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1. Can you put a image in the header instead of the text and if so how big can the image be to look good on responsive?

Hi! Yes you can use image logo.

what size can it go to to fit in nicely?

260×80 or little bigger.

If i try to use quote inside the post its going to add ” mark after every linebreak.

Hi! Thanks for report. Sorry for that. We’ll fix it in 1.3.2 version.

Hello at the moment the excerpt just clips the text, Which in some cases (such as the middle of a word) looks odd. Could you tell me how to add a simple ’...’ when the clipping occurs. thanks great theme 5 stars!


There is no such possibility in now moment. But we add this function in 1.4 version or earlier.


Hello, this theme is wpml ready? :) tnx

HI! no Best regards CR1000 Team

I’m having trouble getting the masonary to show properly on the home page. Please help.


  • 1. Pages => Add New =>Enter title=>Select Masonry templates from the Page Attributes => Publish.
  • 2. Settings => Reading => select A Static Page=>Front Page open list => Select page that you just created => Press save changes.

Galleries in Maverics do not work, navigation only shows the first image of the gallery, All browsers are affected. Chrome, Firefox and naturally safari, Can we expect to se a fix soon?

Hi This compatibility issue Flexslider with Maveric IOS We are working to resolve. We’ll release update in 2-3 days, sorry for the inconvenience.


Hi! First of all great theme!

Have a question about the translation. I have translated the whole theme and I got a .mo and .po file. I’ve put it in /public_html/languages and in /wp-content/themes/arcadia/languages.

After I go in to Wp-config.php and change “WPLANG” to the name of the files witch in this case is named sv_SE.

But it still doesnt work? Am I doing something wrong?

Best regards!


Can you sent access of your website to our email We’ll make some tests.


Hi there, Thanks for the nice theme :)

How do we add our own link beside the Copyright section in the very bottom of the footer?

Regards Cian

Hi! You can change the footer.php or can wait until the new version will support this feature. Thank you!

My site works well on my computer but it does not render correctly on mobile or Ipad. Please help. Thank you.

Hi! Please send me your site URL and screenshots from your mobile device (, because when we test the theme it working just fine. Thank you!

hey there I was wondering, is there somewhere in this design for ad space? banner ads or badges is what I’m looking for. Thanks.

Hi! Yes, you can use, for example, Google AdSense code to insert this code into a text widget and add this widget to the sidebar. Thank you!

Hi.. great theme… but I’m having issued with removing the featured image inside the posts… I check on the “Disable Featured Image inside post” but it still shows…

Can you help me out? is the site where i’m using the theme.

Many thanks.!

Hi! Just download the new version 1.3.1 and install. thank you!

I downloaded this yesterday… where would I find version 1.3.1?

Thank you…

Please download again now. Thank you!

hey there thanks for the quick response. but i’m still not understanding. I’ve got google adsense plug in, but I’m not sure where you’re talking about making a text edit to add the code to.

Hi! Can you send us an email ( and give more information about what kind of advertising plugin and where you want to place on the site. Thank you!

On low resolution( any mobile) the logo stay right side of the screen and not on middle. Its normal?

Hi! At the moment we are preparing an update it will be available in a few days. Thank you!

Hello, i need more info about “translation ready”, i’ve alredy request if this themes is compatible with wpml plugin, what plugin i can use to take it multilanguage?


Hi! You can find more information about how to translate the theme here: The theme do not support any WPML plugins. Thank you!

” Theme supports the setting up three different menus: Top Menu, Secondary Menu and Custom Menu. “

I cant make Secondary Menu only sublevel menus…..


This mistake in Documentation. This theme don’t support Secondary Menu. Theme support only Top Menu and Custom Menu as widget in Sidebar. Sorry for the misinformation.


Love the theme – thanks! Could tell me how to add the social media icons to the sidebar as you have them here:

Hi! Simple Social Icons you can find in WordPress plugins. Thank you!


Hello! I’m trying to use a Google Font in the header fonts (H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6 Font Family). I’ve entered the Google Font Code. When I type the name of the Google font in the fields for “Text Logo Font Family,” “Menu Font Family,” Menu Font Family,” “Post Font Family” it works, but it won’t work for “H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6 Font Family”. Suggestions?

Hi! Tell me which version you are using and your site URL. Thank you!

Hi guys,

I am noticed strange bugs on my website.

Advises ?

My website

Hi! Yes you use facebook plugins they kill css. Just disable facebook plugins and all will be work just fine. If you need more help please send me access to your web URL, login, password via email ( Thank you!

Hi There,

I already have send you website details. Any feedback ?

I’m frustrated – this is a great theme but it has one fatal, fatal, flaw. The Masonry ‘Load More’ does not work for category or tag pages. I hoped that 1.4 would fix this issue but it does not. The Functions.php code for Load More does not check for tags or categories. When can we expect a fix?

Hi! We fix this in 1.4 version, can you please send me your website URL, login and password via email ( I will check the theme. Thank you!

Email sent. Thanks for your help.