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Very nice theme :D I bought it!! But I have a problem, I uploaded it but it doesn’t look like the Demo… check

I tried to upload it again and then it says that the file <style.css> isn’t found.

I really don’t know how to set the mansory page as homepage ^^ But I can create my page under theme options on wordpress right?

OKay fixed it but I can’t see my header, you know the one under the logo where you can click on diffrent sites (Home, Blog, contact…)


We can help you. Just sent your web site url, login and password to our support email:

Hi, Is not it possible to create a gallery or slide show?

Hi! Yes. Check post named “Freedom” on demo site – its gallery. Thanks

Hi cr1000! Great theme, easy to use and set up for me as a beginner.

I have a question about removing “Written by admin”, “posted in category” and “comments”?

By the way I’m using the masonry page template.


Function which turns off this meta data is not provided in the theme. But we can connect you with our programmer to customize a theme.


I have difficulty accessing the dummy data during the installation process. Also when I click “Masonry” I only get two columns, instead of the 3 columns. Is there a way to fix this? How can I add the categories below the header? How do you change fonts and colors?

I have been using this index already and I couldn’t find the answers needed in there.

I’ve fixed the column problem and the dummy data problem (it wasn’t saved in the folder name that was listed in the index.html so I was having trouble finding it), but I don’t see a category section coming up under the header area. And there is no instruction for it on the index.html


Just create new menu and add it to Top Menu location. If you have problem with it, send your web site url, login and password to our support email: and we will help you.


Hello there.

Great theme, I love it.

Well, a little glitch when uploading a video.

Take a visit to

I add a video from Ted as an embedded video. I was expecting nice masonry style with video thumbnail. Yet, I am seeing something different. It shows no thumbnail, but the actual video itself.

See if you can find a fix, or I need something else to do.

Thank you


Thank you for the quick reply.

I have tried with Vimeo and You Tube, it’s all the same.

Check out the page :

Here is embbeded code

<iframe src=”//” width=”500” height=”283” frameborder=”0” webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe>

The Surprising science of motivation [TED] from Daniel Pink on Vimeo.

Hi !

We can help you. Just sent your web site url, login and password to our support email:

Thank you!

Thank you for the quick changes. It works fine now.

I have another question to ask.

In this theme, you can add menu with blog categories. I see whole blog page as Masonry, but when access to each categories via menu created, it is shown as list instead of Masonry.

I like to see Masonry layout under ‘Why work?’ and ‘Happiness’ category page. Advise me what to do next.

thank you very much.

Hello, I have another question about the theme.

At the end of each blog masonry, below “Read More” button, there are icons for sharing for social network services.

Yet, it seems, maybe the color setting for of these icons, I can click the link, but I cannot see them properly. It looks as if it’s hidden.

See and tell me what I need to change to fix this.

Thank you very much.

Hi !

We can help you. Just sent your web site url, login and password to our support email:

Thank you!

Hi, how can I change font and size of logo text please?

Hi! Will be much ease if you just upload the image logo.

PRE-SALE question

is it possible to have a LEFT sidebar

Hi! This function isn’t supported at this version, probably this function will be added in next updates.

Is this theme ready for multisite?

Hi! This theme was not developed for support multisite.

Hi cr1000,

I’ve recently purchased your theme but I can’t seem to add it to my wordpress. It seems like I’m missing parts of the zipfile. I tried it with ftp as well (file style.css), but still no luck. My friend, who also purchased (another) theme here on themeforest said she can’t find the file that looks like her file to upload the theme. She also thinks there’s something missing.

Could you please help me with it? Thank you.

You don’t even install WordPress how do you want install Theme???

why is my post flagged as inappropriate??? I do have wp, I just sent another email. I just sent the wrong link. Check your email.

You have problem with hosting ( Godaddy ) You need contact to godaddy support and ask them help you.

hey dose your theme support RTL ? hebrew right to left blog?

Hi! This function isn’t supported at this version, probably this function will be added in next updates.

when i purchase the theme how does it upload to my wordpress blog??? do i get an email to set it up with my blog information? how does it work?

Hi! I’m not really understand what you mean but about WordPress and how it work you can find more information here =>

i didnt ask a complicated question… HOW do you UPLOAD this theme to wordpress???

You just buying the theme and upload via Wordpress admin panel. Also you can use online documentation. By the way we do not provide installation.

Hello, How can i change fonts and fonts colors ? no menu for that. And, i would translate the theme but i don’t understand poedit, i’m supposed to do the translation myself ?

an another question, where is the widget for add the follow us menu on side bar ? Excuse my english but i’m french ;)

Hi! 1.Yes you must translate via Poedit by yourself. You can find more information how to translate using Poedit in Google or Youtube. 2.Simple Social Icons you can find in WordPress plugins.

Hey there i just purchased this file and went to download the css style file per wordpress instructions and when I did I got this error: The package could not be installed. PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature

Do you know what this is about?

1.Go to your profile on Themeforest then choose Downloads tab press download button and you see the list with three options you need choose Installable WordPress file only. 2. Just upload this (.Zip) file to WordPress and Activate.

Also you can use online documentation.

when looking through everything that was downloaded, this is no zip file so I can’t upload it via wordpress.

1.Send me please file that you download from Themeforest on email

Ok cool I will send what downloaded when I selected download wordpress file only now. Its coming from sunwillow at gmail in case it ends up in your spam folder.

Please check your email

Pre-purchase Q: does the theme have the option for blog template (single column + sidebar) to default as homepage style? Thanks.

Thanks for the speedy reply. Definitely purchasing! Love the clean, no-fuss style for personal blog.

Thanks for this theme.

How can I adjust the slider to shown the images in the center and not on the left side? Screenshot –


Hi! you need to upload a photo with a width of at least 794px

Unfortunately, I do not like this solution. I would like to have displayed portrait photos in the middle.

What’s the max width of custom logo? I need to insert a photo full width. Thanks.

Hi! max width of custom logo 300px

OK thanks. Will work with this no probs.

How do I disable a Featured Image from showing up within a post, on an individual post by post basis, but remaining in the post excerpt on the homepage? I often need to have a smaller image within the post, left aligned, so text wraps right of it. If I just add an image manually to a post at the size I want, then I can’t use the Featured Image to show on the homepage post excerpt as I’d get double pix in the post. Tnx.

Hi! This feature not supported in the theme. You can customize the theme hire our or third-party programmer. Thank you!

Hi, I think the code I need to edit is in format-image.php, this part needs a tweak I think to disable automatic rendering of featured image in the post pages? Presumably, I could put ‘none’ where it says ‘large-image’? I couldn’t seem to locate a mention of image in other php files, ie a single post php so guessed it’s in this file? Thanks for any help on this.

<!- grab the featured image -> <?php if ( has_post_thumbnail() ) { ?> <?php the_post_thumbnail( ‘large-image’ ); ?><?php } ?>

How can I download 1.2 updated version?

And I have problems with videos from Youtube. I’ve main masonry site and it doesn’t show small video icons from posts. I’ve the same structure like in your example, Main and Blog. In Blog evething is ok.

Ok I found it. I had to give numbers to the page. Masonry need to have nr 1 ;)

Well. If you have more questions, feel free to ask.