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hi, i’m trying to replicate the Featured Services on the demo site home page, but can’t workout how to do it. Is this a carousel or another kind of element or something?

thank you

its ok i figured out its a carousel using the Services info that comes as part of the theme. But how are the images being generated? (they don’t come with the demo data file so I can’t tell), thanks


The images are the Featured Images of the Services Items. :)



this link throws back a 404 error code? Where else can i see the icons please!?

yes, thanks, although they don’t seem to be working for me. I’ve changed the first icon to the home icon, like this

title="UK-wide Delivery" icon="home"]Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world./feat_text [column width="1/3" position="none" ] [feat_text title="12 mths parts warranty"

Can you see anything wrong here?


by the way, the icon didn’t show on the page at all

Using these icons requires an extra ‘icon’ param… Use them like so:

[feat_text title="Featured Title" icon="icon icon-home" href=""]Featured Text[/feat_text]

Are you going to update this theme with the most current version of the slider?


Hi Lisa,

Sure I am planning on doing so within the next week or two along with a few minor updates. Please contact me via my profile page form if you need it now. Thanks!

Hi! I’m interested in buying this theme, it looks clean and well designed, but I have a question before i go ahead and buy it, the theme’s suppose responsive, for phones and tablets, however, when I open the theme demo on a iphone is statics, not responsive, is it because is a demo? please advise. thanks!

Hi there, did you close ThemeForest’s frame on top, that seems to sometimes cause problems… :)

yup! that was it, thanx!


Really nice template, thanks ;-)

One question: I am using 2 post carousels on 1 page which works fine untill on smaller widths on tablet and phone. Suddenly only the first post carousel is visible. What could I do to fix this? (see shortcodes I used on bottom)

Thanks in advance,

Cheers, Ariane

[posts_carousel heading="" post_type="maritiem" category_slug="" order_by="date" order="ASC" limit="2" meta="no" excerpt="yes" excerpt_char_limit="138" exclude_current="no" width="four columns" scroll_by="2"][/posts_carousel]

[posts_carousel heading="" post_type="maritiem" category_slug="" order_by="date" order="DESC" limit="3" meta="no" excerpt="yes" excerpt_char_limit="138" exclude_current="no" width="four columns" scroll_by="3"][/posts_carousel]

Hi, The URL is http://bv.aqualitywaterbehandeling.nl/maritiem/ The effect of disappearing the second row of post carousel is also there when I resize the browser window. I don’t understand why. Thanks for looking.


The carousels are there, the items in them simply appear one a time when viewed in responsive mode and you need to click the arrows to see the rest of them so all you need to show the arrows in the responsive mode section in your styles, so they appear only when viewed in smaller screens!

O yes, you’re right! I should have thought of that myself but thank you for looking and your reply! Ariane

Hi, Great theme… I was wondering how easy would it be to change the base grid to 1170 instead of 960 Any help would be appreciated

Many thanks


You could write your own screen media queries in skeleton.css, that should do the job! :)


It’s possible change the color of the border?. Thanks! Mcruz

Which border? :)

Hi For exemple, this border: http://bit.ly/1dXd5h5



Find this entry in your stylesheet.css and remove its background image:

.title, .post_description h2.title


Hi, I saw that you are about to update the theme shortly. Can you please add in control panel the option of adding 4 columns. or give clear instructions to people on how to add 4 columns.

This is the way I found I had to do it [column width="1/4" position="first" ]some text[/column] [column width="1/4" position="" ]some text[/column] [column width="1/4" position="" ]some text[/column] [column width="1/4" position="last" ]some text [/column]

instead of

[column width="1/4" position="first" ]some text[/column] [column width="1/4" position="none" ]some text[/column] [column width="1/4" position="none" ]some text[/column] [column width="1/4" position="last" ]some text [/column] this way just messes up the spacing

there is nothing in the documents on how to add 4 columns

Hi there,

The “first” param is simply passed only to the first column, as the “last” is passed to the last one, then for the rest you need to leave the position param blank instead of passing “none”. I will make a note to add this to the documentation, cheers! :)

Hi, nice clean looking theme, couple of questions. Does the theme have a full width option rather than boxed? Thanks, Denis


Ya, check the options panel (to the far left of the screen). The content is still centered but there’s no background and no wrapper that surrounds it. Thanks for the compliments too, glad to hear you like it. :)

Hi, can you help please? I’m trying to crop images in the media area to go in to the Features carousel, but it just won’t save the edits I’m making. The Save button seems to be inactive. Updating doesn’t seem to save the changes either

Thank yoiu

Hi there,

Image cropping is innate to WP, your theme shouldn’t have anything to do with it. Are you using a plugin or the default feature?

I’m using the default feature. Maybe I should use a plug-in?

The default one should work OK as well… check if your user rights allow you to modify your images, I would then maybe try out a plugin. :)

hello again, I have a list of services on the home page in a carousel. Is it possible to easily make these appear in the main navigation bar at the top of the pages?

that works :) thank you for your excellent support, this is a great theme. Do you think it’s be possible to have a drop down menu on the main nav bar where the main item (Services here) is not a page not all, and just reveals the sub items below it when clicked. Otherwise I’ll have to create a page called Services and make up some content for it

Services - Service 1 - Service 2 - Service 3

Sure you can, add it from the “Links” section under the Menus and for URL you can enter the ”#” symbol! Rate the theme if you like it if you want to share the love! :)


Can someone get the live preview working again?

Still nothing…

Hi again,

Please contact me via my profile page, I assume your ISP might have a blacklist of my hosting or something… nothing else I can think of, you can surely ask them as well! :)

I sent you a note. Thanks

Will there be an update compatible with PHP 5.4? My site is down right now because this theme doesnt support it?

Hi again,

This is surely strange, my friend, as I am developing my themes under PHP 5.4. :) How about you contact your hosting and ask them for the system errors that appear in their logs, then we can debug if something comes up. Let me know! ;)

Problem solved. I had to re-download the original theme files and had to replace the “includes folder” via FTP. Just a heads up incase this happens to anyone else.

How imminent is the update….On themeforest is indicates this theme has not been updated since July 9th, 2013. I need to basically update an existing site with a new theme and be finished by Sunday night.

Hi there, what exactly do you need to update from the theme? I am planning on updating the slider + a few small thing within the following week or so. :)


I’ve been trying and have been unsuccessful at installing this theme. Yes, I unzipped the downloaded ThemeForest folder, and am trying to upload Aqua.zip. But nothing’s happening. It uploads for a while, and then resets and starts uploading again, and then I get an error.

I am uploading via wp-admin.


[multiple post. sorry about that]

[multiple post. sorry about that]

What subsite? Create a new WP installation in a subdirectory so you are working clean, you will be just fine then. :)

Hi, I couldn’t buy that theme via Paypal. Is there any problem? Can we buy it from Paypal?

Hi, why not, as far as I know ThemeForest does accept Paypal… :) Try again or contact them! Good luck!

Hi. Congratulations, nice job! I’m thinking of purchase the theme, i’d love it. I have a question: where is the testimonials page? I mean, where my clients should go to type their testimonials about me? And, where they are stored? Can i moderate their testimonials? Thanks a lot! Regards, Carol

Hi again! :) well, so there is no way to generate a testimonial page where my clients can write their tesminomials by themselves? If i want a testimonials section I have to write each text by myself? I wish had something like this: http://quintagroup.com/contact/testimonial Is it possible? Thanks again, regards!

You can create yourself a page like that with a contact form where they send it to you and then you add it, I assure it’s better this way, that way you can post the best out of them! :)

Thank you bluewlcreative!!! Regards, Carol

Hey Blueowl,

Loving the theme still, but need to know if these modifications can be done.

Is it possible to have the header a different color than white? For example, the background of the header (above the navigation bar) is white and then becomes black in the footer. I would like to make the top part a black color like the footer

Also, is it possible to extend the length of the navigation bar? I have too many pages on the top nav bar which causes my last page (Contact Us) to drop underneath the home Icon.

Thanks for your help!

Do you know a custom CSS way of changing the white background to a different color? Thanks for your asssistance

I figured out a work around. I just added black to the side of my banner and that made the top navigation black.

Hi there,

When I set a featured image in a portfolio or featured services page, it appears in the carousel and also appears as a main image at the top of its page.

Is there any way for a featured image to only appear within the carousel and not at the top of the page?

You could edit your single_portfolio.php template and see how the featured images added to the post are shown at the top of the page. If you don’t want them to appear at the top of the page you can simply remove them from the template. :)