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great theme, easy to set up. how can i change the gradient? what’s the code to put in the css? thanks

on mobile, the menu isn’t showing my gradient changes (transparent). only shows on desktop view…


I gave a good rating now i dont hear from you :(

Is there a spot in the dashboard to change the color of the gradient, or is it just CSS? please help thank you

How can I increase logo size? I believe the height/width requirement is making my logo appear small.

Hi, where can i change gradient color?

Thank you.

Hello, I would like to know if you have how to change like gradient cores? Thank you!

can you please send us mail using TF profile?

How do you edit the social media icons for the team members in the team section?

I purchased this Theme and loving it. However, I’m unable to edit the Meet The Team on the front page. Somehow it just don’t changes on the front page.

src(unknown) when add image photo in Home Banner and Meet The Team. How can i solve this problem?


GcCapital Purchased

Hi!. i have a problem with this theme, Unable to edit “Team” section! How can i solve this problem?

How to add Social Network Link for Team Section???