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with some tweaking I made it work.. however it should still be simpler

Hi there, is there a way to display all the portfolio items on one page? I have more than 6.


Sure, there’s an option in Theme Options that is set to 9, you can increase that to say 100 so that all your items are displayed in one page.

hi blueowl! lovely theme. :) before i purchase, i’d like to know a few things about the homepage slider:

1. right now only the call to action text links out to another page. is there some code I can add to the theme to make the entire image link out to another page?

2. am i able to adjust the height of the homepage image slider? my client will need more room than the theme’s default height.

thank you!

Hi there,

1. Yes, this is an innate feature of the Revolution Slider plugin. 2. Sure, it has plenty of settings you can use to tweak it anyway you want. :)

that’s awesome! thanks for the speedy reply, too!


Nice theme. I am about to purchase it, does include html pages of this?


Nope, it is sold separately, why would you want it with a WP template though? :)

Hi, I can not find where they attach the photos to the gallery within portfolio, thank you very much.

Once you are editing a portfolio item that you want to be a gallery, click on Featured image and upload all your images you want associated with the Post at once. :)

footer seems broken when I turn into multisite.

Your URL, please?

How do I adjust the size of the images that show for portfolio page items? I want them all to be about 150×150. I just can’t seem to figure out what I change where.

You could edit the CSS rules, use firebug to locate what to change for what element. :)


First all of all compliments for your theme!

We implemented your theme at http://www.thuiszorghaarlem.eu/

Everything works fine accept the testimonial slider is not working correctly. It shows half testimonials on the site after going to the next slide.

Kind regards,


No, I am talking about the lining out. If you take a look at http://www.thuiszorghaarlem.eu/ translate: testimonials = tevreden klanten, First you see the two testimonials displayed correctly but then you see white space on the left and you can’t read the full testimonial anymore, the next slide has more white space and so further..

What browser are you using, the described effect does not occur on Chrome. :)

Hi there,

Strange I’m using Chrome as well and my cliënt also. More strange is that the demo site at themeforest.net is working properly :-)

Anyway, now I know that is browser related and I will let my developers take a look at it..

Kind regards,

David Pinto

The theme files dont include all the icons in your preview.. How can i get them?


Sure they do, are you using the shortcode to add them? :)

Yes I am, but when i look through the theme folder inside the images forlder theres only 7 icons in there..

The icons used in the Icon shortcode are created using a sprite image, look for it in the images folder as well. ;)


Okay, On the homepage I’m trying to change the icons shown in the 3 columns. One is working find but this one shows nothing..

title="Quality Education" icon="pencil-2"]Our aim here at Focus Training is to provide high quality education and training delivered with recognised qualification.  [/feat_text]

Thanks for your help :)

ahaaa, you want to use the icons in the Featured texts? Yes there’s an option for that too just add the “icon” class there like so

icon="icon pencil-2"

This question is answered in our support forum, you can check in, it may be helpful in the future! :)


I am having trouble with my homepage. I am entirely new to website designing so bare with me please.

I can’t figure out how to make my homepage a “page” (instead of a “post”) without having two tabs taking me to the same page. For example, when I select one of my tabs/pages to be the homepage, then that tab and the homepage tab both take you to that page which is redundant. How can I make the homepage tab (with the house on it) simply be the only tab that takes you to the homepage? I hope I’m explaining this correctly.

It also seems like to avoid this issue with two tabs both taking you to the homepage, I have to make the homepage a “post” instead but I don’t want to have it as a post.

I hope you understand my issue and can assist me with this. :)


i meant, i went to appearance-> customize-> static front page

Right, You simply need to create a custom Menu with whatever Items you want (don’t want) in it and use that for your main navigation instead of the default one that simply lists all your pages.

Thank you for your help. I finally figured it out. It took me awhile :)

Hi again,

I have another question. I can’t seem to figure out how to center my logo on my header and how to make my logo larger on the header as well.

Thanks, Heather

Hi again Heather,

You can make your logo larger by simply uploading a larger image. You then have a left margin/top margin parameters you can manipulate under the Theme Options. :)

Ok thanks :)

Hello, I just purchased this theme, i’m a beginner. it says that this theme comes with the slider ($15 value) comes with the theme. I don’t see it in my dashboard nor is it listed in the plugins

You are talking of the theme archive, I am talking about the package you downloaded from TF. :)

ok stay with me, im really sorry i’m having problems with this. I just downloaded the template again. i haven’t clicked on it, haven’t touched it. my hosting company is Bluehost and have already started building the site using the aqua theme i downloaded 2 days ago. am I going to loose the work I’ve done?

No you won’t lose the work you’ve done so far.


I have quick question regarding the theme. How can i display the footer on my site? Second, how can put my address on the side of contact us?

Here is my page: http://www.retailcentral.us

Thanks, Melrish

Hi Melrish,

Looks like you figured this out already? You have a sidebar for your contact page where you can add widgets to… That’s how I have added my contact info to the contact page.


How can I set my homepage,.. when I type the address of my website, i want to direct it to http://retailcentral.us/home/ not a Post List.

Thanks. Melrish

Hey, this is explained in the theme Documentation, you can simply set a static Page to be your Home page.

Hello, The sidebar of my blog doesn’t work, works on every page, except on the blog…

Hi there, What do you mean? The blog page should display the default sidebar.

I purchased the aqua theme. However, I would like to make muti-language. Could you remmend which muti-language plugin support better and included all theme to multi-language

Hi both WPML and QTranslate have proved to work great with the theme. :)

I am testing the Qtranslate , how can I add the language button or link to the website

Well, I am not an expert on third party plugins but I am sure they have examples there.

curious if this theme will work with woocommerce or any ecommerce plugins? I have a couple of items that I need to post for sale using this theme. any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Hi there,

Not by default, you could install one and see if you can implement it easily. There was someone in our forum that put an effort in the same direction, you might want to check that too. :)

Hi, just a small question… when using the 1/3 columns, in your demo they have a 20px margin between them but on my site they show the first & second columns with 10px margin and then 20px between the second and third? now I never noticed this before until now… and I have purchased your theme several times and this is on all sites!?

I have had a look at the skeleton.css and it’s using the 960 Grid and I have had a look at a few other themes using the same skeleton and they are all the same… so can you please let me know what would be doing this?


This is basically the logic in every grid based system, nothing to really worry about. Each column has a 10px margin (left and right) so when 2 columns meet it’s 20px between them, why does that bother you in any way, that’s how all of them work? :)

It bothers me because the first 2 columns has ONLY a 10px margin and and 2 & 3 has a 20px margin! eg. screenshot

Oh, you probably added another class to achieve that, what is your URL?

Hi, how can I remove the featured image from appearing at the top of a blog post. I only need it to show in the carousel but would like to remove it from the top of each blog post.



You could edit your single.php file and remove the code that lists the featured image.