Fuck! This is great!

Censor that, but thanks :)

Very nice theme. Good luck :)

Thanks :)

Its not include dropdown menu? Any way great theme.

Thanks Chandan

maybe in an alternate top version, in one of the future updates i may include that as an option.

Really nice well done! I will have to pick this up in the next day or two .

Thank you

@Buyers please take a few seconds and Rate the item if you like it! @Others a like or a tweet would be nice, i won’t mind :)

Very nice work good luck on sales :)

Thank you!

I love this! Bookmarked. Also, I second the request for a joomla version. Enough wordpress on here already, geesh!

My opinion of course, lol!

Thank you, as for Joomla ver, if somebody wants to port it i’m open for suggestions :).

Another rockin’ theme Bogdan. I’m sure we’ll have a need for it soon, just as we have with all of your others.

Actually I do have a need for it now, but it’s lacking two things I really need:

1) I need the pricing page to support only having three options rather than four. 2) I need some table functionality (static is fine; no ajax needed, just something that blends nicely with the theme).

I can certainly hack it up, but if you added those two things to the theme, it truly would make the theme that much better.

Oki, noted :) working on a “small” update, with a dark version for the 3 colors and some minor tweaks, will try and put these in.

Update is now live.. with a few addons.

Amazing theme. I really love the professionality and ease of use this theme reflects. Will definately use this for one our clients in the near future.

I have just one suggestion — make the buttons from sprite images, including both images in 1 file, using the background CSS to display the image, changing background-position on hovering. This way there is no delay when hovering over a button the first time. Another option would be preloading the hover images.

Thank you, yeah i know what you mean about the delay, does that on first load, i dont know about sprites, since most users would find that difficult to change, but preloader yes. noted will try and fit that in in a future update.

I cannot use it but i need to say that this is one the greatest and most goodie-packed item i have ever seen here on TF ! Good luck with the sales!

You are to kind :) thank you.

It´s awesome and you will earn a lot.

thank you :) hope so…

lol @ dleodoro! I concur – excellent work! :)

Thanks :)