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Good job! Good luck with sales :)

Thanks louiejie :)

nice template, Good luck for sales (rock)

Thanks bro :)

Congratulations Great work , Good Luck With Sales :)

Thank you bdayh :)

I would like to buy template but first would like to know; can the template work with multiple pages and with dropdown menu and have a submenu to the right of page on all page.

regards gustav

Hi Gustav,

Yes, This template can work with multiple pages. The submenu can be aligned to the right in the Template configuration.

Thanks & Best Regards, Sonny

Hey one question…does this template work with JomSocial 3?? If it doesn’t can you make it possible :D

Aragon does not support with JomSocial 3. If you love it you can request a customize template. Our developer are going to check and response you.

Regards, Sonny

Haha i see :) The theme looks awesome! :P how much will it cost for a custom template….I was looking at paying around $45 for getting this theme converted to JomSocial

Please send an email to support@templaza.com for your request. Our developer are going response you. Thanks, Sonny

Hey Sonny, Is there any way to add more colors? We really like the color idea but wanted to know if we can add our own. Also, if you can tell us how to make the logo change color with the color the user chooses.

Hi Icesteed,

Logo is a static image that you can upload in administrator. If you need to set your custom color. You have to change variable in less file and recompile Less to CSS. Please go to http://www.templaza.com/ and create a ticket. Our developers are going to help you.

Thanks & Best Regards, Sonny

Hi, I’m trying to get your look on the website, but I’m having a hard time. I’m new to Joomla and the changes and updates that have just occurred make the instructional material obsolete. I need just the framework working. The parallax effect and menus and I can take it from there. My attempts to install and set it up have failed, can you help me?


Hi hlpj,

Please send us an email via support@templaza.com Our developer are going to help you :)

Thanks for choose TemPlaza, Sonny

Hey Sonny, I can’t submit a ticket because I can’t seem to find the field that asks me for my licence code :S please help me. My templaza account is also called icesteed.

Thanks! :)

Hi Icesteed,

Yes, Support team need verify customer first. Themeforest provide license for each item. You should provide your themeforest license to get support. Otherwise, you can send me an message via http://themeforest.net/user/templaza

Themeforest will automatic verify your product on email.

Thanks & Best Regards, Sonny

I can not edit, add, or change the tag.

Please send me an email via support@templaza.com Our developers are going to help you check it.

Hey templaza, For some reason we need support for JomSocial and our job portal. Can you urgently let us know. This is kind of urgent and need to rectify the issue. I sent you an email Sonny, however, I have sadly not heard anything back :/

I replied your email, yesterday.

Where can i choose the video version of template?

Problem 4) also have been solved, but contact form isn’t works. When i click on Send button – is nothing happens!

Hi alotwecan,

Please send me a list via support@templaza.com Support Team is going to help you check problem.

Thanks & Best Regards, Sonny

Please give us your ftp account via email above. Thanks,


I am trying to install youre quickstart joomla 3 – but after uploading all files – and going to the install – the install prosess just “hang” – not going further than step 1 – can you help ?

Hi tommyreinas,

Documentation was included in download package.


Hi – i have sent youre support a mail 3 days ago – when do i get any response ?

All email and ticket was replied. Please tell me your email if you didn’t receive our email.

Hi, really wonderfull template. But how do i stop the Video on the startpage? And is it possible to use “click to play”?

This option is not available. We will consider to integrate in next version.

Thanks, Sonny

this would look good with Jomsocial! Might have to to consider this one

This is a great idea. I have put it to our project planning. Thanks,

Pre-sales question:

On your blog, and other parts of the pages, how SEO friendly is this? is the HTML easily crawlable by search engine bots? Does it load fast?

Looks like the background video plays Vimeo, can I put in HTML5 video of my own instead? Otherwise, can I use a gif? Will it scale?

How flexible is the code for customization? I may need to change some parts.

You may also want to update your video version, the video does not load to full screen when loaded the first time. See screenshot: http://imm.io/1hemE

1. Aragon supports Joomla SEO very well with TZ Portfolio 3.1.5

2. Aragon supports Youtube and Vimeo only, right now. I you want to add your HTML5 video. You should send us an email require customize template.

3. Yes, You can re-style css in the admin. If you need change code you can go to template/tz_aragon/html/

4. This happen because resize script was loaded in window.load event. We will improve it in the next versions.

Thanks for your interest!

Now i have tryed both quickinstall versions joomla 2.5 and joomla 3 – both times there are no content on the democonent – no videoes – and no pictures – and the tech requerements are ok on server.

Do you have a quickinstall package with content – so it can be more easy to understand how to get youre system – modules – to get in production ?

The frontpage slideshow feks – when i try both videmo alternative and youtube alternative – it is just a spinning weel appering – no video.

Package download does not include image,video because copyright issue. Please send us an email via support@templaza.com with request create full demo site. Our developer are going to help you.

Thanks & Best Regards, Sonny


I wan to know when you going fix CSS in blog section disqus comments ..

When user adds comment you cant see it because its white on white.

Please let me know thank you

Or Let me know where in CSS i can change to see it.

Thank you


You should choose style for this account in Disqus manager This style in Aragon detect for dark style. I don’t know why. But you can choose it manual in your Disqus manager http://yourusername.disqus.com/admin/settings/ >> Appearance >> Color scheme >> Choose “For light backgrounds”

Thanks & Regard,

Hello, I just purchased, and I sent an email for asking full demo site for video slideshow frontpage, thanks.

I want to know how can I make menue bar flote as on home page on blog section as well???

Please send us an email via support@templaza.com and detail your requirement. Our developer are going to help you check it.


How can I change the slider images?

Hope you can help me Thanks Hanny

Please go to administrator >> article >> choose category slider >> you can repeat image in article.

For more information let check document http://www.templaza.com/docs/aragon/

Thanks & Best Regards,