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1. How do you change font style / color 2. Is there a way to insert url for image posts so that if clicked on they will direct to the url?



1. You can change color in Theme Options, Function of change font style will available in next updates. 2. In this version no such option for featured images, for another images you can set link through media library.


hi, i just bought this theme and love it but i seem to be having a cople of problems. i have set the mansory as the main home page and have tried to upload some posts with photos, the problem is the images are only appearing on the post page after you click the more button and not on the home page with the first bit of the text. how can i make the image appear on bowth the home page and the post page?

thank you for your time

?? plese help this is my page…. you can see i have uploaded a demo post and the photo dose not apear instantly only after you click on the post….. how can i make it appear on the home page post???

Hi! You need use featured image when you adding a post. Example video:


I had contact with godaddy and they said the following:

You may need to activate the theme, or give the specific error that is displayed when it’s active. Otherwise, you can get the publisher’s help by posting comments at It may just be a problem with their theme that we can’t fix. ^Nate

Also, a webdesigner looked at it and he said the problem is with your theme (the coding). I would like to have this problem solved. I purchased this theme 2 weeks ago and I still can’t use it!

Hi! All done.If you have any questions feel free to ask we will be glad to help you.

Thank you! I have another problem now… I just logged in via godaddy and now all the settings that were there when I logged in via wp-admin are gone… Is it possible to tell me how you have uploaded it? or maybe upload it for me again? because I can’t seem to get it the same you did :s I have checked the manual as well, but can’t find anything. for example, the menu is completely gone and I can’t get it back. Also, when adding new page it doesn’t show the sidebar with all the options anymore..

Sorry typed too fast… still not completely the way the demo was. The menu buttons are still not there and the options with adding new page for example is also gone..

Hi, I love your theme. The only issue I have is the header image will not adjust or center on mobile devices like iPhone and iPad. It is centered when viewing the site in a browser. Any suggestions? Is there a specific size for mobile you recommend?


Hi! It will be improved in next update. Thank you!

Hallo! Is there a way not to display a featured image on a post page? Thanks for help!

Sorry for the stupid question, but how can I? :( I have downloaded the latest version from themeforest, installed it checked the “Check on for Disable! featured images in posts. Only for Standard Posts” box, and I still have the featured image there… It seems that there still is 1.3 version on themeforest to be downloaded…

Hi! Just download the new version 1.3.1 and install. The new version is now available for download. Thank you!

Works fine now! Thanks a lot!!

Hi there. How do I make my home screen default to the same home screen shown in the live preview? Also, the gray shadow/border to the right on top of “uncategorize” under “categories” is not completely covering the word. See

Hi! Please read online documentation (Setting up the Homepage)!/setting_up_the_homepage. Cover will be improved in next update. Thank you!

What are you using to get the share buttons in the side bar below Follow me?

Simple Social Icons you can find in WordPress plugins.

hi. i purchased Arcadia theme…..but can’t figure out how to create the masonry (secondary menu). i would like my blog to look exactly like your live preview where you have a home page, then you can click on the blog tab. please help. thx

not sure what i’m doing wrong?

  • 1. Pages => Add New =>Enter title=>Select Masonry templates from the Page Attributes => Publish.
  • 2. Settings => Reading => select A Static Page=>Front Page open list => Select page that you just created => Press save changes.

hi. i purchased Arcadia theme…..but can’t figure out how to create the masonry (secondary menu). i would like my blog to look exactly like your live preview where you have a home page, then you can click on the blog tab. please help. thx

Hi! Please read online documentation (Setting up the Homepage)!/setting_up_the_homepage. Thank you!

Is there a way to remove to underline under each post heading?

Hi! no it’s a part of design. Thank you!

hi. can you post photos on all pages without thumbnails. i love large photos & set featured image, but it always adds a thumbnail & i don’t want to include a thumbnail ever.

also, i can not figure out how to make my menu/categories look & function exactly like your live demo. i want everything exactly like Arcadia demo. example: home, blog, categories (but do not understand how to create the drop down sub categories). AND i’ve tried numerous time to create the home page, then my blog page, but the home page takes me to my blog. uuggh, wish i understood this more ;) it seems simple but yet, it’s confusing, lol. i am open to giving your staff my info so they can go in & set it all up exactly like Arcadia live demo! thx

sorry for so many questions, i’m fairly new at this but i LOVE this theme!


Function for disable featured images inside posts will available in next update. it coming soon.

1. Create Page using Masonry page template 2. Go to Settings > Reading and choose Front page displays > A static page (select below) and select page that you create.

So masonry layout will appear on home page.

For setup this page in menu: go to Appearance > Menus create new Menu if you don’t have it and add masonry page to this menu, you can call it like you wish then go to Manage location tab and set you menu in Top location.

Be free to ask if something is unclear.


Maaaaaaaaaaaaan!!!!! (Pause)

These people at this company are incredible and have one my happiness over a great template and help. Thank You CR1000 Team


Thank you very much!!!

For some reason I thought this theme included a tumblr theme as well. Am I just confused?? Thank you!

Hi! This theme for WordPress only. Thank you!


Love the theme overall, thank you!

I am having one issue with it, however. Even on your demo site, when I first load the site it appears for the first 2-3 seconds as only a single thin left-aligned column and then the other two columns “fill in” as presumably the responsive coding kicks-in. This is frustrating to me as I would much prefer the “initial start-up” appearance is the full 3-column width and then I wouldn’t mind a delay if I’m resizing the window.

How do I eliminate this responsive formatting delay? It might not seem like a big deal, but once I noticed it now that’s all I can focus on! I’d rather no make my visitors wait a few seconds when they first visit my site for it to properly format.


Hi! We will improve that in next updates. Thank you!


Installed the theme on my WordPress site and it is working great in a desktop browser but I am getting generic layouts for content pages on mobile devices. The Masonry home page template looks good on everything but an iPhone (rendering as a generic page) and all of the content pages are rendering as generic on iPhone, iPad, and Samsung Galaxy S4.

Any ideas?


Hi! Please send me your site URL and screenshots from your mobile device (, because when we test the theme it working just fine. Thank you!

Actually, nevermind. Just realized that the Jetpack plugin mobile theme was overwriting the Arcadia one. Disabled the Jetpack mobile theme and everything is working great. Sorry for the confusion! :-)

How do you change the color of link text when the links appear post bodies? Right now, the default has link text appear black. I’d like to change that. Thanks!


Go to => Appearance => Theme Options => Tab Style Settings => here you change font colors hover colors and many more..

Thanks! I did see that area – but I don’t see which option I need to choose to change link color within posts. I see changing link color for menus, etc…but not posts. Will one of the options there also change link color within text body of posts?

Hi! Go to => Appearance => Theme Options => Tab Post Style Settings =>Post Links Color

Hey! In my Homepage doesn’t appear the Load More posts button. It’s normal? Thanks

Hi! You need add at least 11 posts and load more button will show automatically. Thank you!

I have more than 90 posts in this blog… :S

Hi ! Just sent your web site url, login and password to our support email: Thank you!

That delay on column formatting would be considered a bug, obviously there is something holding up a javascript event from firing for up to 5 seconds.

Hi! The theme does not have any bugs 100% upload time depends from many things your internet connection type, hosting provider and more.. Thank you for you interest in our theme.

actually it was the fact that all content must be downloaded before it runs the masonry javascript (it’s on document complete)... i am a developer.

Ok we will check this thank you!

Question, no matter what I do I cannot get my images to center within my blog posts. Is there any easy way I can do this? the url is

Thank you!

Hi! We will improve that in next updates. Thank you!

I’ve set the home screen to Masonry, I would like the “Read More” button for each individual blog post to route to it’s own page that shows the full post with the ability to add a comment. Similar to the demo site. Please help and provide instructions. I read the support link but I couldnt locate this part.

Hi! Add more text in the each post the Read more button will show up automatically. if you need choose full text or excerpt or change Excerpt Length Go to =>Tab Post Style Settings in Theme Options. Thank you!

I currently have one test blog that’s live on my site, and it shows the “read more” button. My question was about where that button routes, not how to make it appear :-/

I would like my blog posts, when the “read more” button is clicked, it appears on it’s own page and displays the full blog and also allows for comments.

Please see my website and click “Read More” to see that the button routes to an error message.

HI! You have problem with Permalinks they set not correctly Go to Settings => Permalinks => choose Default => Press Save changes Button