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I bought “AQUA” on themeforest on 11.07.2013 but can not download it again to update the theme (it`s simply not listed on the page “downloads”. What can i do?

Hi again,

Like i said if you want to always be on top with the TF versioning you have 2 options – contact them and figure out how it got lost, or rebuy. If you are ok with me sending the current one to you I can do that for you as well. Let me know. :)

Hi – and thanks for communication! I bought Aqua again and hopefully stay up-to-date with TF.

Sure, let me know if you need further assistance with anything, mate! :)

Hello, where can I reduce the space between the breadcrumb and h1 title? I was looking at stylesheet.css but I can’t find it :(

Try with this in your Theme options -> Custom CSS:

.page_heading { margin: 25px 0 10px; }

just updated the theme and all the icons no longer worked. it doesnt show.

nvm. i realized i created those icons that are missing. since the stylesheet.css has been updated the classes were over written.

Sorry to hear that… that’s why it’s always good to use a child theme. Hope you can easily recreate them. :)

When I select text in a post and click the italics button it changes my text to red. How do I change the colour to orange?

Hi there,

Your URL please?

Hi there, I have Visual Composer and need to speak to the Aqua theme author as the Row stretch setting isn’t working. How do I get in touch with the theme author?

Hi there, Theme author here! Aqua doesn’t support Visual composer! Are you a client of us?

Hi I purchased this theme ages ago. I now need to add some links to the bottom bar of a site I designed. It’s using v2.0, if I update the theme will I have the ability to do this? Many Thanks

Thanks, where shall i put this, in the stylesheet.css?

Rather in your Child theme’s style.css or in Theme options -> Custom CSS! :)

that’s great thank you :)


I struggle with the problem of missing alt attributes.

For example: img src=”http://blueowlcreative.com/wp/aqua/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/blog_img-700×340.jpg”/>div class=”img_overlay_zoom”>

There is no alt attributes function in code. I would like to add alt tags for each photo in every blog post. Is it possible to fix it?

It’s working perfectly now. Thank you :)

I would also change the alt tag in logo. What code should I insert instead of this: alt=”<?php bloginfo(‘name’); ?>”/> (header.php). I would like to take alt tag from logo image (not from the website title).

you can hardcode it for the logo! ;)

Why didn’t I think of this before hehe. Everything works now. Thanks again for help.

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does your theme support woocommerce?

Hi there,

No, this one doesn’t out of the box. Check out Fortuna and Savia. :)


I have a problem with Structured Data > hentry (markup: microformats.org) in Google Search Console. I have 3 error types:

- Missing: author - Missing: entry-title - Missing: updated

Why the AquaTheme causes these errors? How to fix it?

Will this theme be updated in the future with newer versions of wordpress? Since the last update is allmost a year ago.

Hi there,

It is compatible with the latest WP, no issues have been encountered yet. :)

I am getting an error when installing a new version of Option Tree with this template. Something about “encountering a T New” on line 389

/* include the cleanup api */
   $files[] = 'ot-cleanup-api';

Hi there,

You shouldn’t install Option tree as a stand alone plugin, the one used in the theme is integrated with it and will conflict with a separate plugin installation. What made you try to install it in the first place?

My website was corrupted and needed to reinstall my theme packages. Upon réinstallation I’m getting this error with option tree..

Whatever was corrupted was unlikely to be fixed by reinstalling Option tree, what was the initial error that made you install it?

Hi boss, i am new user of wordpress. i have so many quesiton. i really dont know how to use this theme. it is too complicated. but it know it is good. and i really dont know how to add the slid photo under the navigation bar. can you help us.


if you have the theme lesson vedio can you send to me

hi friend, i really dont know how to use this theme. how to add the the front-slider. pls help me. this theme is so difficult

Hi there,

The slider is in the package you downloaded. Make sure you install the Rev slider plugin that is in the theme (you can also find the latest version link in our support forum). Once you install it you can import the slider from the theme. Make sure you check the documentation that is in your package too, it explains things rather well. Good luck! :)

i know a little html knowledge. i dont understand css java. can i use your theme well. or can you help us how to use your theme well.

Hi there,

Sure, why can’t you login at our support forum? Did you enter your license key? You can also reach us via the contact form on our profile page.

Hi i have login in. but i really confuse some function of your theme. i really dont know how to use your theme. but i really love your theme.

Hi there,

Well what are you having trouble with? I would love to help! :) Did you check out our documentation first? http://blueowlcreative.com/docs/fortuna/#intro

hello.. i am translating the site with qtranstate.. i need to translate the page options too … title , small description…. how can i do this?

Hi there,

Unfortunately these sections are not translatable out of the box. :|


I wonder how to set a header H1 to be different from the page title? I would like to make a change only on the home page (blog).

Probably I have to change something in this code (index.php):

div class=”page_heading”>........

May I please get some help?

Please check my themeforest profile. There is URL to my blog “Website”. When I change the title of the home page changes also the header H1. I want the header H1 name to be different from the home page title.

Hi there,

Is your Home page also your Blog page?? Please write to us via our profile page’s contact form with URL + user/pass to your website and explain what page should have the different name. :)

Hello, Yes, home page is also blog page. I sent a private message.


I know this has been asked a few times, but our client is having issues “changing” the images previously uploaded to a gallery post type.

I have read your replies saying “click on Featured image and upload all your images you want associated with the Post at once”, and also suggesting that “You can attach/remove images that are associated with the current post by selecting from the drop down “UPLOADED TO THIS POST” when at the Featured image library screen.”

We don’t seem to be able to attach or remove images using the uploaded to this post dropdown. It just shows all the images assigned to the post and allows us to click on one image only. Ctrl clicking doesn’t multiple select, and there doesn’t seem to be any way to remove aside from “delete image permanently”.

Are we missing something or have recent WP updates caused this functionality to change?

The multiple select is available at your operation system file prompt when you upload files. At he screen “UPLOADED TO THIS POST” you can only delete files that are attached to the post and select/deselect the Featured image from the list of files, you are correct. That being said you can remove the images from the list by deleting them, then add more files via the UPLOAD option.

Hello, i have installed Aqua years ago, and i wonder now to install one more, but will it be technically followed and improved in the next months ? Or do you have stopped to work on it ? Because i see no changes since more than a year.

Hi there,

Sure, you can set it up, the latest version is compatible with the latest WP versions.

Hi, i have been using your theme for a while and i have no complain, but in order to improve the SEO of the page we are using on it i would like to know if theres a way to change a part of the next slug/url:


i would like to change “portfolio_category” to something more SEO friendly, any suggestions?


Hi, So if i modify “portfolio_item” in function.php this will change “portfolio_category” in my slug? or should i look for “portfolio_category”? im confused.


anyway we just tried and it didnt work, any other suggestion?

Did you reset your rewrite rules? Change the permalinks to default, then set them back.