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Thanks BUT I want to REMOVE it and email validate

You want to remove the email validation ?

I want to remove all validation please

ok then you will have to modify the validation js, wich you can find at the start of the contact.html file…

and you will have to remove this:

$('.requiredField').each(function() { if(jQuery.trim($(this).val()) == '') { var labelText = $(this).prev('label').text(); $(this).parent().append('<span class="error">You forgot to enter your '+labelText+'.</span>'); $(this).addClass('inputError'); hasError = true; } else if($(this).hasClass('email')) { var emailReg = /^([\w-\.]+@([\w-]+\.)+[\w-]{2,4})?$/; if(!emailReg.test(jQuery.trim($(this).val()))) { var labelText = $(this).prev('label').text(); $(this).parent().append('<span class="error">You entered an invalid '+labelText+'.</span>'); $(this).addClass('inputError'); hasError = true; } } });

hope it works, havent tested.

thanks, perfect

Hey really nice template gonna buy in the next hours.:)

hi, glad you like it.


Do have have PSD ’s available for FAQ , Pricing or Contact pages?

There are psd’s for all emlements used included, not for all the inner pages however since they are build in html and are all similar.


I have a freeware website and want to change the theme. This theme looks like a good choice for me. However, I would like a blog too. It seems blog is not included?

To quote your previous post here in comments, I don’t know how to edit the elements in the FAQ page to make a blog page. Could you help me with that? Thanks in advance!

hi, as you can see theme is html only not a wp theme. editing is done via coding only, no admin dashboard.

of course I know it is a full thml theme, I just asked if you could help us create a blog page using elements from the faq page.

yeah i guess i can :)

Can you change the color scheme?

Not sure what you mean, there are a few color options included in the pack. You can do that following the documentation provided in the package aswell.

Can I change the purple scheme that is in the example to any color I choose? Is this in the documentation?

Hi bogdanspn.

I still haven’t completed my website because I’ve been way too busy with other stuff, but I have started working on it again now and I have a question for you:

I’m editing the features page to have something like title -> main picture -> download button -> user quotes -> images/pictures -> program features -> changelog I made the main/first picture smaller and it’s not centered, it’s just positioned to the left. I have read lots of tutorials for how to center an image, but nothing I try makes a difference. I’ve also read through your guide but I just can’t figure it out.

So how do I center the picture? Can I add you on any chat service for example msn, please? Maybe you need/want to see the website, and I don’t want to post it here/to the public yet. And if you could help me over chat I would appreciate that allot! :)

Hi, shoot me an email directly contact[at], we’ll take it from there :).

hi, did you email me ?

Hi. Sorry for the late reply, I have been very busy this week because my ssd wiped itself. All data was erased when I was gonna boot my computer on tuesday after a windows update. I got error message “operating system not found” and I checked the disk, everything was gone, even the drive letter…

I have sent you an email now, I hope you can still help me. Thanks! :)

I already sent email to you about the theme problem, can you please help me on that? Thanks.

Didn’t recieve anything, sorry was travelling lately, must’ve gotten deleted by mistake, can you resend please.

hey bogdanspn thanks for the great theme. was checking out the code, is there a dropdown built in already? or will it need to be created? Thanks

hello, not in the theme package, no, but i have it here as an addon, i can send it to you just mail me directly.

Thanks bogdanspn, I’ve emailed you direct (contact[at] as well as through the contact form on your profile.

Greetings . GREAT TEMPLATE DESIGN . Any chance to have a responsive version in future ? Thank you

Maybe, not planned yet but maybe a future version.

Hi again, i want to buy this template and use “roundabout” effect on one of my webites. Is this possible? and is easy to use it?

Thank you

If you just want the roundabout then :

Hi Is it possible to include a blue theme as well?

Thanks Kem

Hi, not at this moment, sorry, but color changing is pretty easy. Photoshop and some html/css, and your done.

Any plans on a wordpress version?

At this time no. Sorry.

in config.js, changing avatar_size: 0, will affect what? When changed to 1,2,3,4 or 5 no changes are made on page.

Hi, thanks for purchasing, what script are we talking about here, originally theme has no config.js, only a custom.js

Sorry.. its the config for twitter parts..

yep, sorry, avatars were disabled, if you want to put avatar in there:

you need to put in something like 24, 32 there, thats the px width size of the avatar, then you’ll need to edit your style.css and look for :

.tweet .tweet_list .tweet_avatar, .query .tweet_list .tweet_avatar { display:none; padding-right: .5em; float: left; }

then edit that to

.tweet .tweet_list .tweet_avatar, .query .tweet_list .tweet_avatar { padding-right: .5em; float: left; }

avatars should appear then.

Greetings, I just purchased your Apptasik template (very nice). I was wondering how I can add a drop down menu to this awesome template? Thanks in advance…

hi, i have it made for someone earlier, mail me directly and i can send it to you.

Greetings, I did email you earlier today from my my user name [at] hotmail account. :-)

I sne t email to; contact[at]

Didnt get it, i sent an email to dgabran [at] hope this is right and gets there since attach is a bit big.