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Fantastic Design! Well done :)

Thanks a bunch!

Great looking template :) . GLWS ;)

Thanks a lot my man :D !!!

Great work. Good luck and with sale :)

Thanks Akododee!

These are really nice. Good luck with sales! :)

Thank you very much.


I just bought the template and I can’t find the PSD attached.


Thanks for the message. I’ve just issued an update. It should get reviewed and accepted within the next couple of hours, by which time you’re going to receive a notification to download the new files. The PSD’s will be there this time.

Thanks! Andrei

PS: THanks a lot for the purchase and don’t forget to rate.

Thanks! got it.

You’re very welcome.


I had some issues with the e-mail template fonts when using MailChimp.
Can’t get’em to work as in the HTML templates.
There’s some extra steps needed to import the mailchimp template to get the fonts working?

No, they should be working right away without a problem. Please contact me through the email address provided in the documentation and provide a few details regarding the issues you’re encountering so we can help.


how we change color scheme?

Well it depends. First step is to decide what social buttons to use, because changing colors for those might be complicated for people without design (photoshop) skills. If you do have some PS skills, then all you need to do is open the social images in photoshop and apply a color overlay, then save them as transparent PNG’s.

For the rest of the colors, you need to find them, they can either be like:



color: #c85a39;

The first one changes the background somewhere (eg header, footer or a section) while the second one changes text color.

I hope this has been helpful.

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any way you can add more color schemes? like purple, monochrome and etc?


At the moment we’re not planning adding any new color schemes as we already built a few, but if you need me to help you create your own scheme in any way I’ll be happy to.


Does the color changer also changes the icon colors ?

Im looking to buy it .

Yes, on Aqua the different color variations also apply to most of the icons.


And we use a weber. Can this be directly imported into a weber and then changes on html and images to be done on a weber server edit panel ?

Unfortunately that I don’t know. This is an HTML like any other HTML, so if you can usually edit HTML through this “weber” then yes.


Awesome design and I cant wait to get my newsletter up and running. . I am however having an issue with MailChimp “Bumping” the bar under the word “Bubble” to the right, making it all skewed. Have you had this issue happen before?



Could you please send me a private message through the profile page with the purchase code? It doesn’t seem like you’ve purchased the item at the moment.


I have just uploaded the aqua template to my mailchimp campaign but it doesn’t work. When i do a preview, there is nothing.

Hi Immigrationca,

Please send us a private message through the contact form available on our profile page with exactly what you’re seeing when testing it and we’ll take it from there.


Great design, but can you tell me why I can’t edit the Phone number? everytime i edit it it goes back to the default

Hi Myopes,

Thanks. Please take the time to go to and offer us 5 stars if you like our item.

Are you trying to edit it in Mailchimp?



Are you still encountering issues? You really shouldn’t. Send us a private message through the profile link and we’ll have a closer look.


I am also having issues changing the telephone number – it just reverts back to the example. Any ideas?

Hi there,

Where does this happen? In Mailchimp? Send me a private message through this link so we can work it out:


How do we use the theme builder ? After building it, how do we extract the whole code ?


You hit the Export tab and select Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor or HTML.



Making sure you’re satisfied with our products is of utmost importance for us, so if you’re having any questions regarding our products here are your options:

1. Already purchased the theme? Please email us here and our team will take care of your issue.

2. Pre-purchase question? Feel free to leave a comment here!


If you have any questions we recommend checking our Documentation available here. The BigBangThemes Team

Cheers! :)

Hello! I am thinking of buying your email template but I have a questions. Does this HTML work with Constant Contact as well? So far, I have not seen a single template that says it is compatible with Constant Contact. Do you know why that would be the case?


Thanks for contacting us.

Yes, this also works with Constant Contact. Let us know if you need any further help.