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is there a reference list for the names of the icons

Hi Bud, as you can see from : http://www.kernowccg.nhs.uk I have started to make the website now :-) loving it so far…

Adding cookie control and back to top which work perfectly in responsive mode, already getting to grips with the slider (although slide prob with slider is that the slide thumbs in the admin don’t show the image)

Question for you though related to earlier, is there any way to have 6 portfolios derived by different categories?

Over the weekend I will setup an FTP for you and let you loose on the small change we agreed :-)

Great work though bud

Possible though? Maybe do 1 extra and explain to me how to do it and ill do the rest? Btw this site could be the start of something huge if it takes off – lots more sales and some custom paid for work in a few months :-)

In all honesty the filter able part isn’t really needed just need six grid pages with specific categories on each

Have a slight issue from initial install as the portfolio filter page isn’t rendering correctly it seems to leave a gap could you advise please

Cheers matey

Ok sorry must have missed that, where do I go to do that please?

Cool thanks

Any way to quickly disable responsive feature? (for the layout to be the same for iphone for example?)

Not at this point, you need to remove all the media queries in both stylesheet.css + skeleton.css.

Hi Bud,

Sorry to bother you on a Saturday, need a little help

1) I ran the thumbnail re-generator and it still hasn’t fixed the preview images on the initial slide page in WP Admin

2) I also have this weird 2 col gap on the portfolio page – any idea why? http://www.kernowccg.nhs.uk/portfolio/

3) And I have created a page called localities http://www.kernowccg.nhs.uk/localities/ and taken the code from the portfolio age and tried this on a page using both a default and full width template, I get the same 2 col gap as above and the description seems to have a space between it and the image.

Any ideas as to why this is happening please

Once again sorry to bother you. Rich

Ps I always use the text box hardly ever the visual

Oh Ok, cool. Did your images end up getting generated? Check on you local machine to see the difference if you want (where images should be generated just fine). TTYL…

You learn something new everyday :-) its as I suspected GD library is not installed on the server, they are doing it now, problem is I’m not using shared hosting the company bought cloud Linux and I have had to install the server from nothing pretty much myself on went WHM and then a steep learning curve to set up c-panel, services, mail, Dns, name servers, hosts, server names etc the list goes on, blinking nightmare of an install – sorry I have bombarded you with questions today

Also a slight odd one on the homepage: http://www.kernowccg.nhs.uk

I have created a 1/4. 3/4 column for the area at the top with ‘About us’ and ‘Featured Services’ in it but as you can see there is a break gap at the top of the column so in essence the 2 headings don’t line up, I have checked my code and cannot see why it’s doing this.

Is there a better way to achieve what im trying to do here than the way I have done it.

Again sorry Rich

into this line? column width=”four” position=”first” About us[/heading]Our job is to buy health services for the population of the county and islands including hospitals, mental health services, children’s services and community services. Our annual budget is around £700 million a year.[/column]

im happy for you to log in if you have the time and take a little look for me?

yup that worked bud thanks

And the last one for today, do you know of any better login widgets than the one I have added? mine is simply a sliding drawer with a widget of wp-members login added to it to achieve the effect, however I think there must be a better solution than this somewhere


Nope, sorry. :)

Morning Bud,

Ok hopefully sorted GD library issues now, but have com across another issue in that all my services demo pages are coming up saying page not found, they are all live – could you take a quick look please, eg http://www.kernowccg.nhs.uk/services_item/sky-is-the-limit/

Also sent you an email re FTP settings etc

Cheers matey Rich

That one seems to open just fine… I submitted the new version to TF earlier today, should be out by tomorrow, so I will take over and do your updates then! :)

I fixed it bud, was a memory issue on the server :-)

Good job, just what I expected and has happened to me before ;)

I do have one little other query for you, check out the homepage and at the bottom where i have 2 sections for useful links, again both have dropped down out of line with testimonials, my code is clean and I have tried the pre line from yesterday but it doesn’t want to play ball – any ideas?

Tried that they are not in my page code and the pre line doesn’t work either

Sorted this one :-) sozz

oh yeah and updated to latest version as it’s now available :-)

Hey bud, Tried getting a 2 col portfolio to work in a 1/8 column at the footer (where the testimonials are now) but it doesn’t want to show anything other than 4 portfolio items, any idea why this may be please, really enjoying working with the theme though very flexible.

Rich, let’s switch to the support forum, as our conversations here are starting to get humongous … :)

LOL yeah fair enough bud

Also with wordpress and the pages how does the breadcrumb work? I wanted to do a few service pages tonight and a few sub pages on the services but as WP has no folder structure per say, what is the easiest way to do this so that the breadcrumbs work correctly?

The breadcrumbs are pretty much straightforward, you can see the method within your boc_custom.php file and customize if you feel like. :)

Sorry and last one for tonight I promise, see http://nhs.cornwall.umbraco.z.rippleffect.com/ I want to re-create this graphic fo rthe footer of the site, I have the image and have tried adding it in to the stylesheet but because it needs to be poking up out of the footer I wan’t sure how to achieve this, any pointers would be really helpful


Ah, Ok, found it! Getting on with it now! :)

Brill thanks buddy

I get “host does not exist” error, send me over the IP, and please let’s switch to email, I am sending you now so you can reply.

Hi , Love your theme! :) Very neat and cool.

I have a small problem. I’ve got a table on one page, and it doesn’t fit in mobile version.

The page is scretched, and part on the table is outside the wrapper in mobile version.

Could you suggest a way on how to hide the background for mobile version? I mean how to make it white, like the wrapers itself?

I hope I was clear. Thanx!!!!

Everything else is very cool though!

Hi there,

Making the table 100% is your best shot, if it still stretches outsize, then the data doesn’t fit in the responsive size so … not much to do there. As for background, you could simply edit the CSS that applies to that responsive section (in the bottom of your stylesheet.css) and apply background: white; to the html and body. :)


Hi, the sliders are responsive which is great. However they are not recognized as images by Google (which is bad for SEO). Is there an option to insert responsive images (not sliders) on pages (not posts)? Or how can we make sliders more SEO friendly to appear as media content? Thanks


The slider is a third party plugin… Sure you can put whatever you want in your Pages – how to make them responsive is explained in the Support forum, you simply add a class to them. :)

Hey, another quick question, how to remove the house icon in the top navigation?

It should be in menus I suppose, but I couldn’t find it there. :)


That thingy is still there ;/

Hey, which style in the stylesheet do I need to alter to make all my small links appear an initial colour before rollover? Don’t want this on headers, but spans, p and small styles would be nice . R

What do you mean by ‘initial color’? What happened with the logo, bud?

Logo all in, sent you several emails as needing a few minor tweaks, re the initial colour, I meant that all links are grey until you rollover them, which is fine for H tags but smaller text I would like to be blue not grey, eg on small links css, p tags span tags etc

I would like to create a page that displays all the portfolio items without a filter. I thought I had a page with this, but it appears to be gone.

How can I recreate it?

You could easily increase the Portfolio Items shown in Appearance->Theme Options to say 100, then simply hide the filter row with CSS.

This is the page I was looking for http://www.pueblosynergy.net/portfolio_item/

i would like to resize the large pictures (of the business cards) and place them to the left of each members photos. Could you point me to the php file so that I can move the code around?

single_portfolio.php is the one that opens an item and the item list is opened. index.php is used for the page you listed above but that one isn’t really used. taxonomy-portfolio_category.php is for this for example: http://www.pueblosynergy.net/portfolio_category/cleaning/


For portfolio items and other places on the site, how do I prevent the images from having their borders chopped off.

Where do you get your borders chopped off? :)

Check this page: http://www.pueblosynergy.net/members/

You cannot see the edges of the business cards.

Well that’s because of the images you upload and the way they are being cropped. Make sure your images are taller (even with white space on top and bottom) and the same proportion as these – 300/180.

you do have a new version out… do you have a changelog? many thx Martin


The full file-log is in the documentation, the list of things changed is in the support forum. :)

I have added body { color:black; } to Edit CSS, but all the text still appears grey, what am I missing?

What are you trying to achieve with this? You can use Firebug to see what CSS rules apply to every element.

I figured it out….have to use p { color:black;}