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Hi, I would like to buy the theme but I have two questions first:

1. is it possible to change the font? I want a non serif font for headings

2. You can disable featured images inside so they don’t show in the post itself?

Thank you!


1. Yes such possibility is in the theme. Also you can use Google Fonts.

2. This function is supported by the theme. You can disable featured image inside posts for Standard post format.


Perfect! just one final question, is it possible to set the Blog page as home page right? not the grid page like the demo..

Thank you!

Hi! Yes sure.Thank you!

I was about to ask when the next update would come.. But then I saw it just updated right now. haha. Great timing! ;) Will buy now.

Hello- How do I upload the update?Thanks!

Hi! Just delete old version and upload new version.

Will that effect any of my blog?

If you have not changed the code, all settings will remain the same.

All the posts have option to share with social media. Where can I change the discribing hovering text that hovers above it when my mouse is above one of the social icons?

Hi! Go to => Appearance => Theme Options => Tab Post Style Settings =>Post Bar Icons Hover Color

...I’m talking about hovering TEXT when you are hovering above the social icons with your mouse Not the color.

I’ll give you a hint but any changes you make on your own risk. Files what you need is format-standart.php format-audio.php format-video.php format-gallery.php

code inside <div class=”share”>

Good luck in the customization :)

Hi. I can’t install the update. It keeps saying that it failed.


Delete old version before installing new version.

If you have not changed the code, all settings will remain the same. Don’t forget unzip main archive. Report if it does not help.


Another unresolved question for me is : Is there a way I can get certain pages to center. Visit > and look at ‘find her’ or ‘about’. I would love to center those pages.

But when I center the titles and post itself it still won’t center. I’ve tried all the page templates. :(

example: This also applies for the other pages.

Fixed it.


Sorry for late reaction. Be free to ask any questions.


How can I center the contact form. If I use any other contactform it shows really ugly grey with green stripes so its probably not compatible or something.

So please explain how I can center the contactform.


For that you need to customize the theme. You need to make changes to a file style.css Sent email to and we contact you to our programmer.


And I’m guessing this is for free then? Or do I have to pay for this?

Hi! Yes it will be extra job. Thanks

Hello – we are using this theme for our blog:

We have a huge issue with the post text being ‘deleted’ from the Wordpress editor un ‘save draft’ or ‘publish’.

THe page reloads and the text disappears. I use many, many other themes – and this is the only one that this happens on.

It is making posting blog posts almost impossible as they have to be pasted several times before they save properly.

Note that copying or typing text into the TEXT only field makes no difference. Copying stripped simple text makes no difference. And typing directly into the editor makes no difference.

we have experimented with different posts – assuming it might be a special character – but there is no consistent element that the text cuts off from.


Hi! Like i see on your website you make some changes in the php , style.css you add some plugins. This changes can work not correctly and damage the theme. Thank you!

Hi, im having an issue with how the footer appears on my “About” page. On the home screen, it appears the way that it should but on my other page, there is a thick white border below my Footer. How can I update this so that the gray color is stretched to the bottom of the screen.

FYI, i viewed this on Chrome, IE, and on desktop and ipad.

See: and my About page.

Hi! This happens because the page is absolutely empty if you add some posts on the page (about) footer will be look absolutely normal. Thank you!

I recently purchased this theme for a client and I’ve been having trouble with toggler shortcodes. I know you don’t provide any in the theme but none of the plugins or even modifying to function.php file have worked either. Do you guys have any solutions to the problem. Thanks!

Hi! Unfortunately we do not provide any customization for our theme. Thank you!

Although the theme has the look and feel my client wants, the lack of customization is a deal breaker because there are some very specific things they are looking for. Since there was no mention of not being able to customize the theme in the description or documentation I must request a refund. It needs to be advertised that this theme is limited in what you can make it do. Thanks and sorry for the confusion.

In your message is not clear described what problems you have with the theme. Could you describe in detail what happened. You can sent email directly to

Services included in the free support described on page and anyone can read it before the purchase of the theme. Thanks!

presales questions 1. Can a sidebar go on the home page? 2. Adult Entertainment type blog any issues with the theme on that? thanks

Hi! 1.Yes it is possible to use 2 column with sidebar. 2.If you buy the theme i can’t control what kind of information you add to your site. Thank you!


I just installed the update(deleted the old one completely) and even if i check the box to not show featured images in posts its still showing. The posts are standard!

Hi! Download and install new version in new version this function was improved. Thank you!

I’ve purchased and installed the theme. The ‘LOAD MORE’ button does not work correctly when used within a category. Instead of loading posts from the same category it seems to be loading random posts from all categories. Any idea how to fix this?



Fix will be released in the next 1 – 2 days. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks for report!

Any update on this? Unfortunately I can’t make this theme live until it supports categories and tags with Load More.

Hi! At the moment we are working on the new update, it will be available in a couple of days. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you!


I just bought the theme, its gorgeous! I just have a couple of questions:

1. Even though I check of the box under “Disable Featured Image inside post”, the featured image still shows in the post!

2. How do you create a slider in the post?

Thank you!

HI! 1. Download and install new version in new version this function was improved. 2. Add new post Gallery post type. Thank you!

HI ! Please take a look at my blog I do like your font but after the purchase I realized it’s not a latin extended type. Are there any possibilities to change it ? I’ve noticed that the latest version has the possibility to change fonts and use google fonts but I can not upload it ? Are there any tip about it ? Thanks.

Hello, need to change my layout because after canceling previous version of Arcadia I can not load the update version.

Managed by myself :-)

Hi! Sorry for late reaction. Be free to ask any questions. Thanks!

Hi guys, I’m sorry but I can’t find anymore the “back to the top” button. I think I made a mess. Is there a way to restore it? Thank you very much in advance!


Hi! Download and install new version. Thank you!

Fixed it, thank you very much! Last question: is it possible to add images as thumbnails to recent articles in the sidebar?

Hi! The theme doesn’t support this feature, but you can use plugin from Wordpress plugins. Try search on query (recent post widget) Examples: Thank you!
Hi! I really like your theme and I used it here: But as you can see, the loading time for the homepage is very high and this cause masonry to show the elements one below the other and only at the end posts are displayed correctly. Is there anything I can do to speed this up?

Thanks Nicola

Hi! You made a lot of changes in the pattern it may take more time loading than it was before, in this case, I suggest you ask your provider how you can increase the speed of the hosting. Thank you!

I sent you a mail to: with [URGENT] in the title can you please answer ASAP! Thanks.

Hi! I found your letter and reply on your questions via email. Thank you

Hello. How do I make the category page display as Masonry (3 colums)? Just like the demo page.

Great theme btw.

Hi! Go to => Appearance => Theme Options => General Settings => Check on for setup Masonry View for Category, Author, Tag, Date, Search pages

Oh! I missed that checkbox. Thanks!

2 Questions: (1) Can you walk me through the update process? I am very concerned about losing my content. (2) How do I add a Twitter widget? [if you are interested in viewing my blog:]

Hi! If the theme work without any code modifications you don’t need to worry about lose your data (but will be much better if you made some backup – my opinion as a Web Developer). Update the theme it is very simple: just delete old version and download install new version. Thank you!

Perhaps a dumb question, but how do I delete the old version? Also how do I add a Twitter widget?

Hi! To delete old version you need activate other theme (for example: twenty twelve) after you just delete old version and install new one then press activate. Thank you!