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Hi there,

I am confused with this template. I try to do the quick install but it is not as intuitive as I had hoped. When I install the quick install I can do so but none of the content is displayed and the website looks nothing like the demo site.

Can you please provide me with instructions on how to get my site to look like the demo site? I have been in contact with support via email but they have stopped replying. I sent them my host information in hopes that they would get to helping me but there hasn’t been any progress.

Sorry for the newbie question, I just really want to get this site up and looking like the demo site :)

Ok Jmather,

Thanks you :)

Hi again. I got everything installed by deleting folders, starting over and reconfiguring the database. The problem now is that certain modules won’t work when “save” is clicked. The main culprit is the employees section. For example, when I click to edit John Doe and then click save, nothing happens. Is there a necessary update??

Hi Jmather, Please say with me.

You module has problem.

Or you can send me info your website to support mail: support@templaza.com. I will check and resolve this problem.

Thanks & Regard,

Hi i need to download the new version 1.7 so i can fix some problems but i don`t have access to the templaza file, but i bought it here on themeforest, could someone send me the download link of this template?


Hi Fritto,

Please login your account you have bought Aragon – Joomla Template.

In your ’’Downloads” you will see Aragon and you can download it.

Thanks & Regard,

Before I purchase can you answer the following questions:

1. Is it possible to increase the width of the article overlay (see yellow outline in below image).

Make article wider
photo uploading

2. Does this template contain 404 layouts?

3. Does this template contain layouts for frontend blog editing?


Hi FridayShoes,

1. You can change lightbox size in admin options.

2. You can see 404 page. http://demo.templaza.com/j/aragon/index.php/404

3. Template has layout for Blog page. http://demo.templaza.com/j/aragon/index.php/blog

Thanks & Regard,

Thanks for the answers.

Are you 100% sure it has a layout for frontend blog ‘editing’ and not just the blog?

A lot of template dev’s forget/choose not to provide this.

Hi FridayShoes,

The Aragon Blog layout this version is fixed. We will update layout builder in next version.

Thanks & Regard,

No plazart framework included and nowhere on the help is it mentioned that its required, just wasted 2 hours…

Not everyone uses the quickstart! You might want to include the framework in the install files, it won’t work without it

Hi Johnmc65,

Plazart Framework has been included in download package. Otherwise, You can download Plazart here https://github.com/templaza/plazart

Thanks & Best Regards, Sonny

Ok thanks Sonny

Hi, me again! (Sorry)

Hopefully this is simple

In your template, the pictures are of different widths and heights. Mine are all squares when I put a new picture into the Our Project section.

How do you make the pictures have different heights and widths?

Hi Jmather,

“Required” you can change in language file. en-GB.tpl_tz_aragon.ini file path (languag/en-GB/en-GB.tpl_tz_aragon.ini)

and size of image in portfolio.

If your article is featured image will double width and height.

Image landscape: Image has scale: width/height > 1.75

Image portrait: Image has scale: width/height < 0.75

Thanks & Regard,

It looked like there were are sorts of sizes on the demo site. The template automatically sizes it?

Hi Jmather,

This function is automatic, example when you upload image has width/height > 1.75 template will display image type landscape.

Thanks & Regard,

You can go ahead and start billing me for all of the questions I ask!

I am trying to link to an article but I keep getting the error: Fatal error: Call to a member function getPagesCounter() on a non-object in /home/content/55/9189855/html/partywithahero/components/com_tz_portfolio/views/category/view.html.php on line 99

Is this common?!

Hi Jmather,

Please say with me, your template version you’re using.

We will check again TZ Portfolio component.

Thanks & Regard,

I am using V1.7

Hi Jmather,

Please send me info your site to support mail: support@templaza.com

I will help you update TZ Portfolio component.

Thanks & Regard,

I emailed support@templaza.com but the person didn’t email me back

My articles look ridiculous:


Also, when clicking the photos I am getting the same ridiculous looking articles.

How do you make the articles look as good as the website? Is there some sort of styling I must do?

It would be great if I could just create single articles or get the blog working. The blog looked messy so I took it off. Please help make things look cleaner!

Hi Jmather.

1.You should use menu type “Single article” of tz portoflio. 2. Cause you configure domain link wrong.

Thanks & Regard,

Hi, Was checking the site with my ipad before purchasing. Within safari for ipad the page seems to crash. All I get is “A problem repeatedly occurred on “http://themeforest.net/item/aragon-parallax-responsive-joomla-template..etc”

Site looks great on Chrome on desktop though.


Hello Freddiewang! I checked our demo on Safari Ipad But, i see that our demo is still working fine without any crashing May you tell me problem of Aragon you see when you check on Safari for Ipad? We will check for you

Thanks and Best Regards!

I have enabled re-captcha on the site but it won’t show on the contact form on the frontpage, can you tell me how to make it show?


I have done it already, my point was it doesn’t work, I’ll check everything once more and mail you if unsuccessful, thanks for the reply

Email sent with ftp and admin access


Thanks you, We are check for you.

Thanks and Best Regards!

I’m trying to edit several items on the homepage: - cannot change enything on the homepage because any edit results in wrong security token message - enabling url rewriting crashes the website - configuration settings won’t save at all I ASKED FOR SUPPORT 3 months ago ant still there is no reaction

Hi, We are sorry for this inconvenience. Please send us your admin account via our email “support@templaza.com”. We will help you.


I have a question about the newsletter, it opens a feedburner popup, do I need to change anything or does it just work?

Thank you for using our product. Could you send us some screenshots on the feedburner popup via email “support@templaza.com”. We will help you.


I’m a little irritated that the author removed the ability for me to download updates to this template that we purchased. We never use support but as with all templates purchased to date where the updated versions are available this author does not have it here… the author should honor the original transaction and allow for access to this templates update.


starmai Author Team


Thanks so much for contacting us and so sorry for this inconvenience. Actually the lastest version of this template is 2.0. Also, this template is in off-supported list now.

Therefore, if you use it, it need supporting by yourself.

Thanks, Mai

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Hello, how can I make Fullslide on home page to show on mobile? #tz_fullslide #supersized

Hello, Thanks for your contact, Please create ticket on our site and send us your site and admin account,our team will check first then can help you.

Thanks, Iva

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