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Ivor Envato Team

Incredibly detailed, definitely one of my favorites.

Thank you Ivor! Appreciate

Friend, you have some script to client management. I must add, comments, texts for each of the customers regarding the service contract.

For example: Domain, Hosting Site, Link to access the webmail client, link to the Paypal payment invoice or PagSeguro.

I Look, Thank you.

Sorry, didn’t get you message. You want a custom widget with hosting data? Plesase clarify

this one is one of the best by now on themeforest…. so perfect… very nice work my friend. I will buy it for sure!

Thanks! ;)

just perfect template. Just a question before purchasing it. It’s easy to change the color scheme of the bars? Its colors change anything else or just the backgrond?

Of course, just open flot.js and edit list of colors, first 3 are main bars colors

Very nice :) good luck with sales.

Thank you!

You are “Admin Templates GOD ” :) Awesome work, good luck with sales!

No way! Spasibo :)

Incredible detailed job with countless options, seriously getting dizzy from all the possibilities this theme have. Perfect work!

Thanks! ;)

great template! will you also do a wordpress backend template? would buy it! thanks!

Hi. Nope, sorry, i didn’t plan a wordpress version :( Thanks

wow this is awesome.. good luck!


Looks stunning! Good luck!

Thanks Xaver!

Good job but not secure…

Thanks, but what do you mean not secured? It’s an HTML template :)

I know, I speak about your folders security… Not need to buy your product to have with the current security… your ui_icons.html is failed, maybe you have forgot to require /add the font on your css or idk and some other little bugs to fix like your “http://themes.kopyov.com/aquincum/images/icons/options” without extension (png) :)

Does anyone see the same thing?

I just tested on 3 workstations, iPad and iPhone and i see this – http://gyazo.com/cc8bcdac0f1785cd9a8f885bd0f7d198

No errors, no missed files, everything works fine..

Yeah strange, I have test with my iPhone and on windows XP with Chrome and it’s work, I have disable all my Chrome plugins and the same bug…

It works even in IE :) Samsung Galaxy also works fine, MacOS and Win7 show without errors. Let’s see if someone else will report the same problem, then i’ll dig deeper into this issue.



Thanks for purchase!

Hey Kopyov! Very nice and clean Design!! You have my respect for that!

One question: I don’t want to use the responsive layout because it is too wasteful of my time to check the content with all different resolutions. So there are to many bugs on it when my content will be a bit wider than your example content. Especially my tables with many columns will not fit the responsive layout….

So… What can I do to disable the responsive layout? I wanna have Scrollbars when the main content don’t fit to the resolution.

Thanks for your support!!

You can remove all media queries from main css files and one line from html file and that’s it, that’s easy ;) But basically all tables are also responsive.

Responsive layout it’s a feature, for me it’s a skills test, if i have enough time to do this, i will do this. To remove it is much easier than to create

Okay… will there be scrollbars when i remove the responsive layout or will i have to edit some more css code to enable the scrollbars?

another reason why i don’t want the responsive layout is some more compatibilty with IE8 .

Sorry, i forgot. Also you’ll have to remove hidden elements which are visible only on small size screens – on the top part there are 2 additional buttons and a menu, on the left side – dropdowns which are visible on ipad (portrait mode).

What do you mean scrollbars? On iphone you’ll see an original webpage without fixed scale, so you’ll be able to move the page with your finger, zoom in and out.

Stunning work!!! with well detailed :)

Thank you!

When I hover over the main menu I get a second level Menü in IE8 . In Firefox 13.0.1 I get nothing. Is this a bug?

No, this menu is visible only on ipad portrait mode and hidden on the rest sizes and screens. IE8 doesn’t support media queries, so this menu is visible. But if you don’t need it – simply remove those lists

Just out of curiosity, how long did it take you to make this template?

Good job & good luck with sales!


Around 2,5 months with breaks

Great template!!!! Some other color schemes?


Not yet, but i’ll add some other schemes later. Also there are 10 backgrounds fot the main part, so actually i’ll need to change top and sidebar backgrounds to create new schemes. Anyway a bit later, need to take a break ;)

Hi, I’d like to use this as a front end for django, what PHP files are included \required? (so i can see if i can use django for them instead).

Also I need an expandable (multi row per item) table, which seems to be the ONLY thing you don’t have yet—very comprehensive! Would you do one (for a fee)?

Yeah, i wanted to add a table with ajax source and an expandable feature, but really forgot about them. Will add in a future updates!

PHP files are only for multiple file uploader, file tree and file manager, mostly php connectors