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I bought the template html Symplex, I would like to buy apptastik too, but I have only 15USD, you can give me this discount?

I’m sorry but we are not in control of discounts, Themeforest controls all pricing matters. And they don’t do per user discounts.

Love the template, happy with the purchase. although, i can’t seem to be able to get the pink css theme to work. i want to be able to set a default css color without allowing end users to change color schemes. hope theres an easy solution.


Love the template, happy with the purchase. although, i can’t seem to be able to get the pink css theme to work. i want to be able to set a default css color without allowing end users to change color schemes. hope theres an easy solution.


hi, you just need to remove the style switcher from the code, if you have trouble with it just send me an email will gladly help you out with the code.

need email address.

address is contact[at]

Hi nice theme, but if will have multi-level menu will be perfect!

Any news about that?!

thank you, sorry no multi level yet, will try and make some time for an update with it.

Yes, im interested in the multi-level menu also, does this theme have that style in place? Also a content page if possible, just to add more simple pages

at the moment there are no multi levels, maybe in an update, and for content pages you can use the faq page as an example.

Hi, nice work with the template its great! I just wanted to know if you are able to see why my login button is not showing properly in firefox thanks for your help :)

hmm, very weird as the other one appears correctly, will have to go deeper, will get back to you.

hi, can you try encapsulating the buttons in the same “form-button-left” class ?

Great template and service.

I had an issue with the .htaccess file (error 500 on my godaddy Linux Webspace) and Bogdan quickly recommended to simply delete the .htaccess file, and problem was solved. Thanks!

Hi bogdanspn replied, this is one of the greatest designs I see in Themeforest.

Can I purchase a Wordpress version of this Apptastik theme?

Will be awiting for your reply.

Thank you

Hi, thank you, but no wordpress yet on Apptastik. Sorry :(

I’m interested! I would like to know if the pages are the basic html or php. In the “basic modular PHP ” What is it? Thanks

Hi, parts of the site that repeat are modules so editing 1 file updates on all pages ex. foooter links are a module, updating the footer module file will update the whole footer for the site. That’s all.

But is possible use it with development in .asp? Or the code is php native?

well its possible to do anything, html is there, php thing is only a bonus.

I purchased and previewed the received files… the home page sliders dont work like the live preview on themforest.

What am I missing?

Hi, there are 3 homepage examples there, index.html, index-roundabout.html and index-static.html. Should be the same in prev as the default is the same on both. Whats different?

The home page slider and the roundabout do not work like on your live preview. They are just static.

Mr. bogdanspn,

Your work is awesome. Disregard my previous posts… it was my error that caused any issue. Thank you for your quality product!

I really like your designs. I bought all three of them – apptastic, novux, symplex. Thank you for your great work and keep it comming :)

Thank you :) ! will try to make more time for TF in the future!

Having issues with forms on IE7 . You can’t click an input field… only tab through.

any ideas?

weird, could be a z-index issue, will check it out and will get back to you.

oki found the cause, its ddroundies, in custom.js rounded corners for the forms get applied:

DD_roundies.addRule('form select', '5px'); DD_roundies.addRule('form input', '5px'); DD_roundies.addRule('form textarea', '5px');

disable these, and you shouldnt have the problem anymore, downside is no rounded corners on forms in ie.

as i tested, i noticed fields are not clickable but the field label is.

How much to convert to WP?

hi, sorry but at the moment i’m not taking any custom jobs.

hi i like the template but i will really need drop down menus. can u help me add drop down menus after i buy? thanks.

hi, sorry for the late reply, yeah i will do what i can to assist you.

Faboulous looking template! Im looking to purcahse and have a quick question – Is it possible/easy to add a video to one of the sliders instead of an image? Thanks

Hi, thanks, well depends on the html know how, i would say it easy as pasting the video and resizing it to fit. :)

Are all images in the demo included (such as the phone photos, etc)?

Hi, yes :)! In separate psd’s even.

hi how easy is it to chnage the colours? is css or is it in the photo shop ? thanks


hi, there are color options already, so css if you want to change between those. and if you want to create more you will need photoshop aswell.

hi, how do I make the form fields not compulsery?

Hi, just add class=”requiredField” to your input fields.