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Is there any way to make the theme appear smaller on the screen. It is a little too stretched right now I would like to make it a bit smaller altogether. How can I do this?



You will have to resize the whole skeleton CSS framework… Have in mind that these are standard sizes and they look fine on all screens, that’s why they are used so often.

Hi im am using Version 1.5 but do have some styling issus with [heading] tag

If the header is breaking into an new line because of length the line pitch is wrong…

please – how to solve thx-martin

I see, you could fix that by removing the “line-height” property assigned to this element set – ”.title, .post_description h2.title” in your stylesheet.css, that would cause your daigonal backgrounds on the heading to be slightly taller but I don’t think that’s a big issue… :)

Thx for your great support…

Anytime, share the love and rate the theme! ;)

Is it possible to add multiple photos for a single portfolio item? Like a photo gallery within the lightbox for that specif portfolio item?

I love the way this page is styled:


but it would be great if I could add multiple pics for that one specific project when you click on the featured image/lightbox.


You mean the wording in the Dashboard in the Admin? Find these in the functions.php file and try changing the values to the right:

'name' => 'Portfolio',
'singular_name' => 'Portfolio'

ok, I will try that. Another question about the portfolio page: Is there a way for the featured images to be cropped to a certain size, so they are all the same size until you click on the image and then it shows the full image? I dont like the inconsistancy.



They are cropped to a certain size, provided your images (that you upload) are large enough. Here’s another thing you can try: Edit your single-portfolio template and find this line:

<div class="flexslider ten columns mt20">

After that line search for the next 4 occurences of <code>'full'</code> and substitute with <code>'portfolio-full'</code>. 

Please post any other questions you have in our support forum. Cheers! :)</div>

Hi! I’m trying to use the testimonials widget – how do I get it to go all the way across the page? I tried to change the width from 1/2 to “sixteen” but it doesn’t seem to work.





Just do “sixteen columns” instead! :)

Hi there thanks for making an awesome theme :)

Could you please tell me: 1. How do I make the fonts bigger on this theme in the body text? 2. How do I get the Find Out More Button to link to the correct page?

Thanks a bunch Katherine

Hi Katherine,

Making the font bigger would take just a bit of CSS editing in the stylesheet.css file.

body {
font: 13px/21px 'Open Sans', arial, sans-serif;
color: #555;

Change the 13px to say 14px. There are also some position specific font sizes you will have to change… you can inspect those with Firebug tool – it will show you exactly what lines of the CSS file you need to change in order to apply your new rules! :)


How can you show list of portfolio items based on it’s category?

[posts_carousel heading="Coming Soon" post_type="portfolio" order_by="order" order="ASC" limit="10" meta="no" excerpt="yes" excerpt_char_limit="150" exclude_current="no" width="four columns" scroll_by="4"][/posts_carousel]

also what i think i need are the list of post types and shortcodes. are these included in the documentation?


PS: nevermind I found it


category_slug=”” isn’t working. I added a slug but it doesnt show the items with those category.

category_slug=”web-design” I have about 4 items on web design category but it shows nothing.

category_slug=”” (empty string) though shows everything.

some part of the code are outputting in the page. ill post in the support forum.

ok i cant get my client’s username on themeforest until monday. I only got his name and purchase code. so I cannot post in the forum til monday. anyway, here is the link on the problem i sent earlier. http://hanzray.com/projects/gdc/in-development/ some part of the new code are outputting over the slider.

Oh yeah, sorry, comment out or remove this bit:


Hello again,

How can I let the footer always below?

When the height of my page is small, looks bad.



You could assign a min-height to the “container” class for example:

.container { min-height: 700px; }

Hi, how can I use the blue and grey button codes to place in the header.html. I want to place two buttons beside each other in the header to use as a login and register link. What is the code I need to place there in order to do this.

Thanks, I really love the theme!


Just edit your header.php and place the buttons wherever you want, here’s some sample code for the buttons:

<a href="URL_LINK" class="button button_pale sm_button">Button 1</a>  <a href="URL_LINK" class="button sm_button button_hilite">Button 2 </a>

Thank you so much!! Is there a way to make these buttons using this code a drop down menu?

Nope… that would take some more serious coding. :)


I would like to link the portfolio items in the portfolio carousel to a specific page in my website instead of directing it to the portfolio page.

I tried changing in single-portfolio.php but that did not work


You could get a redirect plugin of some sort that lets you overwrite your URLs, where you can manage each single URL. Overwriting the single-portfolio.php won’t work as you would want to be able to manage each link separately and in a dynamic way. Check out this nice article on it:


Thanks, i have another question. How can i change the color of the selected menu item when opening the corresponding page (to be the same as the color of the hover background color, but stay changed when entering the page). I would like to the same for the sidebar menu, change color or background or make it bold when page is selected so that the viewer knows where they are.

Hey, please ask and search the answers to this question in our support forum.

We just created a client site based this theme. As part of the QA process, I checked the functioning of the author.php, search.php, category.php, tag.php pages. To my surprise, I found that none of these seem to exist! It doesn’t seem possible that a premium theme could be missing these. Please advise ASAP where I can find these files or how I can add them. Thanks!

Hey, you should already know that all of these are derived from index.php and if you expicitly need them (for customizations of any sort) you simply branch them off of index.php.

I have just tried installing this theme and it failed. I go the following error message:

Unpacking the package… Installing the theme… The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Theme install failed.

Please advice. I am using WP Version V3.5.1


Make sure you open the package from TF and read the documentation. The theme itself is Aqua.zip.

I am trying to add social icons to the header. Under Theme Options, there is a section at the bottom called “Header Social Icons” were I can add social networks, however nothing happens when I click the Add New button. WordPress is up-to-date and I tried it both in Chrome and Safari (latest versions) on a Mac running mountain lion.

Strange… do you get any JS errors in your Console? :)

That is the strange thing, I get no errors, no responses whatsoever. The other similar buttons, such as the ones for selecting the favicon launch the window for me to select/upload the file. Could I email you a test admin account to check it out? What is your email? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Sure, Use my profile page, there’s a contact form there. :)

Is there a way to simply display a single image on the homepage carousel slideshow vs using the rev slider?

Sure, just add one in your Page Edit screen. :)

Can I remove or replace the link for the portfolio carousel items? I just want the carousel on homepage but I dont want them to link in the portfolio page rather i want to link them to a page with the gallery template. portfolio page only limits me 1 photo (which is the featured photo) but i want to have more than just 1 photo in a flexislider like the media> gallery in the demo.

best is if you can tell me how to put the flexislider in the portfolio single page.

That one is easy, just upload more images at once when setting your Featured image (this will automatically link those images to the post), then select Gallery for the type. :)

nevermind my previous question I figured it out by attaching more images from the media gallery into the portfolio page.

Right, good job. :)

how do I end the portfolio page? http://gdc-home.streampubs.com/portfolio_item/the-fairways/ I have 3 paragprahs thats need to be below the portfolio slider and description and takes the full width. right now its inside the portfolio description. is there any way to break the portfolio page?

by the way im hanzray and this is the account which purchased the theme (twice)

Hey again,

Ya, edit your single-portfolio.php template and organize the content anyway you please.

yup i did that. thanks.

Hi, How can I add the more posts slider to my home page? Like shown here on the blog http://blueowlcreative.com/wp/aqua/hello-world-post/

Is it possible to place that slider on the home page?


Sure, you have a shortcode for that carousel, it’s called Posts Carousel, find it in your icon set (last row – with the custom shortcodes). :)

How do I noindex/nofollow the portfolio_items archive page? also is there a way to hide or redirect that page?

since I edited the single_portfolio page and added more content. the ../portfolio_item/ page looks like a mess now and I want to hide it or redirect.

the clients actually just want to noindex,nofollow that page.

Nothing really, I am not an expert on the matter, I just read in the plugin description you can manipulate the robots meta tag… You are saying it’s just for posts, huh?

its for specific pages. but the portfolio archive isnt a page right? there is an option there to turn indexing on archive pages but im afraid it will turn off all the archives. hmm i think there nothing we can do.

How about you simply modify the template to look OK in the archive version as well, after all you may only benefit from the crawler indexing that page too…

When using regular img src code to add one image to a page it doesn’t scale along with the rest of the theme. Other responsive themes I used in the past would resize the image according to the templates grid. Your example only uses sliders so I wasn’t able to find examples of a single image used.

Example of my issue (scale the browser down to mobile view) http://safetec.com.previewdns.com/about-us/

note: site is still in staging

It’s explained in our support forum, you simply add a class to your image and that does it.