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Is it possible to add the Xing Icon to the social icons in the header and footer???

Hey, you could create the images for it on your own and overwrite one of the current ones that you don’t use – in the images folder. :)

As requested here is a reminder of my question,

Is it possible to get a constant scrolling posts page as I want all of my news stories on the 1 page?

Also is it possible to lengthen the time span that the testimonials are on the screen before they change.

Thanks Ryan


As for the scrolling posts, you would need a plugin for that, assuming you are speaking of the blogpage… Try to search for one that does that. As for the testimonials… Sure – find this line in your aqua.common.js file:

auto: (is_auto_scroll ? 5 : 0)

And sub the 5 with say 8. :)

Hello, I would like to use a lightbox effect (like on Service page) on a “standard” page. Is your template allow to do that? I have pages with graphics and I want to be able to use this “lightbox” effect for a better view of the graphic (small size on my page, and full size when I click on the graphic) If yes how to do it? Thanks a lot


Sure, use the Image Slider shortcode and for the “link” param pass the URL of your image. This will add the lightbox effect automatically! :)

Hi, Thanks for your answer but how to keep the original size of the image? The slider take the 100% of the width of the page.

My image on the page is a small image (ie 150×150px) and the original size when I clik on the image is 600×600.

And when I use it I also have arrows on the left and on the right (like gallery) -> I have only 1 image

Hope it is understandable….


Hey, simply use the columns to wrap your code in a column, the image will then automatically resize to the width of the column. If you don’t want a slider but a single image you could achieve it like this:


Hi, Which file can I edit the footer color? I want to change the big grey box at the bottom of my website to a lighter color.



All your styles are in the stylesheets/stylesheet.css file. Use Firebug to see what line/class you need to edit! :)

Hey dude! Not sure if this has come up before. I wish TF would sort something out to let people search through comments!
1. Set Featured Image on Pages not saving. Works on posts & portfolio items. is it a bug?

2. Is there a way to manage images in a post if the gallery option is selected?

Hi there,

It does work but by default pages don’t show featured images as they are static content and you can basically add whatever you want on a static page. 2. Sure, you can attach/remove images that are associated with the current post by selecting from the drop down “UPLOADED TO THIS POST” when at the Featured image library screen.

the template is not properly on mobile and iPad, I need help please

Your URL? Did you import the ones provided with the DEMO, have you set the correct sizes?


Please write only in one thread. You haven’t set your responsive section sizes, check again my DEMO slider… If not using your auto responsive you can set the width of the slider for different screen sizes…

Hi, i want to buy this theme but i need to know if you can add like 6 portfolio pages with different categories in every each of it.

Yes boss, that is what i asked for, and i will buy it as soon as i start working on the website with this theme. Thanks!

It does not work! I tried that solution but it’s not working, i need help, i bought this template for this portfolio thing otherwise it’s useless for me, i need to make 5 different portfolios that work. I replied in the forum too. Thanks!


I did reply in the forum as well as replying here. The solution does work, please send me your URL+credentials, I will take a look at what went wrong for you! :)

Hello! I’m developing this theme for a client and am having trouble with the SEO Yoast meta data showing up. I set the title tags in the SEO Yoast plugin and yet, my titles on my pages are the default title (Home -, etc).

Is there something I need to do to get the SEO Yoast meta tags to show up? Thanks for your help!

I found the issue – it was a setting with SEO Yoast – Force Title Rewrites. Once I selected that setting all worked as expected.

Cool dea, sorry to take so long, was off for vacation, glad to hear you figured it outl! :)

Hello! I’m developing this theme and am having trouble with the SEO Yoast meta data showing up. I set the title tags in the SEO Yoast plugin and yet, my titles on my pages are the default title (Home -, etc).

Is there something I need to do to get the SEO Yoast meta tags to show up? I tried what popped up to get it to remove, but that did not work.

Thanks for your help!

Hi there,

You need to make sure Yoast overwrites the default meta tags, there’s a tick for it in the plugin. :)

Hi, I like the theme but I can’t show the sidebar on my blog page, nothing is coming up. I did create a new custom sidebar and chose it to show on my blogg page which is using a template with a sidebar but nothing is showing up there. Can You please help me?

I don’t see any widgets on a post page either… :) Can you please check your widgets?

I’m using widget logic plugin (http://wordpress.org/plugins/widget-logic/) and it’s work as I want it on all my pages but not on a news/blog page. Any idea why?

Oh… no idea what that plugin does your widgets/sidebars etc. Why do you need it? I am asking cuz the theme itself allows unlimited sidebars and works perfect without any…

Is there a way I can change the order of the items in portfolio?

nevermind, I am actually trying to change the order in the archives section http://warsonpumps.com/portfolio_category/productos/


Edit your taxonomy-portfolio_category.php template and just before the

while(have_posts()): the_post();

add this:

$args = array( 'orderby' => 'name', 'order' => 'ASC' );
global $wp_query;
$args = array_merge( $wp_query->query_vars, $args );
query_posts( $args );    

You can thus modify your default query params. :)

thanks ;)

Is there a short code to show say the latest 3 blog posts excerpts on the front page?


Sure you could use the posts carousel for that. Experiment with its params to get the best out of it, make sure you use 1/3 as width…

Is it possible to just have a plain page + sidebar page (non-post) as the homepage? I want to have just a simple homepage without the slider. When I do this it hides the page heading text?

Hi, sure that’s the case right now. Do you want the regular page heading saying “home”? You can manually create one – simply put an “h1” in a “div” with class “page_heading”. :)

tried that, but the sidebar intersects with the main nav bar and does not appear below the “page_heading” as it normally should

Your URL please? Another thing you could do is show your heading on the home page, edit your page_sidebar.php template and remove this bit:

&& !is_front_page()

I have problems with the slider in the mobile revolution is not well suited. Neither ipad. I need help please any solution

all possibilities have proven responsive and full

on the main page do not work out the menus and screen fits


I have a problem with the navigation menu, it is fine on a pc or laptop, but as soon as I look at it on an ipad, the menu tabs go to the bottom.

i can’t shorten my menu any more.

any tips?

i fixed it in message below

how can i stop the theme being responsive?

the reason i say that is because most ipad and iphone browsers automatically resize a website to fit the screen, so no real need for a responsive theme.

how do i disable the responsive features in this theme

i just removed the following in header.php:

<!-- Mobile Specific Metas
================================================== -->
  <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0, maximum-scale=1">

hi, im trying to create carousel folder exactly like aqua” featured services-sky is the limit” but i cant seem to put/attach the small size picture and brief words explaining the picture. how do i do it? Thanks

Hi there,

Check out the shortcode that is generating the carousel – posts carousel. You can add params to it as post type, etc etc. :)

i cant seem to do it. can you tell me how to do it particularly which code. and how do i include picture in carousel? Thanks

The pictures are simply the Featured Post images. Ok say you have created several blog posts (along with their Featured images). Then you would click on the posts carousel shortcode icon – please explore those, they are in the bottom line of icons in your editor. Also read about them in the documentation!

Is it possible to make the automatic scroll on the testimonials slower?

i cant seem to put my client office google map address using contact me template. it keeps rerouting to original location in US. how do i do it?

Hi there,

You need to put in the address that works in Google maps as well… :)


I love the theme I have been working on the site for a few weeks and everything has worked excellent.. great job :)

One question on my home page I have a carousel of services. Can I edit the excerpt text under the image? It pulls the first line from the inner service page and in some instances it does not read well. would love to change the text if possible

Thanks for any help you can give

Hi there, You could use the “excerpt” functionality of WP instead if you want smth custom there… To enable them – Screen Options->Excerpts … then type in your excerpt. You would then need to edit the shortcode “posts_carousel” – find the method in your “includes/shortcodes.php” and instead of pulling the beginning of the content itself you could pull the excerpt! :)

Thanks for the compliments, make sure you rate the theme if you want to share the love! :)

Thanks for the quick reply. When I try to get enable excerpts in the services posts I am not given the option to do so when I open screen options. it only shows Attributes – Featured Image – Slug – Layout ????

Oh yeah, you need to add the excerpt to the “supports” clause wherever the custom post type “service” is declared in the functions.php.


in functions.php look for: