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Very nice Blog theme. I wish you 100 times more sales than my Blog theme. Good luck my friend.

And welcome to Themeforest :)

Thank you very much! and good sales you to!!!

You are welcome my friend and thanks :)

Very good work! Best of luck with sales :)

Thanks :)

Thank you:)

Hi cr1000.

This theme is one of the best I’ve seen. It’s… it’s… so perfect… so beautifull.

:) very nice work. I’ve just to set up a new fashion blog… :)

Thanks man :)

Nice theme, good luck with sales. Remember me? :)

Thank you very much!

Beautiful work! Bookmarked! GLWS!

Thank you :)

Excellent blog theme. Good luck with sales man.

Thank you :)

Very beautiful theme! :) Hope it sell well

Thank you:)

Very cool! GLWS! :)

Thank you :)

Very beautiful theme!

Thank you :)

Hi – lovely design. However, we do want to make sure we can customize it to support retina display. Have you any success in using modifying the design to work with high resolution imagery?

I appreciate your getting back to me. Please do let me know when this is ready … or, if I purchase the theme now, will I be able to upgrade?

Yes you can purchase right now and when new version will be released you just update the old version.

Very good. Thanks!


Thank you for this theme, very beautiful work.

However, what is the plugin used for the network icons social situated in the sidebar?

Thank you for your answer,

HI! I apologize for not quick response but i just was out of town. This plugin named ( Simple Social Icons ) and you can easily find and install him in WordPress plugins section in admin panel. Thank you!

Thanks !!!

Hi – how do I set the Masonry page (without sidebar) as the landing or home page?


Never mind – I worked it out.

HI! I apologise for not quick response but i just was out of town. If you have some other questions just let me know.

Thank you!

Great theme! I have the option of Full Excerpt selected for my blog archive page, but the pictures aren’t showing nor is the content formatted like it is in the post. Anyway to change that?


Hi! Thanks for report. It will be fixed in next update in the coming days.


I come back to you because I wish to center the network icons social as on your overview. I understand that it is necessary to place one ” align center ” but I do not know where to place the code. Can use me?

Thank you.

Hi Try use “align center” option in “simple social icons” plugin. If you use another plugin write write exactly what. Thanks

How do I switch to the main web look featured in your preview as opposed to the blog look? Is that the Masonry page?

Hi Yes it’s Masonry page 1. Create page with Masonry template. 2. Go to Settings > Reading and set Front page as a static page. Thanks

You can also install a demo data All pages as on the preview will be created

Also, how do I make the featured images smaller inside the post and on the home page (which I want to switch to Masonry). Also, I figured out how to make a page Masonry, but how do I switch the main page to Masonry too?

Please describe exactly what you want to do with featured images. I answer above how to create Masonry page. Thanks.

Here is my site thus far – You can see how large those featured pictures are on my home/masonry page right now. I would prefer that they be closer in size to the photos on your preview – for example, the size of the featured photos in the Beauty or Passion posts. Your help is much appreciated. Any other tips for my site would be welcomed too! Thanks!!


You can reduce the size of featured images using standard WordPress functions.

Click “Set featured image” link > select your image and on right part of window you can see “attachement details” and link “Edit image” > click on it and you will go to Edit Media page > click on image and drag mouse so to highlight necessary part of the image > then click on the “crop” button and after that click “save” button. Then you can set featured image.

Also some tutorials how to crop images in wordpress:


Excuse I, I have another question. I installed the theme and chose the style blog. But the footer does not appear, can use me?

Thank you.

Add some widgets in Footer area and it appears. Go to Appearance > Widgets and on right below Sidebar tab you can see 4 Footer Columns. Use it for Footer widgets. Thanks


Can you move the social icons to the top menu? And fix the top menu bar so when viewer scroll, it’ll remained there?

What is the name of the font type for “Arcadia” on Homepage Top Centre please?

Do you have slide show capabilities for the Homepage?

Thank you Monthida

Hi Monthida!

1. No, we will not make such modifications in our Theme. But we can give contacts of our programmer and he can do the customization of your theme, or you can use the services of any other programmer.

2. Font named “Vidaloka” available on Google Fonts.

3. This is possible if you’ll use third-party slider with a shortcodes.


Hello Nice theme! However could you please tell me how to modify the size of videos (from Youtube for example) that I insert in my articles? Thank you for your help

Ok no problem, thank you.

Hello I noticed you made a new update, but there’s still the problem with video size… Is that normal? Thanks


We can help you. Just sent your web site url, login and password to our support email:

Thank you.