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Love the template…Thanks!

Wondering, can you think of a blog theme that you may have seen here that could be integrated with this design easily? I want to add a blog to the site.

Thanks :)

Hi, thank you, for the blog you might consider using the elements already in the template, for example the faq page, with a few hours work you can convert it to a blog page, by using just the elements at hand.

hehe…Thanks. I may try that.

Thanks again for the wonderful template.

5 stelute de la mine. Noua imagine a phpVibe va fi creatia ta ;)

Superb design (cum ti-am mai zis), mult success cu vanzarile!


A question about the icons you used. They are free for commercial use as long as you provide a link to PixelMixer – so can I use them in my commercial project? How do you solve license problem?


Ok, if so then include a small link in the footer, or browse iconfinder for a similar set: , there are plenty there like this one for example: or this ...

Thanks for the links. Of course that means I have to do a little more work in order to start my project. Would be a good idea to put the information somewhere in the theme description, that the icons are not free for commercial use.

Regards Kate

They are free, but with a link for commercial use. For personal use you can forget the link.

I need to make the Download App button bigger because I’m using more words. “Buy This Product Today” and the btn-big-green-fixed-width.png isn’t long enough to hold that text.

I’m using the green template and see that there are larger buttons in the buttons folder and am assuming these will “stretch” with the amount of text:

btn-big-green-dark-left.jpg btn-big-green-dark-lefth.jpg btn-big-green-dark-right.jpg btn-big-green-dark-righth.jpg

How do I use this so that my text doesn’t run off the button? There are no instructions for this.

Thanks, WebDesignGuy

Hi thank you for purchasing, yes there are strechable buttons, however they are for white background. Thats why i did the header fixed ones. Modifing the size of the fixed ones shouldnt be that hard tho, using the psds provided and modifing the css / html a bit. Drop me a direct mail via my profile page and i’ll be happy to guide you thru.

Yes, I just adjusted the fixed width image to make it a little longer no prob.


Oki let me know if you need more help.

Love it!

Glad you do. Thanks!


When I open your PSD in Photoshop CS4 a lot of the layers get lost. I wanted to make some edits to the buttons but can’t.

Can you update the PSD so it’s possible to open it in Photoshop CS4 ?

Thanks Kate

hmm could you be more specific please, on whats gets lost? i checked the button psd and it has max compatibility set.

hi, i converted them, can you please send me a direct email from my profile page so i can email you the link.

I need rest PSD files other sites

faced with the job and need are these files

pleace send me rest files PDS for for my box

Thank you Marcin Sipowicz

Would be happy to, but there are none for the inner pages, using the homepage layout the other pages were build directly into html, for the other elements used on the inner pages i’ve included each as self standing psd’s. also css classes (grid and all) used on the homepage are used on the inner pages aswell. so you should be able to modify anything using what is provided (psd’s and css/html)

Great Site to work with. It has everything covered

yes, thank you for purchasing. :)

I am having trouble with the color of the site. i want to use the green theme…i changed the color using the color trigger u have on the side then deleted it because i dont want the live site to have color changing options but now the site is green on some browsers (safari) and purple on others (firefox). how do i set the color to green permanantly?

Hi, yes it uses a cookie to store the settings.

Where you have : <!-- Load Main Stylesheets and Default Color and Style --> <link href="_include/css/style.css" rel="stylesheet" media="screen" type="text/css" /> <!-- IMPORTANT: This line above is the generic style, should be left alone --> <link href="_include/css/style-pink.css" title="pink" rel="stylesheet" media="screen" type="text/css" /> <!-- End Load -->

you should have:

<!-- Load Main Stylesheets and Default Color and Style --> <link href="_include/css/style.css" rel="stylesheet" media="screen" type="text/css" /> <!-- IMPORTANT: This line above is the generic style, should be left alone --> <link href="_include/css/style-green.css" title="green" rel="stylesheet" media="screen" type="text/css" /> <!-- End Load -->

then remove the other alternate styles completley from the code:

<!-- Load Alternate Stylesheets, can be disabled if not used --> <link href="_include/css/style-green.css" title="green" rel="alternate stylesheet" media="screen" type="text/css" /> <link href="_include/css/style-orange.css" title="orange" rel="alternate stylesheet" media="screen" type="text/css" /> <link href="_include/css/style-pink-dark.css" title="pink-dark" rel="alternate stylesheet" media="screen" type="text/css" /> <link href="_include/css/style-green-dark.css" title="green-dark" rel="alternate stylesheet" media="screen" type="text/css" /> <link href="_include/css/style-orange-dark.css" title="orange-dark" rel="alternate stylesheet" media="screen" type="text/css" /> <script src="_include/js/styleswitch.js" type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8"></script> <!-- End Load -->

after this you can safely remove the styleswitcher aswell from al the code files. this is also explained in the documentation file.

if you still having trouble with it please mail me directly with an url of your project, i can take a look.

did you manage to change the theme to perm. green ? let me know. thanks.

Looks like prettyphoto will not work with images that have capital letters inside. Example: <a href="images/DelphiExamples.png" class="picture-frame-fifth mb0" rel="prettyPhoto[gallery]"><img class="captify" src="images/misc/picture1.jpg" height="133" alt="Alt Caption Trouble" width="194" /></a> Does not work, but : <a href="images/delphiexamples.png" class="picture-frame-fifth mb0" rel="prettyPhoto[gallery]"><img class="captify" src="images/misc/picture1.jpg" height="133" alt="Alt Caption Trouble" width="194" /></a> works. Can you please help? Thanks

Ok, thanks.

found a solution, and that would be updating the whole prettyphoto pack. css, images and js. donwload the dev version from here then upload the jquery.prettyPhoto.js in your js over the old one. then the prettyPhoto.css copy over your jquery.prettyPhoto.css then clean up your images/prettyPhoto subdirectories (remove them) and copy the one in the new pphoto pack (dark_ronded, facebook,default…etc) that should do it. from what i tested it works with capitalized files aswell now.

thanks for pointing it out i will include this in my next updated for this template.

ah and after that i edited jquery.prettyPhoto.js, settings the following:

theme: ‘facebook’ deeplinking: false social_tools: false

but thats up to you anyway :)


I have a problem with your template on 800×600 screen. If I load it in a window smaller than 960px wide the backgrounds get cropped (the ones that should stretch across 100% of the page)

You can see what I mean on this screenshot:

Otherwise. I really like your template, it could do with some cleaning up of HTML (unnecessary empty divs) and removing CSS hacks for buttons, but it is a great job you did. Good value for money.

Can you please see if you can do something about the break below 960px?

Many thanks Kate

hi kate, template is build for 960px, but i forgot to add a min width on the body element. add min-width:960px; on the body, that should solve the cropping.

That did the trick! :)

Thank you for this fast response. We will be publishing the site soon. I shall post a link when it’s ready, as people like to see real life examples of the theme implementation.

In Explorer 9 top caption text color ( when mouse over ) on images are dark gray. How to fix this and make them white? Thanks.

yah, well spoted, text goes behind bg. in your js dir file jquery.captify.js

look for:

var captionPositioning = jQuery.browser.msie ? 'static' : 'relative';

replace with

var captionPositioning = jQuery.browser.msie ? 'relative' : 'relative';


var captionPositioning = 'relative';

should work.

Hi there, I’m thinking of purchasing this theme but I have one question please. How easy would it be to create a couple of bland “pure” html/css pages once I’ve set things up and chosen the colors ? eg pages that allow me to put my own content on there but the look and feel is the same as the wp site (so headers, background colors, fonts etc) ?

To give an example (and perhaps explain a bit more) site has a sub-domain (eg and this will be running on a different server to the wp site. On this sub-domain I’ll have a login, logout screen plus a few others. So to save me from having to install wp on my ‘secure’ sub-domain, I’d just like to put together a couple of html pages myself but would naturally want a same look and feel as the main wp pages.

Do you think this would be easy to do / are there sort of template pages somewhere within the theme that could be used ?

Many tks, Alex

Hi, it all comes down to how skilled you are with html/css, since it’s a html template, aslo a little photoshop wouldn’t hurt aslo to adjust some of the images (bg’s, icons etc.) your needs. I would say easy-to-mediocre if you follow the code that is there, and you know some html/css.

Hi, great template! I am currently building a site using it and its looking awesome.

I am using the accordion as a FAQs area on some of the other internal pages, do you know how to change it so all options are closed initially? I removed the ‘current’ class but that didn’t do anything. Cheers.

Ola, yes, you can do that by modifying the custom.js line reffering to accordion-faq to something like:

$(".accordion-faq").tabs(".pane", {tabs: 'span', effect: 'slide', initialIndex: null});

also remove all current stuff, and all style=”display:block” from the pane classes that are directly set in the faq html file.

that should work.

Great template.

What exactly is ‘jquery.css-transform.js’ used for.

I change the template to use jquery1.6.2 and ‘jquery.css-transform.js’ was giving me hassles.


Thanks, you can read about it here: , mainly used for the roundabout, but can be used for other stuff aswell.

how do i increase the size of the video playing in the lightbox?

hi, just add width and height to the vid link like :

<a href="" rel="prettyPhoto"> </a>

should work.

where do i change the message that comes up after the contact form is filled out and sent?

hi, at the top of the contact form page. in the section where the validation is.

whenever i post a facebook status and link it back to my site it says “Apptastik Template” on the bottom of the link. How do I remove this?

Hi, hmm if you “liked” it before changing the actual page title to yours it might be the facebook cache. I experienced that once, quite annoying i know. But it goes away after a while.

HI I am considering purchasing this beautiful template. However, Ive had some good and bad experiences with other template sites..sometimes the seller says “layered” but ends up just flat uneditable images on transparent background.

Ive never had that problem with envato, even so, I always prefer to ask rather than to assume that layered means what I hope it means.

so I would like to know if your template is editable in photoshop. Specifically I like to resize, change colors, and move things around in the layout to better customize for my companies needs.

hi, yes there are psd’s for all color version but only for the home page. there are also for the buttons and other common elements and so on, hovever the rest of the pages structure is build on the same elements directly into html.

sorry, dont know what you mean ?