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I have a question about an SSL problem. I’m getting an SSL error on one of my pages.

It’s happening because of mixed http and https assets.

Basically some of the images on the page are being pulled in as http on an https page. I had some hard coded images on the page that I incorrectly assigned as http. I fixed those and still got the error.

Then I used firebug to inspect the elements. The social media icons from the theme on the top and bottom are being pulled in as http. These are coming in through settings so I don’t know how to change that.

The theme’s logo and RSS images ARE coming through as https though. It’s just the social icons.

Please advise what to do. Thanks.

Looks like I can control the destination URL, but not the source image URL. That appears to be handles elsewhere in the theme. I am talking about the images themselves, not what they link to. Thanks.

The actual images are set by CSS and are with relative paths… What am I missing? :)

that’s what I needed to know. I just wanted to know wether it was set in CSS or PHP and where. I’ll start digging in the css. Thanks.

Also, why do bullets not work on blogs… actually most short codes don’t.

It’s just the bullets, but for that simply use the “list” shortcode from the Theme specific shortcodes. The reason I removed the default bullets styling is because the carousels create lists and they get messed up. :)

sounds good. Thanks.

Is there some specific setting to make my site responsive? It looks terrible on a cell phone?




Awesome-thank you.

What is the easy way to just turn off the responsive, so the site just resizes everything down to fit on a screen depending on size? I know that will make it hard to use the site, but at least that way it wil look like the “normal” sized window site, just smaller.

Removing all media queries in all your CSS files, I strongly suggest you don’t though as the CSS framework used by default is responsive. You should simply comply with the few rules to keep everything responsive and you will be fine.

Hi BOC How do I remove the search box from the page header? Can you highlight the code from the index.php which I need to remove please. Thanks Matt

Hi, you have a setting for it in the ThemeOptions I believe. :)

If not add this to your Custom Styles box:

.header_search {
display: none;

hi there, are there any video tutorials on this theme?


No, it’s documentation is very simple and well written though, plus I am here to help if you get stuck. :)

Hi! I just bought your theme for my dad’s business website. I have a few questions.

1. The Revolution Slider shows the right picture, but only the top of the picture. How many pixels should the image be to be fully seen in the Revolution Slider?

2. The langauge of the Contact Page Template is English. So ‘Contact’ ‘Subject’ and so on are in English. How can I change these words to Dutch?

3. In the footer I see a link to your website and the words ‘Aqua Theme © 2013’. How can I change this? I can’t find it in Widgets—> Footer, because there seems to be nothing in the footer areas.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Rosalinde,

1. You mean the bgr or a front image in the slider. You can import the Demo data, it’ll be a great starting point for you to get comfortable with sizes and what goes where… 2. You can hardcode them in there, or if you are to use language translation and multi language, you could follow the steps in the Documentation on how to translate your website/labels. 3. There’s an option for that under Theme options.

Good luck! :)

My contact form does not seem to be working?


I have tested using several different emails and trying to leave the contact email blank as well as filled in to no avail?

Also, is there a re-direct or a “thank you for contacting us” message?


Can you debug printing out the POST array to see if the data is coming it at all?

you lost me…no idea how to do that


in the php code at the top of your script

Also, The last two bottom right links are lined up incorrectly with the others in the column:


ANy ideas?


Never mind-figured it out.

Another dumb question-whats the easiest way to make all links in the page content a bright red, underlined that’s bold?


I would appreciate it!


lol-thx. I have been trying to no avail….any ideas

Never mind-figured it out.

i take it the theme is woocommerce compatible ? I have already purchased it (some time ago) and am now ready to install and set it up.



Hi Ian, the theme doesn’t come woocommerce out of the box as clearly stated in the description. You could make it work with it though provided you have the sufficient knowledge. Good luck! :)

I’m trying to add portfolio categories into menu. It worked very easily when I did so last time in the “Appearance—menu” sections. But the option of portfolio category disappeared from the menu section when I re-installed the theme after some other problem occurred(not caused by Aqua Theme). The “Portfolio Category” in menu section is gone, how can I get it back?


Make sure it’s checked under SCREEN OPTIONS (top right). :)

the color of tag is the same as the color of simple text,vistor can not differentiate between them,can you give me a solution to fix it?


You could easily change that in your stylesheet.css file or your Custom CSS under Theme options:

a, a:visited {
color: red;

is red the best choice?

That is up to you to decide, I just gave you an example. :)

Hello BlueOwl,

I would like to use one of the pages as a landing page by eliminating the nav menu and the search bar. Is there a css code I can use to accomplish this with that particular page?

Thank you in advance

Well you could do it yourself, how about:

#menu, .header_search {
display: none;


demo site is offline…. :(

How can i change footer layout? I want 3 widget instead of 4.

<div class="one-third column">....</div>

it doesn’t work, it remains like the picture i sent in the last message…

Hi again,

Make sure you remove the width in your stylesheet.css file here:

#footer .column

Does the template work with WP3.81?

hello, i’m going to purchase this theme for a client, but I need to ensure it can have multi level drop down menus. like this…

category 1 – item 1 – item 1a – item 1b category 2 – item 2a – item 2b

Thank you

this is the site i’m re-designing http://aerodetection.com/

Hey, you can check under Features the multi-level drop down menu! :) Anything else you need, let me know. Good luck!

oh yeah, d’oh. thank you

any plans for addition of Woocommerce support?



Not for now, planning on launching a new WooC. theme pretty soon though, so check back in soon! Thanks for your interest! :)

How do I move the main navbar up towards the logo?

I have tried several different classes and ID’s and cannot seem to get it to move up?

What class or ID do I need to alter within the css?



Hola! You could enther something like this in your Theme Options -> Custom CSS styles:

.header.row {
margin-bottom: 5px;


WOOT-that did it! Thank you!

One more CSS question. How about how do I remove some of the extra spacing after the 3 featured areas on the home page? I want less space between them and the footer:


Thank you!

.section_featured_texts p { margin-bottom: 0; }