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Hi Again, I seem to have sorted how up add images to the flexislider on the Featured Services pages (via “uploaded to this post” drop down menu). So when I upload additional image via that method they are added to the image slider on the page.

BUT it does not seem to be working the same for Portfolio pages. It doesn’t matter how many images I add to the post only one appears in the image slider.

Hi again,

Can’t seem to open your link mate… BTW are you selecting the Gallery Type of Portfolio Item (in the right)? You could add a logo in your footer, sure. You could either do it via the widget screen Text Widget, simply enter an image Tag linking to your image source, or manually do it by editing your footer.php and adding it there to one of the footer columns! :)

hi there, sorry it’s http://www.phgd.co.uk/furey/ thanks for the logo advice too

Great, looking good so far! :)

Mi spariscono i widget una volta caricati mi potete aiutare a risolvere il problema? url: http://staging.chimin.it/wp-admin/admin.php?page=revslider&view=slide&id=4

What’s Ascus?

I have problems with the template: does not take the widgets created, every time I leave the section will reset … how can I do? It ‘sa bug in the theme AQUATHEME? Can you help me solve this problem?

In private, I can send you your login credentials.

Hi, what widgets are you adding and to what sidebar? Sure send me an email via my profile page. :)

Hi! I’m having problems with the contact form with wordpress-3.8.1. When I test it I don’t get any mail. I try puting my corporate mail in Contact Page / Email adress and also leaving my default gmail adress, and I still don’t get any mail. Thanks!

Hi again,

What is your URL? :)

Sure: http://www.forymar.cl/contacto/

(thanks for your kind support!)

Oh, I got it, cuz it’s an input, not an anchor element… Edit your stylesheet.css file and modify this:

.button_hilite, a.button_hilite {
background-color: #0ad1e5;


.button_hilite, a.button_hilite, input[type="submit"].button_hilite {
background-color: #0ad1e5;

and do so for the hover state. ;) You are welcome, I would appreciate it if you rated my theme if you are enjoying it! :)


Is it possible to extend the main navigation bar so that there is less padding? And therefore can fit more pages on the menu all the way across instead of falling below the homepage?

Thank you, (I can’t change the font size any smaller because it becomes unreadable)

Hi there, thanks! :) So, do you insist on the 22px of font-size for the navigation? With 18px it fits just fine, you can do 19px if you remove the home icon or reduce the padding of the items, if you want to go with resizing the navigation… Remove that 990 class you have there… i add the styles under the style attribute like so:

<div style="width: 1030px;margin-left: -44px;" />

Play around with smth like that till you get it right… Also the .new_class thing was supposed to go into your Theme Options-> Custom CSS in the Admin, provided you named your class new_class instead of 990. :) Honestly I would revert back to the old header.php (you can take it from the package you downloaded) and roll with a font 18px or reorganize the menu to have fewer top level items if you totally insist on the 22px font size as resizing the navigation like so may cause the responsive mode of the site (resize your browser to smaller width) to look awkward. Good luck! :)

You are the best! That worked, I had to make the font size 20x but by making the width and the left margin wider it fit. Hopefully the responsive mode doesn’t look too bad from the resizing

hi, You could resize your browser to test. :)

Hi there, i’m just playing around with the image slider that comes with the theme, and wondered what controls the depth of the images?



It’s basically the order that you put them in the slider that dictates their depth… I usually go in order of their appearance and depth when building my sliders. :)

Hi, I want to add a video next to a “Big Title”. Is it possible to have Big Title 2 column big?


Like how exactly, you could create 2 columns, then place your Big Title in one and the video in the other… :)

Hi, I want use breadcrumb plugins like http://wordpress.org/plugins/breadcrumb-navxt/installation/ . But they don’t work. How make right breadcrumb? http://www.fathomdelivers.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/breadcrumb-navigation2.bmp Thanks.

With best regards Paul

Hi Paul, I am really not a specialist on how to achieve the Google breadcrumbs, although I do agree they look great, they have some guidelines on what the crawler should look for no? :)


Thank you again for the quick support the other day.

I have another issue, I would like to resize the thumbnails generated when you click on a portfolio item (to go to it’s post). I’d also like to re-define the size for the “large”, “medium”, and “small” for featured images, which is what I think I may need to do anyway.

Thank you!

You are welcome, glad to hear I could help, rate the theme if you haven’t yet! Thanks!

I rated it 5 stars and wrote some comments about why :) Thanks again!

Thank you very much! :)

I’m using columns (1/3), but not fitting the 3 columns on row.

Link: http://eportuguese.net/brasilia/allbrasilia/

code used: (“none” and “last” used for column 2 and 3)

[column width=”1/3” position=”first” ]


See a list of all articles Subscriber? Click here to access

[wp_eStore_add_to_cart id=3] [/column]

Please help!

Hi there, check your code, you have an unclosed tag or smth … your third column is within the second… :)

Great theme! Thanks! Added accordions to my site using the accordion shortcode. Works great but I’d prefer if the accordions did not close when the acc_content is clicked. What change to the js file (aqua_common) do I need to make?

Thanks for your support in advance.

Hey is it possible to add an Instagram icon in the social media links? (next to the top search bar)

If so, how would I add the code/image


Message sent

Hey, let me know when you respond because I don’t check that email very often. Or let me know if you can send the code on this comment section. Thank you

Replied back! Created the icon for you, just read on how to use it! ;)

Is there any way to make the portfolio 4 or 5 columns? Thanks!

Hi, yes, you could restructure the portfolio template a bit. Please drop me a line in our support forum or via my profile page so I can get into more details there! :)

When adding a person, theres a HUGE image. Where can i change the css?

Never mind. problem solved

Hi, theme is beast :) how can I change /services_item/ slug?

Thanks when you say add it then remove it. I tried this my slug links changed but then the pages would not actually load. Do I need to disable and enable permalinks?

Provided you have already changed to your desired slug do the following: See the lines in the functions.php :

function my_rewrite_flush() {
add_action( 'after_switch_theme', 'my_rewrite_flush' );

Uncomment them, go to Appearance->Themes, change the theme to WP default one, view the front end, then go back, change again to Aqua and comment these lines again.

Nice one works perfectly, cheers 5/5 :)

Awesome theme! I’m trying to add in a link to the testimonials section. So for instead, there is the testimonial, author, and then a hyper link which links directly to the facebook testmonial, so visitors can see it’s real.

Whenever I put in an tag, that section itself disappears. What’s the best way to add in a link? This is what I’ve attempted below. Thanks!

[testimonial width="1/3" author="A.A." author_title="<a href="http://www.facebook.com/">Found on our Facebook page</a>"]Thank you for taking the time to understand my background. The phone conversation was very helpful and set my mind at east. Already told my friends![/testimonial]

Hi there, it actually works, just make sure you are using the TEXT editor instead of the VISUAL one and use single quites, as double quotes will actually end the author_title attribute:

[testimonial width="1/3" author="A.A." author_title="<a href="http://www.facebook.com/">Found on our Facebook page</a>"]Thank you for taking the time to understand my background. The phone conversation was very helpful and set my mind at east. Already told my friends![/testimonial]

TEXT editor and remove the link wrapping with single quotes like so: ‘http://www.facebook.com/URL' ! For some reason the editor here subs them with doubles ;)

Rate the theme if you want to share the love mate, thanks for the compliments! :)

Annnnnd it worked! Thanks!


How do I add multiple pictures to the Portfolio page? I can add only one by setting it as the “Featured Image”.



Sorry my friend, it just isn’t working :-( Is there a video or image guide on the process somewhere?

Of course it’s working, it’s a common Operating system functionality of selecting several files for upload. Ok… again:

1. Click on Featured Image. 2. Click on “SELECT FILES” button. 3. Click on the first image you want to upload, then hold the CTRL key and click on the second etc. 4. Once all the files you want in your portfolio gallery item are selected click on Open (upload).

That’s it, then you can view the files associated with this post by clickin on media library and from the drop down below choose “Uploaded to this post”. The one highlighted will be the first (featured image). :)

Thanks, the last bit was the kicker :-)

Awesome theme! Just one question:

Is there a way to hide the title on specific pages?

Hi, yes, you could do so with inline CSS. Type it in your TEXT editor (not Visual).

<style>.page_heading {display: none;}</style>

Is there anything better than rock solid customer service and super fast responses from the developer? Only an amazing tres leches on top would do.

This worked, and you rock!

anytime! You can rate the theme if you want to share the love! :)

Hey Support,

For some reason the footer started moving to the right past the white background shown here http://demo.socaldigitalmarketing.com/contact/

How can i fix the footer to be centered again?

Thank you


Check your code, you have an unclosed DIV somewhere… :)

Ah found it! Thank you again for the assistance :)

Hi, Theme is great, however issues are not fixed timely and asked a question on support forum few days ago, still waiting for a response. Tried to check into forum and found that your support site is down. Its down since many hours now!

Appreciate if you can provide a good support and updated product with all bug fixes quickly.

Hi again, thanks for your patience and understanding, just mailed you back with your answer.

Hi, Thank you for your quick response and a resolution! :)

No problem, let me know if you have more questions, rate the theme as well to share the love! :)

I’m really struggling with getting the contact form working. Website is causewaysensors.com

I’ve changed the email server and address etc in the wp_options file in phpmyadmin.

But no luck so far.

Really like your theme.


Hi there,

No need to change anything really, provided your default WP mail functionality works OK as the theme uses exactly that and nothing more. :) Do you have a functional mail server on your hosting?