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The navigation arrows below the slider are not navigating between slides. Please advise. Thanks.

Sorry to be a bother but I figured it out. Thanks anyway. Great theme!!

Glad you got sorted :) what was the problem by the way?

I had just added a couple more javascript/jquery elements and mixed up a line of code.

Nav doesn’t seem to work on an iPad?

Hi, unfortunately this site is not optimised for iPad, however what seems to be the problem with it?


This theme looks really cool! Good job. :)

Nav doesn’t seem to work on an iPad? I would really like to see this working on the iPad and iPhone. The entire page is scrolling and not just the content. Please look at my screenshot from the ipad after I click on a nav:

Can’t see the live preview? It says bandwidth exceeded.

Hi everything should be fine now, just swapped over hosting.



I bought your theme and I want to play a trailer in the iPhone image so I installed the Fancybox javascript code but I don’t know how I can get a trailer to play in the iPhone? Do you have a better way or could you help me get the trailer to play in the iPhone image?


Hi I’ve replied your email and attached an example of Appzilla with what your after.

Hope this helps :)

Installation went great but had some problems with special characters. Support got back to me within the hour with a fix. Great template. Great support!

Happy to help and enjoy the theme :)



does this work on iPhone, android, nokia or blackberry?

Hi there,

Unfortunately iOS does not work well with the fixed navigation so it’s not 100% compatible with that, however it appears to work with Blackberry. Android and Nokia have not been tested although I can’t see them being a problem. As it’s primarily designed for web however I cannot guarantee it’s compatibility.

Regards, Martin

For some reason the contact form doesnt work when we upload on our server. Need to do a particular setting apart from changing our personal email?


Hi and thanks for purchasing.

Nope that should be it. It might be worth checking with your web space provider to check they are running PHP on the server as it’s needed to send the email.

Regards, Martin

I just bought this, everything seems to work except the contact form isn’t sending the email.. when I hit submit, nothing happens.. but if the fields are empty and I hit submit, the form tells me that I’m missing things.. so I’m assuming it works fine.. just don’t understand why it won’t send mail. ???

It’ll send from the first time if after you finish typing the message, you click out of the box and have the form shrink. But if right after you finish typing the message, you go ahead and click send, it’ll shrink the message box back, and then once you click send again it’ll send. Same results in chrome and firefox.

Ok, this should be rectified by removing the expanding effect on the textbox.

You can do this by going into the css and for:

input[type=”text”], textarea

Under the 4 styles of -webkit-transition, -moz-transition, -o-transition and transition, remove height .5s.

So your new style should now read just border .5s;

You will also need to adjust the height of this textbox should you wish.

Kind regards, Martin

You will also need to remove textarea:focus { height: 100px; } from the styles.


wow amazing work good sales;