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Wow, love that grunge style!

Thanks Mike!

Click on Purchase! :)

Great work, good luck with sales!

Peter Zickler..

Thanks Peter!

do you have wordpress theme for this design ? thanks :)


yes we are working on it!

Best, Chris

Let me know when this theme is available for WP. THanks :)


Within a month!


Hello! Very nice theme, I love it. Can you help me to enable automatic animation in slider?

I set auto:!1 in responsiveslides.min.js but nothing happens. Thanks in advance!


thank you,

I will look it up and get back with answer soon.

Any news on this issue? Because I have another one…

the default namespace is left in the .js file.

it should be “home_slider” instead of “rslides”

please try that

ok. 2-months ago you said within a month for WP version. Let’s have it! I’m ready to buy.

unfortunately the developer who started the work isn’t developing it anymore, we have to recruit somebody else for the job to finish. I apologize, currently I don’t know any exact date.

Hello, please respond to my email, I have a little trouble. When I open any page there are no backgrounds.

Hi Ecoscott, I think we solved your problem via e-mail.

I tried replacing rslides with home_slider in the .js file but its not working still and the css for color1.css stops working when I change it. Can you specify a line to change?

please send us a mail via our profile page about this issue

please send us a mail

Hey anyone having trouble with the slider don’t forget the hook script in the index file. ie

<script> $(function () { $(”.rslides1”).responsiveSlides({ auto: true, speed: 1000 }); }); </script>

we’ll look into this please drop us a mail