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Hi. I am stumped. Is there anyway to have a sidebar fall UNDERNEATH the revolutionary slider on a page? Right now I have two columns underneath the slider, but I’d rather just have a sidebar start UNDErneath the slider so I can put images/widgets in the sidebar. See an example of how I have it now with two columns: http://www.pickupandscan.com/scanning/

The second column I would prefer to be a sidebar. If you add a sidebar with the slider, the sidebar starts at the top of the page, and pushes the slider to the left. Any thoughts on how to have a sidebar fall underneath the SLIDER?

nevermind. we got it to work.

It’s a greatly styled theme, but some basic structural elements are fundamentally wrong.

Why would you add in a standard meta description tag that duplicates the same description across all pages/posts? And when using an SEO plugin this is still there, and before the SEO plugin’s value. Not good.

Also, why is the wordpress ‘site name’ a H1 and the title of a post/page a H3? Surely the title of a page is more relevant on an individual page than the ‘site name’? Don’t search engines already know the value weighting of the site name by its URL?

Hi there,

The meta tag in the header.php is there so that one is available even for people that don’t use external plugins. Any good SEO plugin has the option to overwrite that default tag! As to the second question not sure where you are looking… Of course the Post/Page name is an H1, are you sure you are looking at my theme? :)

The meta description doesn’t get overwritten by all in one seo. And even Yoast’s says this line should be deleted: <meta name=”description” content=”<?php bloginfo(‘description’); ?>” />

H1s do appear on each page/post, I must have viewed the wrong source. BUT, the title of the site is wrapped in a h1 id logo tag. This means there are two h1s on every page/post. Which should an SE choose as the most important? You’d think it was easy, but sometimes Google and Yahoo bots become confused.

The H1 for the site title is there simply when you haven’t uploaded your logo which is very rare! Even if you open WP’s default themes you will see the site’s title is in an H1! Again… if your plugin doesn’t rewrite the meta tag in the header simply remove it, thanks for the input anyway.

Is there an option to show posts only by “Category Name”(carrousel Portfolio) Thanks A Lot


Yes, pass in the “category_name” param to the shortcode! :)

Hi I’m really struggling to create a simple two column layout on a portfolio page.

I’m using the following shortcode: 1 text/columncolumn 1 text[/column]

...and for some reason column two text appears underneath column 1 text (and slightly indented).

Have I missed something really simple? I’m just trying to create a 3 column (including sidebar) portfolio page – I can do this on a standard page (which is not ideal), but not the portfolio, for some reason.

Please help! Thanks in advance.

Hi there,

By default the portfolio item page is separated into 2 columns, 1 for your images, the other one for text. You can view the structure yourself in single-portfolio.php, edit it anyway you please! :)

Hi. Thanks for your reply. I don’t know .php well enough to edit the single-portfolio.php. Do you think you could help me with this pls :) – I guess it’s just a case of amending the code? I’m trying to achieve this layout on page 2. https://www.dropbox.com/s/taz0vlw9g2a41mm/Site%20visual%202.pdf

can I also add a sidebar to the portfolio pages? I’ve just noticed this style of page doesn’t give me the option. Maybe I need to look at producing my design from a ‘post’ instead of portfolio item?


We really love the aqua theme, but we are struggling with the services carrousel. How can we make sure that a larger amount of tekst is shown underneath the carrouselon the home pages? I hope you can help!

Thanks in advance :)

Hm, strange. This works just fine for me:

[posts_carousel heading="Category" post_type="services" category_slug="" order_by="date" order="DESC" limit="10" meta="yes" excerpt="yes" excerpt_char_limit="300" exclude_current="yes" width="four columns" scroll_by="4"][/posts_carousel]
showing like 10 lines of text…

Thanks! Copying that worked fine… We probably accidentally deleted something there. We though have one more question though: is it possible to show different amounts of text for different services items? So for example show 100 characters in one and 150 in another?

Hey, nope, it’s uniform.

Is it possible to have a fullwidth site using aqua? I see evrything seems to be boxed.

I mean, it says fullwidth, but the slider is still boxed. Hope I explained myself. :p


It is boxed as there’s still a wrapper that all the content needs to go into… With the navigation the way it is it wasn’t planned to have the slider full width, you can still do so though, but you may need to modify the template file for pages – the page.php. You can manually import your slider there (you can add it to your templates instead of via the editor). So you need to put it after the navigation and before the actual “sixteen columns” div and “row” (the ones that define the width of the wrapper). Also add a check for the home page so you display it only there.

Hello. Is there documentation on setting up the menu, particularly the one on the homepage, which doesn’t seem to be in “Menus.”




Sure, you can create your own menu under MENUS and then set it as your main navigation, no real documentation needed on this… :)

Great, thank you!

Hi, I use https:// for my site The services carrousel images only use http:// how do I make the images url https://

Any help would be appreciated


Have you changed the protocol globally under your WP settings?

Hello! I’ve messed up my code a bit. On the homepage, the tabs feature at the bottom left of the page, I have somehow put some extra spaces in the first tag “Delicious Flavors.” How can I fix?


Make sure you edit the page under the TEXT editor rather than VISUAL and remove the spacing between the headings within the tabs as WP adds a newline by default before and after those. :)

I was editing in Text. Here’s my code. What do I need to fix to get rid of that space above the words “Classic, Luxurious, and Trendy?”

http://www.deliciouscakes.com/ buy your cake from us?/heading[tab id=1] 

Classic, Luxurious, or Trendy

  • Our cakes are not just beautiful – They’re Absolutely Delicious!
  • From white to carrot to chocolate liqueur – we have your flavor.
  • A variety of traditional, mousse, and cream fillings available.
  • id=2]

25 Years Experience

  • Family owned and operated.
  • We’ve served thousands of North Texas brides.
  • All cakes made from scratch.

Customer Service

  • We bake hundreds of custom cakes every week.
  • Our customers receive individual attention to make their wedding cakes personalized and special.
  • Our cakes are so delicious that many local restaurants carry them – you’ve probably tried our cakes and not realized it!

Hey, please use the PRE and CODE tags to display code here, otherwise it gets rendered by the browser. :)


Please help… I can’t seem to add a sidebar on a ‘default template’ page. Even if I select one from the list, it doesn’t appear on my published page. I’ve got a two column layout on my pages, will this effect having a sidebar at all?

Is this a static page you are talking about? You can split the content of your page into 2 columns using the columns widget, make it “six” + “six” as that equalts 12, then you have the “four” of the sidebar and that adds up to 16 which is the total of your wrapper.

This works great now, thanks :) Finally, is there any way to have the sidebar start underneath the page slider on a ‘page+sidebar’ template? I really need the page to have a full width slider with everything else on the page come below it.

You could edit your page.php template. You could add a check for the home page at the top (above the content and the sidebar split) and add your slider there as code (you know you could add a slider either to the content via shortcode or to the code – it tells you how in the slider plugin itself).

How can I adjust the speed of the Testimonials? I went into aqua.common.js and tried to edit the “animation: 600” in the section shown below but it seemed to have make no difference.

/* Testimonials */ $(".testimonials_carousel").each(function(){ var is_auto_scroll = $(this).hasClass('auto_scroll'); $(this).jcarousel({ auto: (is_auto_scroll ? 5 : 0), wrap: (is_auto_scroll ? "last" : ""), scroll: 1, easing: "easeInOutExpo", animation: 600 }); }); /* Testimonials::END */

hey, it’s actually the is_auto_scroll… so change the 5 to say 8 or 9… :)

Hi! Can I change the transition time in the autoscroll of testimonials?


Find this bit in your aqua.common.js:

auto: (is_auto_scroll ? 5 : 0),
and change the 5 to say 8.


I have a problem with my Gallery. For example I trying to put some photo or video in one category portfolio gallery and then not shows me..! =S

How can I solve this?



What gallery are you talking about? A portfolio item of type gallery? You need to upload several images at once to the featured image of it in order to produce the gallery type with the slider.

Hello, for the blog page, no matter what I do, I cannot define a different sidebar for this particular page. It takes the Aqua side bar. How can I solve this so that I can choose a different sidebar that I have created?


The Blog uses the default one, so simply use that and if you want different sidebars for your other Pages/Blog items, create new sidebars for them.

Great, thanks!

Hi, I have problem with images responsive.. please check the below links: 1. http://www.starsolutiontechnologies.com/paylogic/why-paylogic/ i use add media to insert image on ipad and desktop it is working fine but problem with mobile device.. 2. http://www.starsolutiontechnologies.com/paylogic/world-class-support/ this page too have same problem..

3. http://www.starsolutiontechnologies.com/paylogic/about-us/ in this page problem with the heading The PayLogic Network platform will provide you with: on mobile device this heading is not properly visible..

Please help me to fix these issues as soon as possible. Thanks


1. Simply add the “scale-with-grid” class to your img tag to make the image responsive. 2. Same thing 3. I don’t see such title, maybe you have removed it? :)


If I want to change the permalink structure for the services, where do I do that without breaking everything?

Example, default says http://mysite.com/services_item/item-text/

If I want it just to be http://mysite.com/services/item-text/

I looked in the single-services.php, didn’t see it.


I looked in the functions.php, this? (add_image_size(‘portfolio-full’, 940, 600, true);) I haven’t tried messing with it yet. Just in a services post where it has you set the “Featured Image”

It’s just way too big for what I want, just wanted it to be a little smaller. Looks like it’s displaying 700×476 but I think my image is only 500×375.

If you upload a smaller image it won’t be resized to the bigger size, it will just show it’s default size…

Thanks. I don’t want to fill up the thread here. I’ll send you an email to discuss further.

How do you make the FAQ’s start off with the answer hidden and just the questions showing with the ”+” rather than showing the whole answer and the ”-” to start off?

You should pass “no” to your “is_open” param. :)

In the Table Shortcodes I cant seem to get it to make more than 4 colums as I need 5. I tried adding code to make it show 5 colums but then the rows dont show under that column when i add it. How do i fix this?


Just pass 5 for the “columns” param of the price_table shortcode and then add another subshortcode for your extra column! ;)

Hello, I noticed that only some of the icons on this page http://blueowlcreative.com/wp/aqua/elements/icons/ were included in the file I downloaded. How do I get the others? I tried taking a screenshot, converting to a .png, and uploading it, but it doesn’t seem to work. Any suggestions? Thank you

I was trying to use the droplet icon in the “Iconed Featured Text Section.” I can use the checkmark, heart, and a few others, but that’s it.

To use the extra icons simply add an extra “icon” label to the icon attribute of the shortcode… like so:

[feat_text title="Featured Title" icon="icon icon-heart" href=""]Featured Text[/feat_text]

You rock! Thank you

Where in editor can I find this code to adjust speed of testimonials? Which doc?

auto: (is_auto_scroll ? 5 : 0),