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WOW! Gorgeous theme! Nice job!

Thanks, mate! :)

^ +1 . Good luck with sales!

Thanks, friend! Appreciate that! :)

Both the Portfolio and Tabled Data appear off screen using my Android Samsung Galaxy S II with Chrome.

Owl to owl, Thanks for your feedback mate, I will take a look first thing in the morning and post a fix if needed! Cheers! :)

COngrts Clean work.

Cheers, friend! :)

OMG I love it.

Thank you! :)

@blueowlcreative you manage to sleep on the same day you get an item approved? :-)

Love this theme, amazing work, GLWS!

It’s been busy days, mate! Thanks! :)

Amazing work, GLWS!

Nice and clean! GLWS

Hi, really nice theme. You have the same design and template as an Open Cart theme, which I also like. It would be fantastic if you could provide the WP theme with the e-commerce ability – i.e. Woo Commerce. Is this possible? Are you considering this option?



If there’s substantial interest for an ecommerce WP version of Aqua I would love to get one going. Thanks for your feedback mate! :)

Can you also add pricing table?

It’s on the list, should be out within the next week or two! :) You can always update the theme version once you purchase!

1. I would love a pricing table. That would make this a def. purchase.

2. According to tools.pingdom.com the front page weighs in at a hefty 2.6MB. I realise that some of this is js for the options panel/picker for the demo, but I noticed that js for multiple sliders is being loaded. Is there any easy way to stop unnecessary js etc from being loaded? To reduce the page size/loading time?

Hi, friend.

1. It’s on the list of tasks, will be out within the next week or two! (you can update the theme later once you purchase it). 2. It weights so much cuz I am using semi-transparent PNGs for the front slider that are kinda heavy, of course you can create your own slides with optimized JPGs that weigh much less if page load is essential for your website. You can stop anything you want and customize the theme whatever way you please, mate, as long as you know what you are doing! :)

Great theme. I too am interested in a wp commerce options


May I know this theme have pricing table or box ?this theme have tap, toggle and tooltips ? The footer why cannot change color like opencart theme ?



Pricing table is on the top of the list for development and is going to be out within this coming week! Tabs, toggles and tooltips are available as you can see in the Element page and are available as shortcodes! Footer can be easily customized to become bright, let me know if you purchase so I tell you how :)


i have two questions before buying the theme. Great job btw.

Is it possible to turn of responsive layout and is is possible to have latest post slider on frontpage ??

Thank you

Hi there!

1. Yes, let me know once you purchase (it would be best in the support forum) I will tell you how to get rid of the responsive mode styles. 2. Yes, the shortcode for Posts Carousel can be used for that. You can ask a question in the support forum again on how to do it if you can’t figure it out (that way the info may be useful for others as well).

Thanks for your interest, mate! :)

Hi there!

I’m just about to buy this template. I just have one question: Currently the menu and the images have rounded corners. Is it possible to make them have sharp corners?

Thank you, Roger

Sure Roger,

Drop me a line once you purchase so I can tell you how. Use my profile page here. :)


First, congratulations for your theme! Really nice! Clean and green! All I need to start up my company!

As I am a beginner in computing stuffs, I need some help! The first wave is gone! I could install the theme in the wordpress plataform!

Right now, I am setting my design… but I could not insert the slider in the mains page… So, I will appreciate if you can help me how to install the slider by cPanel…

Thank you very much!

Bruno, Brazil.

Hi there,

Please read the documentation that relates to the slider that comes with the package, there’s also the Slider’s documentation if you want to read that as well, everything is explained there. The including itself is via the shortcode that it generates. You just copy and paste it into your page. :)

Hi, I really like this theme because its not overload with features. Anyway a sitemap feature would be great :)

Thanks for the feedback, mate! :)

Very nice, clean design. Sooner or later, I’ll have a project for it.

Thanks for your appreciation, mate! :)

It’s amazing! Clean, beautiful menu hover effect, and with many features… contratulations and thank you so much!!

You are welcome, my friend, a new version is coming up soon btw, a few small fixes + a new Feature. Keep checking in! Share the love and rate my theme if you like it! :)

Sorry, i would really love to rate your theme but i can’t…. the message say: “Minimum of 3 votes required for Rating” I don’t know what it means… :/

It’s actually in your “Downloads” page – to the right of the Item – see the stars! ;)