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Discussion on Aqua - Responsive HTML Template

Discussion on Aqua - Responsive HTML Template

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On the mobile select menu what is the code to show that I am on a particular page. i.e. when I go to the contact page the mobile menu is on contact instead of home.

<select id=”select_menu” onchange=”location = this.value”> <option value=”about.html”>    About Us</option>

<option value="articles.html">    References</option>
<option value="contact.html">    Contact</option>



Well you can add some custom element as there isn’t such indication at the moment, matter of fact there isn’t one at the regular menu either, breadcrumbs is what determines that… :)

I purchased your template and really like it, but when I change the navigation on the site, it does not change on mobile devices.


Hi there Jim,

Sorry for the late reply, I am out of town… Did you edit the mobile navigation as well? The “select_menu” is the one you need to edit as well, hope you rethink your rating as well, I would appreciate it. :)

My apologies. I did not see the select menu when I began working with this template. If there was something in your documentation about it, I must have missed it. Your rating has been updated to five stars!

thanks, appreciate it!

Hi, is it possible to post a change log on the item page?

Totally, thanks for that reminder! :)

Hi, I am having trouble customizing the main page. How do I put services, why work with us, just like your live preview example?

Hey, simply edit the HTML files and you will see how within them. You can also use Developer Tools in order to find out what code generate what output. :)

Hey there

A pre-purchase question. I see you have the portfolio but there is no actual photo gallery – as in prettyPhoto. Is it possible to include this feature as it is a sought after element?

Thanks in advance.

Hi there,

Not sure what you mean… The theme presents portfolio galleries in a slider and it does have prettyPhoto included… What am I missing here? :)

My bad. I see that the Portfolio Item does do what i want it to but it links to an html page. If this path is changed to link to the larger graphic, it will pop out and display in prettyPhoto? Have to check this ‘cause some designers don’t have this and it takes a little time getting it working. All good if above applies. :)

In the HTML theme that you are looking at you have full freedom to add the Prettyphoto links if you want into the carousels instead of links to the actual portfolio items… Hope this makes sense :)

Great Theme, Thank You. Maybe add LinkedIn icons for the social media section in next version release?

Haha, Brilliant, Thank you.

Hi, I have two issues and I have reproduced those on your demo:

Under Firefox 38 and IE 11 the site is not resizing correctly in small view. Resize the browser you will see the problem with menu and some sections. Some section that are wider than the rest. With Chrome it is OK.

The button class are not displaying ok when located in information class. If I remove the information class the button class is ok.


Hi, I’m talking about the information Message box of AquaTheme HTML version. If I put a button inside it the class of the information message box, the class of the button is not applied correctly (color of the button and text color is wrong). http://www.blueowlcreative.com/themes/aquatheme/elements.html

I need a call to action box so the only ready made item I have found is to use the information Message box.

I didn’t had the time yet to retest on real device or using online tool, I only tested on my PC and it’s seems ok since I have updated browser version.

Oops, sorry about that… Find this in your CSS file and remove it:

.success a, .warning a, .attention a, .information a {
    color: #444;

This should take care of it. :)

Great, thanks for the fast support :)

Hello, i will purchase this Item but i need it with a 100% width, is it possible?

Hi there,

No, this theme doesn’t support 100% width out of the box, thanks for your interest. :)

Thank you for your fast reply, maybe you can test how this iframe looks in your Template, if everything will shown as it should be i will buy your Template anyway. </iframe>

<iframe src="http://camboon.com/?iframe=1" width="100%" height="900" frameborder="0" scrolling="no">

Hi again,

Squeeze the screen to see for yourself. The chat seems responsive and seems to look OK even in a frame of 800px, It simply stacks the Chat below the big white box with the “Select your Broadcaster…” text. So it should be fine. :)

Hello ,

Great theme , i need help with the slider. I am trying to change the position of the text box on the slide from left to right , when i tried changing this .info.animate-in { left: 8%; to right:0%; , it still does not work properly the text is shifted to right but does not show fully. Can you help me out with this ?

Hi there,

How did you change it? Did you try setting it to smth like 50%?

.info.animate-in { left: 50%; ......

Amazing it works , thanks so much mate. Great theme , giving 5 star rating.

The contact form on this site was working great, and now we get the following error. Help! Warning: mail() [function.mail]: Failed to connect to mailserver at “web-smtp-lb.atlantic.net” port 25, verify your “SMTP” and “smtp_port” setting in php.ini or use ini_set() in D:\www\c\e\cem-solutions.com\www\contact.php on line 97 ERROR! Please ensure PHP Mail() is correctly configured on this server.


onealbs Purchased

Okay, I bought your theme and am working on it now. Can you advise how to get the Contact Form to work? Using the contact.php as directed in your documentation. Thank you! Here’s the page: https://cem-solutions.com/update/contact.php

Hi there,

Sure, just edit the contact.php script and set it up accordingly. You can define your email address, setup required fields depending on your needs! You need some very basic php skills in order to adapt it accordingly. :)


onealbs Purchased

Thank you!

We are currently using the theme here http://timkyleelectric.com/. However, we’ve noticed that new blog posts (since February 1, 2016) have not been posting to the blog section http://timkyleelectric.com/blog/. There are various new posts since February 1st (example: http://timkyleelectric.com/employment/come-tim-kyle-recruitment-party/) and are accessible with the direct url, but aren’t populating to the blog/archive page. Help please.

Hi there,

You are using the WP version, yes? you posted in the html version of the theme… nevermind. That is strange indeed, all cats/posts are visible/enabled, yes? No sticky posts exist? Also you have no caching enabled?


Is there any possibilities to have full width style site (not only footer) instead of boxed?

Hi there,

You mean the wrapper? No. It’s fixed width only.

I’m having a trojan warning issue when I activate this template. Please advise

How would you have a Trojan in the package then? :) Your account doesn’t show you purchased it btw…

I have no idea….I have 5 other themes loaded on this same server and they all activate just fine. When I activate your Aqua theme, I get a Virus Alert window. I came here for a real solution to this issue and not sarcasm. I actually did purchase this template and have the receipt to prove it. Thank you

Hi again,

You don’t “activate” an HTML theme… Are you speaking of the WP theme possibly?? As you wrote in the HTML theme section…

Hello. This is a great HTML template. Very clean. However, like other comments, I’d like to see a version with full width and not boxed. You have that, you have my cash. :)

Thanks for the interest, for now we are not planning on adding one though… Sorry. :)

i make a mistake. we think this is WP version. but when i have bought and see the post. we find it is html version. it is useless for us. can you decrease for the USD17 and buy the WORDPRESS VERSION

Hi there,

Sure, please ask Themeforest for a refund and get the WP version! :)

thank you. we have submit the refund. and i would like to know the world press version we can use forever. what is extended support. i am chinese man. not very well english..

Hi there,

Sure, your refund is ready. Yes, you can use it forever, extended support is if you will need to ask theme specific questions after the first 6 months of using it. You get the updates forever for free though. :)

how do I set up the comments in the html version – it shows as available but can’t figure out how to set it up

Hi there,

Without a server side language with DB there’s no way to have operating comments or contact form as they need to be processed.

Hello, although this template is produced in 2012 and updated 5 years ago, still it looks like very good and simple to use. Thanks to coder / creator.

I have a very simple question, is it possible to auto play for JCarousel area (Featured Services) on the home page. For example: 1 step from right to left each in a second.?

Thanks in advance for your respond.

Thanks for your answer, but i am not a coder so i could not understand well the given information in this link. I just tried to add below code which is used for Client Testimonials slider, now it works but i have a stop on mouseover problem.

Here is my website link: https://aswagroup.com/yeditepe/site3/

Here is my added code before :
<script type="text/javascript">
                    jQuery(document).ready(function() {
                            auto: 4,
                            scroll: 1,
                            wrap: 'last',
                            easing: 'easeInOutExpo',
                            animation: 100,
                            autoplayHoverPause: true

I am not sure it supports such a feature… Where did you see it?