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I keep getting various errors when I try to install the theme. The errors are mutating every instance I try to install the theme. An example of the errors am getting are; Am running Wordpress 3.8.1

“Could not copy file. PSD/home.psd” “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.”

What to do?

Hi there,

Are you sure you are installing the correct file? The theme is Aqua.zip and is found within your package. :)


Issue sorted out now. Thanks for the swift reply.


Is there a way to make the theme responsive for smart phones? I checked on an ipad and it looked great however on a Samsung Galaxy s4 and iPhone the banner/content seems to only show half of it.

Thanks for the help! http://demo.socaldigitalmarketing.com/


When I go to the editor – stylesheet.css this is the only information provided: Theme Name: Aqua Description: A business, portfolio and blog theme. Author: BlueOwlCreative Theme URI: http://blueowlcreative.com/wp/aqua Author URI: http://blueowlcreative.com Version: 2.0 License: GNU General Public License License URI: license.txt */

@import url(“stylesheets/skeleton.css”); @import url(“stylesheets/stylesheet.css”); @import url(“stylesheets/flexslider.css”); @import url(“stylesheets/prettyPhoto.css”); @import url(“stylesheets/carousel.css”);

This is the one you need: stylesheets/stylesheet.css

Open it via your FTP client.

I actually just noticed that fixing the slider made the mobile layout correct. All is well again ty!

Hello. Is there a way to easily get full width sections in this theme?

I tried doing it with just CSS. It works, but the frame of the site will scroll left and right, which it shouldn’t.

Here’s an example of what I did. http://www.multiversemediagroup.com/who-we-are/

Is there something better build in that I’m just missing?

awesome… the last bit of code in that article to hide the scrolling did the trick. Thanks for the help. :)

Glad to hear that! Yes, looks great now, you could only straighten out your 3 columns now, you know you can use “1/3” for width, right? Also make sure you use “first” for the position of the first and “last” for the last one, also remove “first” from the second one as it removes the left margin. ;)

Didn’t even notice that. Thanks for the catch. You’re awesome.

Hey bud… one other thing. A couple months ago I asked about creating a 2nd portfolio and you gave me this link http://support.blueowlcreative.com/discussion/comment/3038

I didn’t do it at the time because we weren’t ready to, but now I am and the page won’t load. Do you have those instructions anywhere else?



Just replied to you in the forum, friend! :)

how can i remove the search bar?

Great Work! Thank you very much!

Please, I have only one thing to ask you if is possible. I create a Services pages under another page that I called “services”. When I click on a services pages the addres is site/services_item/page.

I would like to change the address from /services_items/ to /services/. I opened the functions.php in editor and I changed the name. Now the address is correct but the result page is 404 not found.

I try to create a new Services pages after the change but it’s the same.

Can you tell me how can I do it? :)

Hi there,

You need to flush the rewrite rules if you are changing the slug for a custom post type. You can see how here: http://blueowlcreative.com/support_wp/forums/topic/gallery-homepage-broken/

Good luck! :)

How can i add 3 “Featured Texts with Cool Icons” side by side?



Hi again,

This works for me just fine:

[message type="success"]Success <strong>Message</strong> Text...[/message]


I bought your theme and I totally love it, but I experience a problem with password protect for pages. When I protect a page with a password and enter the right password (checked it a few times) and click on submit, the screen refreshes and brings up the prompt for the password again.

How can I fix this? I asked for support on the WordPress forum, but they said it has something to do with the custom theme (Aqua in this case). I hope you can help me out with this.

Thanks in advance!

Did you not see my reply? I logged in and the page seemed to be password protected, just as expected! Changing its status also worked for me, what did i miss?

No, I didn’t see your reply. Yes, it is password protected, but the problem is that it doesn’t work. When I protect the page with a password and go to the page to submit the password, it doesn’t work. When I submit the password, I am not forwarded to the unlocked page, but instead I get the same screen again. So I can password protect a page, but when I enter the password I don’t get access to the page.

This surely doesn’t sound like a theme issue, rather something to do with routing or your WP installation settings or htaccess settings… Try with your Default WP theme, I am positive you will get the same result. :)

Is this theme compatible with the WordPress 3.9 update? Any advice to ensure this theme is successful with the new update?

Hi, Yes it is, a few shortcodes are a bit off, but an update is scheduled next week to fix those. I’d wait for the update to upgrade. thanks! :)

Your demo seems to be down. I am trying to figure out why, after installing the theme and importing the XML and data, it still looks very different from your demo site (well, at least the screenshots for now since the demo is down).

Follow up – the issue with the theme not appearing correctly is likely because your site/server is down, and therefore the Wordpress importer was unsuccessful at importing any content from your server. Please fix asap – was supposed to spend today working on this site.

Another follow up – it appears that your site is not down – rather for some reason, I am unable to access your site from my internet connection. Tried from my customer’s office and I was able to access your demo site.

However, I still have the issue that even after installing the theme, activating it, and importing the XML, the site does not look like your demo. I tried both of your demo XML files, and even though all of the images and other content imports into the folders on my server, nothing gets changed on the actual site.


Are you still having issues with this? Please contact me via my profile page with your URL so I can take a look at what’s going on, also explain what you need to achieve and I will help you out! :)

The theme seems not to work with 3.9. All was fine until I upgraded now cannot add any content to any new posts or pages! MASSIVE fail.

The update for WP3.9 is in ThemeForest’s queue, you should receive an email pretty soon (once they approve it) and you can update your theme. You actually still should be able to add/modify everything just a few shortcodes don’t show correctly in your editor. Make sure you turn on the Toolbar Toggle if you haven’t ;)

is your testimonials shortcode a slider only? Can individual testimonials be place anywhere on a page? Also, as a slider can it be used as a widget?

Thanks in advance.


Yes, it can be used as a widget, check the Blog page’s sidebar. You can have a single testimonial by adding simply 1 testimonial in the shortcode, yes. Thanks for your interest. :)


I’m trying to find the original images used in the slider. I want to use them in a big standing roll-up banner. However, it seems like to be impossible to find them on photodune.

I’m searching for the lady and the used background (2 separate images).

Could you please provide me with the url’s, name of image or author?

I would immensely appreciate it :)


They are already off PhotoDune, but you are totally safe to freely use them in the theme as I have purchased extended rights for them and they ship freely with the purchase of the theme, so you can use them in your final product! Cheers! :)

ah yes i know, but i would also like to use them in a printed banner (200 cm x 80 cm). sadly i can’t find them on photo dune

Oh, I guess most of them are down by now, it’s been awhile. :)

Hi! I’ve a problem with facebook box in the footer. Why It shows up with Chrome, but it doesn’t load on Internet Explorer and Firefox?

Ya, use my profile page contact form! :)

ok. I’ve sent you an email

Hi, is it the Wam group website? I get a coming soon page, please send me an email with credentials if i need them to bypass that.

Hi guys great theme. ive recently started using it, but when i try to link an icon, its notworking/ some are but msot are not. im not sure if its the link im using?

im trying mainly to get a PDf icon. i use icon=”pdf” but get nothing. ive also tried file-pdf any ideas? are they images that havent uploaded?


never mind i just found a refernce in your comments. thanks

Great, let me know if you have more questions, pal. :)


I got a question… Last week I purchased this theme and I created a blog, but when I go to the blog page with my latest posts. I see no (read more) link or button. In my wysiwyg editor I added the <!-more-> tag but it’s summarizing my text by cutting it and not by adding a link like(read more about this article)

Hope you can help me, Because it’s an essential point.


Thanks, It worked. I added the code after the_content

Have a nice day!

Hey I have another question.. Is it possible to change something to the blog-article shortcode? I don’t like it when the title is under my blog-image.

Thanks, Jerome!

Hi Jerome,

What are you willing to achieve mate, please open a topic in our support forum and I will give you some hints on how to modify the output! :)

What version of Revolution Slider is currently included with this theme?


It’s Version 4.3.8 SkyWood, the latest as of now I believe; it can be upgraded at any time should you need it in the future. :)

Is there an easy way to show tags in blog view and in post view, along with author and other post info.

Thank you!


Hi Lollo,

You need to edit your index.php and add the appropriate code there, it would be easy if you know your way around WP. :)

Works fine, thanks!