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hi kopyov, sorry for my newbie problem. I’ve tried to implement your template and so far everything works just find. But the problem occurred when my site accessed using mobile phone.

I got some difficulties explaining this. Your theme has 2 sidebar menus, the most left one, and the one right next to it. When the width of the screen at certain pixel, only the menu right next to the most left menu is hidden, and a new button appears at top right to show it. At this case, everything still works just fine. But when the screen at lower width, which it will hide the most left menu, the button that should show that left most menu doesn’t work. Could you please help me, what should I do with it? Thank’s. By the way, it’s a good job :)


Sorry for late reply, vacation.

I was informed about the same problem a week ago. Unfortunately i don’t have an access to my workstation, will be fixed as soon as i come back.

Thank you!

I honestly must confess. this team is wonderful considering when it was designed 3 years ago and up-till now still my best choice. I would have bought this theme if it were built with twitter bootstrap. i read some where in the comments that you are working on the Bootstrap version but i need it like yesterday thus cant wait. Please let me know ow soon you plan o release the bootstrap version.



Yep, full BS support and all components will be added in the nearest future, a massive update work starts on Monday.


Hello! I also have many problems using this Theme on mobile Phones. I tryed your demo installation from themeforest, but i cant use the menu, cant use input fields or drop downs. Its not usable in this state. I tryed on different phones, with different browsers and different android versions. always difficulties up to unusable. Dont know if I can use this item in the future, because the problems seem to be many months old. Hope you get this theme fixed in the near future.

Hi there.

Yes, definitely, will be fixed very soon. I just released a new template, next task is Aquincum update, i will do my best to fix all the issues as soon as possible.


Hi Eugene!

Thanks you for the your work!

There are some bags in styles concerning files like gif and png. There diff http://pastebin.com/JQwcRbYe There is not fix, but only mark problems with short comment.

Is this possible to contact like email for future report and so on? (for example good idea to check or review again before publish fixes)

Good luck!

Hello there.

Thanks for reporting, i’m waiting for BS4 release to update the template with extended functionality.

Sure, you can contact me via email: e.kopyov[at]@gmail.com or send me an email through profile page.


I’m developing an ASPX website using Visual Studio 2015.

I found a persistent problem in all templates, they don’t show well inside Visual Studio editor.

The text and pictures are entangled and appears like chaos.

Are you familiar with this problem? and will this happen with your templates?


Sorry for the late reply. Honestly i can’t tell you for sure, because i didn’t work in VS and don’t know about its visual editor. I think it depends on the structure of the template, but i never heard about any issues with asp applications. Sorry about that.


Hi Kopyov,

I purchased AQUINCUM Admin Template today.

But I downloaded one is not the showing one. I couldnt see all pages and properties. I downloaded one : themeforest-2543882-aquincum-premium-responsive-admin-template But is on true one.

I choosed limitless one . http://demo.interface.club/limitless/layout_1/LTR/index.html

What is the problem. Please help me.


No problem, let me know please when your issue is solved.


Problem is solved. I downloaded Limitless Admin Template. I loved this template. Really good work. I appreciated you ver much. Thank you very much. :)

You are welcome :)

Hello Kopyov!

Greate Theme but in internet explorer the “li” elementos don’t show correctly.


Any idea?

Best Regards, Horacio Aranda C.

Hmm, that’s very strange. I’ve just checked it on Browserstack in IE9, IE10 and IE11 and i didn’t notice such issues, all work just great.

Quick one – please make sure you are loading all CSS files that come with the package. And please let me know what errors you see in your browser console, looks like some of CSS files are not loaded correctly.


OK, Thanks!

Always welcome, let me know please if that was fixed.


Hi, I would like to know if i can use this theme to build others websites.

Best regards Cyprien Nkeneng


Well it depends on what kind of products you want to build – 1 product with paid subscriptions or licensing, different projects for clients, SaaS etc etc. Could you please provide more information?


Hey, I would like to know if i can use the theme for two differents clients.

Best regards!


To avoid licensing issues, you need to purchase a new Regular license for every new client: 1 client – 1 license, if products are different.