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I would like to only view the thumbnails when using:

[posts_carousel heading="Recente opdrachtgevers" post_type="portfolio" order_by="order" order="date" limit="4" meta="no" excerpt="no" excerpt_char_limit="72" exclude_current="yes" width="four columns" scroll_by="4"][/posts_carousel]

and not also the movies. When viewing the single portfoliopage it works fine and I only see the thumbnails.

Is there a code available to get this also on the homepage?

Thank you in advance,

Hi, you have the other post too right? Please be more specific, you want to not show videos or images or what, in the carousel or on the post item page?


Thank you for your fast reply. I would like to display recent portfolio items in the homepage, but when I use the shortcode above, it displays the video iframe if video type is set and not the thumbnail.

I hope this is more clear.

Thank you in advance

ah, ok, you can edit your shortcode – “shortcode_posts_carousel” and “shortcode_portfolio_carousel” if using the portfolio carousel are the names of the methods in includes/shortcodes.php

You can modify what to display there!


Template looks great. But is it possible to show carousel only on main page (disable featured image on post)?

Sure you can, simply need to remove the image from the post template. :)

Can I link the 4 service blocks on the homepage to my one ‘services’ page in the top nav. I don’t need 4 separate pages:


Thank you!


You could simply use a URL Redirecting plugin and point those to your single Services page if you will. :)

Now why didn’t I think of that. Genius! :p

Hi, i want to use custom header image for all pages and posts.. i don’t want to use BreadCrumbs so i have disable it. but want to use header image just below the navigation menu. example site how i want to use ..http://www.northamericanbancard.com/getstarted I have install unique header plugin but the header image is showing below the page heading title. i want it below the menu navigation and above the page title.. this is my site http://www.starsolutiontechnologies.com/paylogic/sample-page/contact-form/

Thanks, it worked but small issue with css image is going little bit right to menu bar.. you can see the link herehttp://www.starsolutiontechnologies.com/paylogic/products-and-services/point-of-sale/

also i want to reduce the white space between the menu navigation and header image

I find the solution for this… thanks a lot for helping me with header image..

Can you help me with something…

I’m trying to customize the 404 template. I’m okay with HTML and CSS, just not PHP.

I’ve gone into the template, removed the red banner that is default and set up a 12 width column on left, and a 4 width column on right. In the left, I’m doing straight HTML and CSS for the 404 error message.

What I’d like to know is how to load a sidebar into the right column.

I’ve gone into the temple settings and added a new sidebar called “404-sidebar”.

Then, after some basic research, I thought that adding the code

<?php get_sidebar(‘404-sidebar’); ?>

would load it, but it’s not.

Could you please tell me what snippet of PHP I need to edit this? I have no need to add a function within the theme that would add a “setting” to change the widget. I’m perfectly fine hard coding in the “404-sidebar” into this area.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Hi, First off the newly created dynamic sidebar by you doesn’t work as its ID can’t start with a digit, call it smth like sidebar_404. Then make sure it works, add some widgets to it, add it to a simple page/post. From then on you can continue with adding it to your 404 page, you are on the right track! You wouldn’t need the 4 columns div as the sidebar itself has it in it (you can check sidebar.php). Good luck! :)

didn’t know that about the digit… Thanks! I’ve checked that it works. Thanks for the info about not needing the 4 column div.

I’m glad I’m on the right track at least. Thanks!

Hey bud… sorry to keep bugging you but I found an error today. Please take a look at http://www.multiversemediagroup.com/portfolio/

On the second line, the first column, there is a portfolio item space missing. There are plenty of items in the portfolio and they should be filling up that spot, but they are not.


Make sure the Image sizes (or to be more exact – the proportions of your images) are consistent. Your first image’s height is greater than the rest. :)

Okay… thanks. I’ll do that. I won’t bother you after unless that doesn’t fix it.

Not a problem, I am here to help.

Hey bud… I have another question though I know this is not technically in the realm of support, but a point in the right direction would be great.

My business has 3 main types of business, there is some cross over, but each is fairly unique. Within each type, there are multiple categories of work.

That said, we would like to have 3 separate portfolios for each of these types of work, each with their own categories. I’d be fine with them all looking the same, but I really need them separated.

Could you please briefly tell me what would need to happen to accomplish this? What I could guess is creating the new custom post types (with unique names) and creating new short-codes for the portfolios (also with unique names).

Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

Sure mate, a step by step process is thoroughly explained on how to replicate the portfolio section in our forum:



Awesome… I’ll give it a go.

sorry… one more issue just came up. The page http://www.multiversemediagroup.com/marketing-agency/online-lead-generation/ the footer is not full width, and it has some padding (or margin) on top of it. No other footer is like this. I’m not sure what I did wrong or if it’s a theme issue. Can you take a look?

Hey there, looking good, guess you fixed it? I suppose you had an unclosed tag or smth… :)

I’m not sure what it was, but yes it’s fixed now. I probably did. I was having some issues with the circle graph short code. I noticed that if it’s wraped in a

tag with center alignment, like from the visual side of the editor, random formatting errors occur. When it’s in a

with center alignment though, no problems.

When I messaged you about the footer, the circle graph was also messed up. the only thing I did was change the code for the circle graph and both got fixed. ???

Thanks though. :)

hello! great theme. I’m using and I’m just glad I bought it. I have a question: is the theme compatible with wordpress 3.7.1?

Hi, sure is. Thanks for the feedback, make sure you rate it if you like it! :)

Hi, sorry again to bug you… i have problem with responsive.. please check my current site http://www.starsolutiontechnologies.com/paylogic/products-and-services/point-of-sale/

except home page all pages are not responsive because of the images.. how to make these images responsive?? please do help me

By styling it I meant just add some css for it… like “float: right;”


Thanks, i need one more help i want to use image slider same as the one i have on the home page.. i try to add the revolution slider shortcode but it is not coming in the header like how it coming on home page… is there way i can use that slider on other pages in the header session just below the menu links…


Nope, planning to implement this in a future version though. You could instead add some slider to your page content.

Hi there,

I would like to add “Contact” to the header menu and have it link to my contact and company information page. How do I do that?


Use your Appearance->Menu to create/edit your menus.

Hi mate I’d like to show the [posts carousel] to only show certain ‘pages’ (and exclude other pages), please can you tell me how I can list the ‘pages’ which need excluding. At the moment, every time I add a new page, it automatically get’s added to my carousels. Cheers.

Obviously you missed a piece or you wouldn’t be getting the error. Did you remove the old one all the way down to the curly braces “}” including it? :)

Hi. Yup, I made sure the curly braces were there. Do you think you could test it at your end and email the entire shortcodes.php with the new piece added? My site is almost ready to go live :)

Sure, pls contact me via my profile page form. :)

Please could you give me some assistance on the homepage of http://test-webzite.co.uk/ccs/ When clicking on the tabs to switch them, the page scrolls down? There is nothing in the code I’ve added that would cause this. I checked the elements page, and it’s the same on that.

Yes, it scrolls down cuz it scrolls to the tabs content, it’s a part of the anchor tag <a></a> browser specificity in general.


thank you. How would I rectify this so it switches without scrolling down? Can I just remove the a tags?

You could experiment by editing the shortcode method for the tabs and the code it generates under includes/shortcodes.php but the anchors are part of the logic the way they are now.

how to make out only the services I want. for different carrousels on the same page


You can use the category-slug param.

Great theme. We want to display posts from a single category in two columns next to a sidebar. So, in the main content area, we would have 6-column | 6-column | sidebar. And we need pagination as well. Do we need to create a new custom template for this?


Yes, that would be the best way I think, then list the posts you need in the separate columns. :)

hello, i am trying to place a header image in the right side of header. Can you help with basic CSS to make this happen? Would I put that code in stylesheet? Thank you!


You could either add your CSS code locally to the header.php (where you add the HTML) or take it out to your CSS file or Theme Options -> Custom CSS. Customizations are totally on your side though, I could probably give you some guides if you are stuch though, url? Good luck!

Can the “feature text” Titles be made into links? I’m trying but can’t figure out how or if it can me done. Thanks.

This is what I have

[feat_text title="<a title="Video Production" href="http://www.multiversemediagroup.com/video-production/">Video Production</a>" icon="icon icon-film"]

It doesn’t work.

[feat_text title=”Video Production” icon=”icon icon-film” href=”http://www.whatevaurl.com”]

ahhh… I see. Thanks.


Nice theme. Can I use this template with example WooCommerce ?

Hi Kevin, not unless you setup your own templates. Thanks for your interest. :)

Hey Blueowl,

I am interested in purchasing this template but I would like to know how to change the slider to about half the size and then enter a contact/lead generation form on the right side.

I noticed another commenter did this on his website http://www.multiversemediagroup.com

Is that easy to implement?

Thank you

I tried the code you gave me [feat_text title=”How We Can Help” icon=”icon icon-home”] and different variations like adding icon type=”icon icon-home” and i still can’t get the images to appear.

When I use the icon from the pull down menu it works but shows /icon] and the icon appears beneath the Title.

Lol, literally just figured it out. The quotes that you provided were backwards. Thank you for the help! By the way do you any recommended backgrounds?

Well the quotes here get messed up, sorry. :) Backgrounds for what??

Is it possible to show all services in one page like post carousel, but without the left/right arrows?

hmm, good point, it will still be the one with the arrows, but you can show the arrows only in responsive then… :)

Can you modify post_carousel shortcode in order to obtain this? http://www.laluminosa.it/portfolio_3.html?

You can do whatever you please basically and yes, sure you can.