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I’m having issues locating the Revolution Slider plugin. It says it’s included, but I can’t find it to upload.

Please let me know! Thanks, Alissa

Thanks! I actually searched that & don’t see it. Is it in a certain folder?

it’s in the root folder of the archive.

Ah, thank you!!

Hi Alissa,

When you’ve unpacked the downloaded zip file, you will find the revolution slider plugin file inside. It’s a zip file which goes by the name of ‘revslider’.

Hi, it is possible to make FEATURED SERVICES in 2 Rows? Currently it’s 4 Column x 1 Row. Can make it 4 Column x 2 Rows?

Thanks, Fizi

Hi, the carousel is meant to work in 1 row… Such a customization might turn out to be time consuming, you may undertake it only if you feel comfortable with coding and know your way around WP/CSS/php… :)


I bought this theme to match with your online shop Aquacart theme. I found there is too much white space between the header and the menu. Can you tell me where in the stylesheet I can make the change.



Tried. Margin was reduced but the logo disappeared. Any suggestion?

Let me see your URL?


I just sent you my URL directly to your email.


Hi blueowlcreative,

How do I completely uninstall Aqua?

I messed up some codes and the theme behave strangely. So I uninstalled it from WordPress admin panel. Then I uploaded and reinstalled it, but I noticed that my previously customized settings were still there and the theme still behaved strangely.

I would like to completely uninstall it and hope that will solve the problem of strange behavior. Could you tell me how to clean up Aqua installation? Digging into phpMyAdmin? I am not familiar with database stuff. Please help me out. Thank you!


Sure, just clean up your child theme or start from scratch, make sure you find at what point the issue occurs so you can avoid it. :)

The question is… How do I clean up child theme. I have tried several times to delete child theme and reinstall child style.css from scratch. But every time I reinstall child theme, the problem came back again. The same child theme style.css worked perfectly until I tried to delete thoese five ”@import url”. I even tried to delete Aqua parent theme and reinstalled both parent and child theme again. But nothing helps. I think something is left behind after I deleted Aqua. And this “something” prevents child theme from functioning again. Any ideas?

Why would you delete them? Simply overwrite the rules you want changed in your child theme…

Great theme! I do have a question though, my client is complaining that the responsive menu is not working on his Android phone. Is anybody else having this issue? Is there a quick fix? Thanks!


What exactly is the problem, may I see the URL please? :)

I cant view the demo for some reason?

Maybe a Temp Server downtime? How about now? :)

Hi blueowlcreative,

Checking the source code of my web pages, I find the following in header:

<meta name="description" content="" />

Then I look into header.php file and find:

<meta name="description" content="<?php bloginfo('description'); ?>" />

It seems that Aqua theme tries to grab bloginfo(‘description’) from somewhere but cannot find it.

Does Aqua provide a function for me to write description and fill out the blank content=”” in each and every web page?


Your best route is installing a plugin like SEO-Yoast, it overwrites all defaults and lets you micromanage your Metas on all pages etc! :)


On Category page, I would like to display customized excerpt for each post. But I don’t want to use the More tag. I mean, I will write unique excerpt in the Edit Post panel and display this excerpt on Category page.

How can make this happen?


Oh, ok,

Have you tried replacing

<?php the_content(); ?>


<?php the_excerpt(); ?>

then? :)

That works. Thank you!

By the way, WordPress 3.6 is released. Is Aqua theme compatible? Any known issue?

Ya, it’s compatible, sure! :)


I am having some troubles with the Revolution slider for my homepage. It seems that whatever slider I pick, the slider on the homepage is 1420×450px (approximately) and stretches the slider images I make.

Site: http://fortiphi.notothequo-testsite.com/

I have tried changing the dimensions on the slider settings but no change. I have imported your slider settings from the .txt file but it seems like the slider is unresponsive to the dimensions I put in there.

Can you help me figure out what I need to do to get the slider to show my slides properly?


Hi there,

You simply need to wrap it in a row container like so:

[row_container dark="no" rev_slider_holder="yes"][rev_slider slider_full_width][/row_container]

Hello, Did I missed something on the installation because on Android smartphones looks bad.Please help www.olympicwater.ro


Hey there, looks pretty messy on a PC screen too… Did you import the Demo data of the slider? :)

I`m not an expert but I followed the steps of installation from The documentation.It suppose to look like that on android and IOS or it should look normally like on the PC screen????( www.olympicwater.ro). Thank you.

The Responsive view seems ok, but your slider is way to tall, no?? :)

I`ve change it to autoresponsive and it fits better but on android looks the same.It doesn`t looks normaly like on a desktop.It suppose to look like that?

What do you mean by “on android”. What device are you using as the resolution matters??

Hi there, will there be a Woocommerce update for this? Planning to buy, but need shopping feature in WordPress.

There might be, not planned for the near future though… Thanks for your interest!

Just purchased this theme. For some reason I am having trouble with the sidebar. I created a sidebar. Found it in the widget area. Dragged the widgets I want to appear. Go to the page make sure the correct sidebar is selected. Nothing shows. Has anyone had any problems like this for this theme. I’ve used customs sidebars many times before, but am I missing something???? Need help fast!

Yes I feel like I’ve tried anything, I think I saw another recent comment down below of someone having similar issues

this is a new site so wordpress 3.6 is installed, is this theme compatible with 3.6…idk if that could be a problem…i really like this theme but may need to buy another

What is the page in question, there is a small bug that causes the sidebar to show the default one if you have a portfolio carousel on the page, I would love to help out but you need to give me the page you are talking about + maybe provide credentials for me to look into your admin (you can use my profile page contact form)! :)

Hey blueowlcreative! I have a short question agian ;)!?

I want to creat a splashpage for my site. The splashpage should only include the Slider (I’m using the rev_slider). I started editing the page.php:

You wrote:

  • A Full Width custom page template without sidebar. * @package WordPress */

This is exactly what i want … BUT i also don’t want the Navigation , logo, ... I only want a huge slider one my splashpage ;)

I tried to delet the > get_header(); < but with this action my slider gets lost.

May im completly wrong … I’m not an expert at this _

Hope u can help me with that! greetings markus

i created a new php file … example: <?php

/* Template Name: splash_page */

get_header(); ?> 1. I removed the get_footer 2. I opened the header.php, copied it and paste it into a knew file (header2) 3. Renamed get_header into get_header2 but it doesn’t like this.

i created a new php file … example: <?php

/* Template Name: splash_page */

get_header(); ?> 1. I removed the get_footer 2. I opened the header.php, copied it and paste it into a knew file (header2) 3. Renamed get_header into get_header2 but it doesn’t like this.

Hey markus,

I don’t think that will work… Just manually add whatever is in your header2 file within the splash_page template’s top and work it out like that. :)


I have purchased this theme a couple of weeks ago and am just now getting to play with it. I read the comments above, but I don’t see anything called “revslider” in the Aqua file. I see something called flexslider but it looks like that is just a style sheet? Am I just overlooking the revslider zip file?

The actual plugin is in the Root folder of the package you download from TF! :)

hey! sarakh

How u find it the rev_slider:

Aqua/Documentation/Revolution Slider/

Hi, I’m having a few problems with the dynamic sidebar… I created a sidebar following the instructions and nothing happened, it just displays the default sidebar. I removed the page content (no other changes) and then the sidebar appears, but it appears on the left instead of the right side (which I selected). As soon as I reinsert the page content (simple copy/paste), the dynamic sidebar on the left disappears and then the default reappears on the right. I have not changed any code at all as yet, just been trying the inbuilt options. I have read through your support forum and not found a resolution for this. J

Hi there,

What is your URL, there is a small bug that I will be releasing a fix for pretty soon, please contact me via my profile page with your URL so I can take a look! :)

I have just edited the default sidebar for now as it’s a small build, so it’s no longer a problem. If it becomes a problem again then I will be in touch. thanks

Hey thanks Markusxp! I see where that is now, I was looking in the wrong spot! I appreciate your help!

I’m considering purchasing this theme. One question, though, is there a way to disable the responsive option?

Hi there,

Responsive view cannot be turned off very easily as it’s a founding part of the CSS framework used within the theme – Skeleton. Of course removing all @media queries will get you half way there but you will need to further tweak some more elements to totally misplace the Responsive functionality … Something I would only recommend if you have substantial CSS knowledge. :) Thanks for your interest!