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Update is now live!

Thanks for the pricing block and table updates bogdan! It would be great if you could add that table update into both Symplex and Novux as well in the future.

Yup, will do that, novux has the tabs.. and symplex has the tables but i dont think i included an example. Forgot :)

Which are the exact fonts used for h1 and h3 (class mb20) on the header section of the static homepage? We need to generate a cufon with basic latin + wordpress (you may want to do that by default so the copyright, trademark and registered trademark symbols are always part of your packages).

It looks like that font simply doesn’t have the trademark symbol, thus why we’re just seeing the html code on the page.

Correction: That font site wasn’t showing it, but when we regenerated the cufon file using basic + wordpress, we got the trademark symbol working. Maybe you just left that one off.

Could be… so all good then?

Yes, we’re good to go now. Thanks.

Great item. Thank you.

Glad you like it :)

Wordpress this!!!! PLEASE !!!!

Another great looking template! After purchasing Symplex I’d like to purchase Apptastik, however I noticed in there are a couple issues:

Internet Explorer 7 that it shows a horizontal scroll bar at both 1024×768 and 1280×1024 resolutions..not good (maybe overflow: hidden is needed?)

Internet Explorer 8 no scrollbar but there is a Syntax error: user_timeline.json Code: 0 URI :

Can you let us know when these are “fixed” :-)

Thanks, Kevin

Also still waiting on the Symplex Menu fix when you are on the portfolio page the Top portfolio menu doesn’t work.

I haven’t purchased the template and was leaving the fix up to you, once I see that it is all working the way it should I will purchase the template :-)

ah i understand now.. :) you are chekin the prev site… havent updated there yet, that will be updated as soon as updated package goes up. will let u know.

Ok thanks I’ve checked both sites:


Both are showing the hz scroll bar and the IE8 error.

Thanks for your prompt response on this I’m looking forward to getting this.

Ok here’s the images of IE 7 in both the 1024×768 and 1280×1024 resolutions…notice the hz scrollbar at the bottom…



I’lll get the IE8 error screenshot to you tomorrow morning.

Thanks, Kevin

ie8 is good dont know why you get errors on the twitter widget, i tryed on 1 pc and 2 laptops ie8 is fine. on ie7, i see weird, must be a z-index thing on the pricing page. will include in update.

update in now live.

Ok Thanks for taking care of the IE issues… I just purchased now.

Hi is they a wordpress version for this

Hello, not at the moment no.

Can you include some instructions on how to use prettyphoto because I cannot get it to work

Especially video textlink thumbnaillink – anytime I change the linked to the whole thing breaks. ‘

I followed the instructions on prettyphoto site and the way you use it must be different in some way. I am sure I am missing something simple but its driving me mad at this point

Hi. thank you for purchasing, Can you post me/send me an url so i can check it out ? or mail me the code you are using :, Thanks.

did you send i didn’t get anything yet?

thanks buddy I will when I get into work thx

Hi Bog, in the php version there’s no links to the styles, can you update that and provide another file for download?

sorry, don’t fully understand ? what links ?

If we convert it to Joomla or WP and give it to you, can we work something out?

mail me directly via my profile, we can work something up ya.

When you open up the PHP folder, none of the css or images show in the file, links to them aren’t in the header of the files.

yes, css and js file are loaded via module in the include/modules dir, called css-js.php

and the images inside the main files use short tags urls defined in include/modules/config.php

Disregard, the content shows when you upload.

Re: Send.php

The contact field has notifications, but if they are deactivated, when someone hits Send on the contact page, it just resolves a clear page (send.php). If they are active they just show up under the Send button.

What am I missing to resolve it back to the contact page with like a “thanks for submitting”.

Thanks – love the design! It’s totally working for me – best $17 bucks spent.

Ola, thanks for purchasing. I’m not sure i fully understand the issue. Theme shoud display a thank you message by default on a succesfull send. Can you supply me an URL via email on my contact on the profiile page so i can take a look ?

Great theme!

Will you be including any other colors, like blue?

Hi, blue is used as a secondary on the other colors, not sure if a all blue/grey will be in the cards for the future, however changing colors is quite easy, changing a few images and some css colors.

Please i would want to buy this Template, but i would want to know what you mean by Valid HTML , does that mean that the Template can be modified in Design with Dream-weaver CS5 ?

Or it can only be modified by old school method way, just by working code (or modifying codes only) ?

Please Reply me

Hi, yes, by valid html i mean valid w3c compilant markup, no errors, like all the other html templates on TF. You could edit it with what you want. Dreamweaver wouldnt be my first choice but i guess it’s ok. If you want to see how its coded see the preview source.

Bogdan, ai in plan o versiune WP? Super tema!

In case you’re not romanian (seen so from the preview url):

Do you plan a WP version? Great theme!

Thanks, nici un plan pt wp yet. Sunt din ro da, traiesc in .de momentan.

Merci pentru raspuns. Eu zic sa te bagi grav in WP, nu are un coding sofisticat si in plus au o documentatie foarte buna. Skinul e superb, as vrea sa-l folosesc pentru site-ul phpVibe insa la cat am de munca mi-ar fi imposibil sa gasesc timp sa-l codez in wp si sistemul de comanda va fi bazat pe wp cel mai probabil :( Asta este…poate pe viitor.


Da stiu, as vrea in viitor sa bag si wp dar nu prea ma lasa timpul din pacate :).


I bought your Apptastik app. How do I download this font?

hi, yes just load that link, and go to: file > save page as (in your browser) and save it where you need it, then change the link in the template to reflect that.

hi, did you manage to save and load it locally ?

How easy is it to add more phones to the rotating carousel? Can the radius of the “circle” of phones be modified? (eg: 10 phones/big radius circle, 3 phones/small radius circle”

you can add more yes, and theres some options to play with it, for more info see :