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Hey. I still can’t access your support forums for some reason. I have a simple question. How to I insert a picture and it remain responsive?

Hi there, make sure you add it these styles (either inline or via a CSS class and your css file):

max-width: 100%;
height: auto;

Hello BlueOwl,

Can you please tell me where I can change the background color of the Alert Message Boxes.

Thank you.


Your CSS file, check with Firebug what class you need to edit. :)

Hi, Where should I put my google Analytics code or ID?



You can simply add your whole Google analytics code in your header.php

Hi, just a question… Is it possible to have a copy of the Revolution slider CSS you used in the demo? Thanks and regards: Michele

Hi Michele, Sure, it’s in the Demo, but I can also send it your way, please contact me via my profile page! :)


Could you please let me know how I would go about setting up 5 columns using shortcodes? currently the maximum is 4.


Hi there.

The Skeleton CSS framework divides the wrapper into 16 columns, as you can tell 16 doesn’t divide by 5, so you may want to get inventive… If you are desperate about using 5 check the way they handled the “1/3” columns (16 also doesn’t divide by 3, so they declared them in the CSS file as percentages, you can do the same, declare your own classes for “1/5” – you would make them 20%). Good luck! :)

Awesome thanks for the heads up! I’ll get started!

Can you tell me how to disable the mobile template option? to make it look like your computer, mobile devices.


Hi there,

Edit your stylesheet.css and skeleton.css and remove all media queries.

Then in your header.php remove this line:

<meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width, initial-scale=1, maximum-scale=1”>

A few further tweakings might be needed that you will be ok with if you have some CSS skills. Good luck! :)


I’m in the process of moving a wp installation with Aqua theme to another domain, however when I’m done with the migration (updating the wp database tables with the new database as described here http://codex.wordpress.org/Moving_WordPress ) I lose every customization I did on the theme using the theme configuration panel. Also the main menu is messed up (every nested item is shown as a first level item).

How do I fix this? Does Aqua store some configuration somewhere I’m missing?

Thank you.

I didn’t move anything, I just pointed the new domain at the same space. Then I replaced every occurence of the old domain name with the new one in every table on the db, but I lost every customization to the theme.

Hi again, Aqua uses the Option Tree plugin to store its internal options. You could try reverting to the old domain and if you have the options i would try exporting then importing with the new one. The Menu should have nothing to do with changing your domain (nor should the option tree options if you are asking me). I certainly don’t recommend replacing stuff in your DB in the first place… you could have just changed your domain from the WP configuration screen. Good luck!

Unfortunately wordpress has the bad habit of storing the absolute url everywhere which is a problem if you have to migrate to another domain. Maybe Option Tree breaks when updating the urls. Next time I’ll try to export the configuration. Thank you.

Hi, blueowlcreative. How add all portfolio category items (like this http://blueowlcreative.com/wp/aqua/portfolio_category/web-design/ ) at page. Or added text and picture to Portfolio Categories page? Is it possible to show on home page in carousel only services item by menu_order for example: 11,12,13?



Once you create your portfolio items and set them in the categories and add their featured images they will automatically show on a category page. The carousel, yes, you can set its “order” and “orderby” params as described in the documentation. :)

Hi, blueowicreative, try order_by in carusel no results. posts_carousel heading=”Portfolio” post_type=”services” order_by=”12,11,5,7” order=”desc” limit=”12” meta=”no” excerpt=”no” excerpt_char_limit=”72” exclude_current=”no” width=”four columns” scroll_by=”5” I want show only four elements from services_item – 5,7 and 11, 12 in carusel. Use id from services_item page. On category page – I want add short description about category and image.


Hello, I have emailed directly and posted on the support group.

Could you please help with the following:

1. A step by step instruction on how to remove responsiveness? (Side bars make mobile viewing less than ideal)

2. Where do I find the actual PSD files used for the template slider (home page)

3. I want to use the portfolio slider but would rather not have it titled portfolio, to have the header the category name would make more sense for my layout. Is there a way to change this or at least remove the header that says “portfolio”.

Thanks very much.

Hi there,

1. Remove all media queries within the CSS files, then remove the “viewport” meta tag in the header.php. 2. The PSDs (+ the slider) are in the package you downloaded. 3. You can name your portfolio page whatever you like, if you want to also change the “portfolio” wording in the url of the portfolio items check this:


Hi, anyway to change “portfolio” to other word? On everywhere including the url. Thanks.

Hello. I have a problem after updating to v2 of this theme. I’m getting a message in the dashboard that says:

“SEO Issue: Your theme contains a meta description, which blocks WordPress SEO from working properly. Please visit the SEO Dashboard to fix this.”

It’s SEO by Yoast plugin saying that the them has meta tags that are overriding the ones the plugin is trying to do. I can verify this by fiewing source of the site. Both title and description are being overwritten by something in the theme.

Can you please help me put this part back? I need that gone and very quickly so as not to destroy my SEO rankings.


The theme simply has some default meta tags just in case you are not using any SEO plugins. To fix this you can either remove them (from header.php) or simply ask YOAST (yes, it has that option) to overwrite the defaults in your header.php! :)

I originally checked the overwrite option before submitting this and it overwrote the title tag, but not the description, which is why I messaged you. I just removed the 2 lines of php in the header and all is well. Thanks again for helping. Much appreciated.

Good day!

I got a question for you. Where do I have to change the orderby (in which file) so that I can modify the order of my projects in my portfolio page? (kinda like this page: http://blueowlcreative.com/wp/aqua/portfolio/)



It’s the portfolio-three-column.php file you need to edit. Within you will find the $args array, you can add “order” and “orderby” params to it like shown here: http://codex.wordpress.org/Class_Reference/WP_Query#Order_.26_Orderby_Parameters


OH SNAP! Thanks! :D


I have set es_ES in wp-config.php and I have translated everything in the es_ES.po file. Spanish translations works properly but when I send a message in the Contact form, it does send it in English: Mail:

Name: luks

Email: ...@gmail.com

Subject: test2

Comments: pruebas 2


These are set in the contact.php here:

$body = "Name: $name \n\nEmail: $email \n\nSubject: $subject \n\nComments:\n $comments";

You can change them if you want! :)

Is there any way to set up the Google maps in Spanish?

It shows: Maps instead of Mapa, Directions instead of Dirección…



You can note this line in your contact.php:

and feel free to change the “hl” param that is set to “en”! ;)

i just purchased your aqua wordpress theme, i found the container will move when i hover my drop down menu. can you advise me how to solve this issue? urgent check my web: www.dchl.my/web

Hi there,

What browser are you under? I don’t see anything moving with Chrome? :)


I have a problem with the function search, it doesn’t work well. When I search something, it shows entire pages and doesn’t show the word. I saw that there’s no search.php in the theme files.

Could you help? Thanxxx !


You can simply duplicate the index.php and create the custom search search page. Check here: http://support.blueowlcreative.com/discussion/comment/2314#Comment_2314

Thank you Blueowlcreative! I followed your tutorial but now I only have the titles of the pages where the word appears. (I deleted the code in yellow and <?php the_content(); ?>)

Also some words which are important to be found are in the title of documents who are in a private library… they don’t show up..

Is it possible to show a bit of the page where the word appears ? and even if they are in the private part of the website?

Thanxx again ;)


What private part of the website? Your URL?

Hi, Some pages are only accessible for members, because they contain private documents. My client would like that the members can find the documents via the search… The website is in localhost for the moment, I’ll give you the url when it will be online. Thanxx

Well, how are they going to find them if they are private? Is the search going to work for signed in members only?

The search has to work for members and non members because there is other pages in the website that can be visited by everybody.

For the logged people : they should find the documents with the search.

For the unlogged people : in case of the search shows the link of the private page, they are redirected to a “access not allowed” page, so it’s ok that they can’t access to the documents.

Hi, it sound like you need some custom implementation of such functionality… You can build custom queries for the separate searches.

Hi blueowl,

Sorry to bother and sorry to ask such a silly question:

On a portfolio page, is it possible to have text under the images? I can only get text on the right hand side of the page.

Thank you!


Sure, you can edit your single-portfolio.php template and edit it anyway you want. Currently the image is in a column and the text is in another, you can change that… :)

Hello! I have a couple of questions about the aqua theme – First of all – Beautiful clean theme. ;-) Here are a few questions. 1 – How would I add a ”...” after the shortened text of 72 characters of the Featured Services post? This is the code now:

2 – How can I make the email on the home page be a link?

3 – I would like to have a management page with photos and bios. I would like it to be an accordion bio next to the photo. I am having problems making the accordion close after it auto opens with the page.

Thank you for your help!

OK OK – So I’m new at Wordpress and downloaded a theme and was doing great… up until I got this!

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ’<’ in /home/content/93/10660193/html/centriconsulting/wp/wp-content/themes/Aqua/includes/shortcodes.php on line 507

I was editing the Shortcodes and trying to add a ”...read more” on the end of carousel posts and got this and now I can’t get into my site!

Can you please help me?

Thank you!

I can’t even log into wordpress!

Hi, revert the changes to the file you have made first, then start over… :)

Nice theme! I’m interested buying this. I wonder how can I disable responsiveness of the theme? I dont want the responsive feature.


Normally it can be disabled by removing the media queries from the CSS files and the viewport meta tag in the header.php :)